Sunday, June 29, 2008

Making jewelry today

Hi all. Sometimes I need to give my brain something to do besides hook. Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with hooking. But today I decided to make jewelry. I made earrings...and earrings....more earrings,....some necklaces too!

I am just about finished with the hooking project for my front door. But I remembered that in May I hooked a mat for the fourth of July for the front door! So that's up now and I can finish the other one for the rest of the summer.

Yes, my front door is Bright blue! The outside is red stucco with a khaki trim. Just like the one I'm hooking above!! The house was white when we got married. Not for long though. Anyone who knows me knows I couldn't live in a white house. I LOVE COLOR!! When we redid the kitchen the walls were done in a brick red. Then last summer I decided they needed to be turquoise. Well that turned out bright blue, about like the front door. So last week I repainted it the original Boticelli Red. Marvolous dahling....I'll show pictures next time.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

'Til next time,


Not hooking today

Sometimes I need another outlet for my brain to work on. I like hooking 'cause I say you don't have to think about it (like following a knitting or cross stitch pattern.)
Hi all. I took some time off today from hooking to make some jewelry. The rug I was working on for my front door is almost finished.

Then I remembered I had done this one for the fourth of July! So it went on the front door for now.

Making jewelry