Friday, March 12, 2010

Your prayers worked!!!

Sheri and Zhootie cropped

I had the post-chemo mammogram Wednesday and they said It’s CLEAR!!!  No tumors, no cancer showing up!!!  The chemo did it’s job!!!  The doctor had me come over and view the before and after films.  He was so excited to tell me the news.  And the nurse hugged me and said this “very rarely happens” that the chemo completely takes it away!!!

Mickey told me Wednesday morning that he thought they would say that the cancer was gone.  I told him not to even get his hopes up like that.  That I knew it had shrunk it, but it couldn’t be Gone… I felt like he was setting himself up for a huge letdown.  When I got out to the car and called him to tell him the news he screamed YES!!!!!  then, I Told You So!!! God, I love him.  Couldn’t have done this without my Mickey.

We still meet with the surgeon and my oncologist next Thursday the 18th.  I think they will still do the surgery, but won’t know for sure until after that appointment.

Remember the picture above?  That’s the owl my great-niece made for me at Build a Bear Workshops.  She went with me to chemo and she’s wearing a wig too!

Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes.  I could feel every bit of good energy you were sending me!  You’ll never know how it made me feel to know that all of you were praying for me and wishing good things for me.  It almost overwhelms me to think about it.  Don’t stop yet, though!!!  LOL

Have a great weekend.  I know we are going to!!!




Monday, March 1, 2010

Painting the house

It’s very hard to keep up a blog when all you do is lay on the couch!  I did come up with a great idea for spring though.  Paint the exterior of our house!  It’s only been about five years since we painted, but the brick red we chose to paint has faded into a yucky kind of terra cotta.  And from the front of the house you can see the north side which hasn’t faded at all.  It really looks awful…So I figured we better change the color!!!  Mickey Loved the idea…..NOT.  Like I said, that’s what happens when you just stare at the walls all day.

I told Mick I would like Pink or Yellow!!!  He said he WON’T live in a pink house!!!  So yellow it is.  Just like The Daisy Cottage. You may click on the cottage words above to go to her blog (for some reason it won’t underline the link!) daisycottage

Kim’s is a stucco bungalow built in 1922.  Ours was built in 1929 and sadly, doesn’t have the covered front porch.  But I think it will look great. 

Here are a few other yellow and pink houses I found on the net.  Some I like, some not.  2838737588_7ea1808441 1142880924_8adc2a696c 1477263188_0c8305442a 4325330647_a7ef593059_t 8851599_277a8880b2_t 3428882379_e371e3e5eb 4237709307_f076e6c768

If you haven’t already, check out the blogs on the right for the Lenexa, KS rug show pictures this past Saturday.  I’m so sad I had to miss it this year.  But I’m killing cancer this year.  Next year for sure!!!  I wanted to meet some of you in person.

Gotta go watch CSI!