Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chemo is FINISHED!!!

cancer center pic 001

It is such a relief and a huge milestone on my journey with cancer treatment and survival.  In one month I will meet with the surgeon to discuss the mastectomy.  I have so many questions for him.  Number one being, can he do the reconstruction surgery at the same time even if I need radiation treatment?  I’ve heard you might have to wait for six months to a year if you do the rad’s.  I’ve decided I want to have an implant in the one they will remove and also an implant on the “good” one~to make it match the new one and be perky too!!!  Hey, might as well make the most of a terrible situation, right?

When I was first diagnosed my sister wanted to buy some pink bracelets and give them to our friends to wear.  I told her No Way…None of that pink crap!!!  Do you have any idea how much of this stuff is out there?  And where does the money really go?  One website proudly proclaimed that they give 1% of their profits to breast cancer research.  WOW…1%.

Here are a few needless things I found while surfing this evening

pink ribbon headphones!

pinkribbon headphones

pink ribbon candles

    pinkribbon candle 

pink ribbon bracelets 

pink bracelet rubber

pink ribbon sandals

pinkribbon shoes

pink ribbon candy dish!

pinkribbon candy dish

pink ribbon onsies

for the baby!

pinkribbon onsie

And finally a pink ribbon watch!

pinkribbon watch

Like I said, what do you think they do with all the money from these products?  And this is just a Small sample of the things for sale.  Somebody’s getting rich. 

I did go to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks   today after chemo and bought 10 of these rubber bracelets to give away!!!  For some reason they didn’t seem so bad. (Or maybe they are  still really bad and I was just feeling victorious!) They read Beacon of Hope and bcfo.org.

And yesterday I sketched a little mat with Jimmie Dean sitting on his little green chair.  Hooked a little on it today at the hospital.  I’m hand cutting all the wool for it and it’s fun so far!  Will show you when I have a bit more finished.

It’s so nice to read all of your kind, friendly and loving comments.  thank you.



Monday, February 15, 2010

I finished the tote bag by Karen Kahle!

Valentines day 010

And I had the best time hooking it!  It hooked up really fast.  Then came the sewing with a machine part….

Valentines day 014

And the swearing…. Broke the needle within a few minutes!!!

purse 001

I am going to change the handle material to a pink wool.  I think the stripes are just too bright.  And I think I’ll add some sort of trim around the top of the bag too.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day!  Mine was great!  He spoils me and I love it!  And he even proved he Listens to me.  A while back I told him I’d like to try my hand at growing an orchid.  He got me two for V. day.  One white, the other lavendar.  Also two more silver charms for my bracelet.  And a pot of daffodils to set out in the spring! 

 Valentines day 029

It’s still snowing here and has done so every day since last Friday.  Not sticking on the ground, just looking beautiful.

Have a great week



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


And Dulcy is my HERO! Last summer she asked Tammy and me if we would like to do a rug show at The Moxie Cinema. A unique movie theatre in our upscale downtown area. We were both thrilled and said yes immediately. She said the show would be in Feb. 2010. Oh how life changes when you’re not looking. I didn’t have any CLUE that I would be knee deep in chemo. Nor did Tammy have a CLUE that the night before the big show she would come down with food poisoning! Enter Dulcy and her husband Jim. Jim is a professional photographer and they have many years experience “hanging” shows. But I’m sure they didn’t have any CLUE that they would be doing it all by themselves this morning. We feel so bad about it too. I talked to Tammy a minute ago on the phone. I did remind her of what Dulcy told me yesterday. That we would gladly do it for her if the circumstances were different. And it made me feel much better. Of course we would. And think nothing of it! She promised to take lots of pictures and Mickey and I plan to go see a movie over the weekend.

I was going to show you the rugs I am displaying……BUT my pictures app won’t work!

So in closing I wanted to tell you that have been asking how I’ve been feeling that honestly I’ve been run over by the chemo truck. Been in bed for 10 days. It’s the weakness and shortness of breath that’s keeping me in bed. If I get up and walk around my heart just pounds and my arms and legs feel like they weigh 100 lbs!!! Only ONE MORE to go though. My last chemo will be Feb. 16th!!!! Then surgery hopefully by the end of March. Then the dreaded radiation. I had my calendar out yesterday and I think I’ll be finished with all treatment and all patched up by the end of June for sure!! It will be here before I know it.

Keep sending your prayers and positive vibes my way. They’re working. I know this because I’m still smiling through all of this! Thank you.

Hopefully I can show pictures of the rug show soon!

It’s good to talk to you again!