Friday, October 5, 2012

Asking for your help

1. The next time you're in a group or at work, look around at the people. 
2. Look at the women now.
3. COUNT the women in the room now.
4. Now look back at them and realize that ONE IN EIGHT of them will get                                                       breast cancer in their lifetime!!!
Scarey, isn't it?  Will it be you, or your best friend, mother, sister?

I know I've been missing for a long time!  I've been healing and working in the garden.

Most of you know I'm a breast cancer SURVIVOR and then had a botched surgery last fall that kept me in bed for 7 months.  But that's now over....history... and now I feel up to trying to walk in the 2012 Making Strides Against  Breast Cancer 5K Walk!  It is in Springfield, MO. on Saturday, October 20th at 9:00 a.m.  If you are local, I'd like to invite you to walk with me!  If not, please go to my webpage and make a donation.  No amount is too small!


The link to my personal page is

I've been walking with little Jimmie Dean, but I'm afraid I have a ways to go to walk 3.1 miles~that's what a 5K Really is!  They did tell me that they have markers on the way to tell you how far you've been, in case you need to turn around and go back to the starting point!  And they even have people that will pick you up if you find you can't make it all the way.  OMG I hope that's not me!  So far Mickey and my BFF Angie are walking with me.  

PROMISE I'll start blogging again!!  Really!  I'm doing some interesting stuff!

Thank you in advance for your contribution to a huge cause. Remember One out of Eight!!        

Here's the link
                   or click  My webpage to go directly to website!


Julia said...

Hi Sheri, I couldn't pass your blog without leaving a comment.

I'm glad that you are healing from the unfortunate botched surgery and that you now feel strong enough to participate in the 5K.

One in 8 woman getting breast cancer is a frightening thing. I already know so many of them and I'm also a breast Cancer surviver and was told that I would probably die of it. I had a radical mastectomy just before Christmas 2002.

I support Breast Cancer here in Canada but cancer has no border. My daughter Christine and her group have raised over $39,000. so far in their annual bonspiel.

Good luck with your fund raiser and may you be cancer free for ever.


Kim said...

Great to see a new post from you. I know you will do great in the walk and get lots of donations. Looking forward to reading more about what you've been up to.

dulcy said...

Hey Friend! I know your walk will be successful! I went on the Susan Komen one a few years ago with my sister-in-law who is a survivor. It was UNBELIEVABLE! And.... you're still linked up with me.


Julia said...

Hi Sheri, I was thrilled to read your comment on my blog. I appreciate it so much. Thanks.

You suggested that I mention my cancer memories in my rug but this collage rug is for my childhood memories only.
If you scroll to the bottom of my blog page you will see a big rooster rug. It's to commemorate the generosity of my friends who put together a huge Sunshine Basket with 30 small gifts in it to be open one every day for a month.
Since I had started a collection of small roosters, they decided that I needed a huge roster that crows and it was noise activated. They surprised me with the huge basket and that big feather rooster at breakfast in a restaurant and it sure caught me by surprise.
My little granddaughter love the rooster so much that every time she came to visit she would carry it around and it would crow. The feathers were falling off from handling it so much.
I still have the rooster on my window sill in my kitchen.

I made the Sunshine Rooster rug to remind me of the generosity of my friends. They not only gave me some home made sunshine at a very dark time in my life but they also fund raised money as my treatments were much more than the insurance would cover. I haven't written up a story for the back of the rug but I should.

I hope that you are feeling stronger. You have been through so much as if cancer treatment wasn't enough. I admire your strength and determination.
Take care and stay cancer free.

Ter'e said...

You are actually back??? Omg........I am psyched!
God bless your little heart and your tatas!

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