Sunday, October 24, 2010

I had no idea it was this late!

I've been on Facebook, looking up old girlfriends from high school.  I went to the kitchen to get some water and the clock said 10:30!  I thought it was around 8:30 or 9:00!

I've made some more progress on Max.  This is day six, I think.  He's really moving along!  I know the right eye (to our right) looks funky, but I'm saving those for last.  And I'm not happy with the yellow color on top of his head.  Too mustardy.

JD in worm basket 003


Last Thursday I went to the Friends of the Library annual book sale and came home with quite a pile of books.  Lots of picture books, I call them. Then this afternoon Mickey and I were out looking at the beautiful foliage and I remembered that today was the last day of the sale.  Everything you can fit in a bag for ONE DOLLAR!  Well, the "better" books were a bag full for five dollars!  Still, we got three bags full.  Mick didn't like it so much.  He thinks I am definitely on my way to being a hoarder.  I bought three Huge dictionaries for my visual journaling.   He was not impressed, but carried them to the car and almost kept his mouth shut, like a good little hubby!

We also stopped at Wal-Mart and I got a pattern to make Jimmie Dean a new shirt. I just happened to have some fleece fabric in the cedar chest.  See....if I didn't hoard fabric Jimmie wouldn't have a new shirt now!  He freaks every time we put clothes on him and just stands still or goes and lies down.  It's like if we need him to behave for company, all we have to do is put a sweater on him!  Bless his little heart.  Mickey thinks I am torturing him.  I think he likes the warmth!  He is so spoiled he lays on a heating pad on the couch in the summer.

Max day 5 and JD's new shirt 013

I finally got him to realize that this huge basket of worms is warm.  That's his ferret on top of him.  Maybe we are both mean!!!  Mickey did that.

JD in worm basket 013

We put the red slip cover on the couch this weekend too.  Lovin' that!  I'll share some photos with you later.

Have a great week,



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hooking Max Day 4

I can't put this one down! I don't want to stop to eat, drink, or sleep!
I ended up dyeing 15 shades of reddish orange, turquoise blue, green, and the purples.

Gotta go! I have to finish the right side this evening!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

My hooked pumpkin....ta da!

cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 005 cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 006

I did this piece for a challenge and I can't remember Where the challenge was!!! The theme was hooking something round.  Anyone else involved in the challenge?  I love it anyway.  So glad I did it.  I had the pattern for years and this just got me motivated to do it. I used a real pumpkin stem that I saved and dried from last year. (See it IS handy to be a hoarder)  It is JoEllen's pattern.

Also I've made some progress on the cat rug.  His name is Max, I found out. 

The color planning has begun.  I am going to have to dye the red to the right, the turquoise and the pink on his video and cat pics 002

1st day hookingyoga video and cat pics 003

I was noticing little fuzzy hairs on the top of the linen.  It is bleached and I have never used this brand before.  NOT liking this!yoga video and cat pics 005 yoga video and cat pics 006

You probably can't even see it.  But it was really bugging me.  So here's contemplating using my Usual linen!

yoga video and cat pics 004

You all know me and you KNOW I changed to the other linen!!! I re-drew and re-colored video and cat pics 007

OK, now hooking on the new video and cat pics 009

Not liking the red color I chose.  You guessed it...I pulled it out and made another color choice.  Again...lucky I'm a wool hoarder too!

cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 001

OK, now I love the pinkish/purple color.  But I HAVE to rip out the outline of his nose.  I used black yarn on it and it's looking scraggly already.  Just imagine what it would look like by the time I hook everything else and drag my hands and arms over it.  On the other outlines I just hand cut the wool.  I can only get it so small though.  I'm wondering what a 2 or 3 cut with a cutting machine looks like.  I simply can't cut it any smaller with scissors!

I may be able to hook some of the oranges in the upper left corner today.  I'm getting WEIRD on the color planning!  If my ProChem dyes would just arrive in the mail I could continue!  Tammy told me I can go over and borrow some of hers this evening if mine doesn't arrive today.

Tomorrow morning I'll be at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K walk.  I'll be in the registration booth.  Come by and see me and give me your cash!  It's at Jordan Valley Park...right by the Cardinals ball field.making strides against breast cancer pamphlet

Have a great weekend!  And please stop by and make a donation tomorrow.



Monday, October 11, 2010

No we didn't go on vacation and fall off the edge of the earth!

Before dinner at the Troutmans 

We did have a great time on the coast of Maine.  Lauri and Dick were great hosts. (That's their house and the little cabin we stayed


Maine trip Nikon pics 10-10-10 051


I still can't get over how we got there from being blog buddies.  It is so true that there are really Nice people in the world.  Everyone is always talking about how bad everything and everyone is, but I'm afraid they're just looking past all of the good that is right in front of us.

Lauri took me to Cushing's and on a wonderful

Maine trip 10-10-10 503 historical tour around Kennebunk.  I bought some beautiful wool there.  She also took me to Stonewall Kitchen.  Yummy!  I have never heard of them.Maine trip 10-10-10 487

And the day Mickey and I went "up north" we went to Searsport Rug Hooking.  WOW is not enough to explain that place!  I got to meet Chris.  Unfortunately Julie was out of town for the day.

Maine trip 10-10-10 848

I'm sure you heard the story about meeting JoJo.  she's from Kansas and I'm from Missouri.  Anyway, when I went in the door at Searsport I introduced myself to Chris and told her we were from Missouri.  She said there's a girl in the back from Kansas.  I went back there and it was no one other than JoJo!  (me on left, JoJo, and Chris on the right)

me JoJo Chris 9-15-10

We have been blog buddies for years and have kept each other on our prayer lists for a long time too.  Crazy you have to go to Maine to meet someone from Kansas.  (One state over from us)  I guess it really is a small world.

After the trip I was TOTALLY worn out.  For weeks.  We think that maybe all the new meds are making me feel so tired and just not right. 

Today I finally got off my butt and went to Kinko's to have this photo blown up. I had it made to measure 30" by 20".

Remember I showed you this picture about a year ago?

Peter's cat Robin Avery 001

It is a painting that was at Watercolor USA.  I was totally enamored with it and wrote the artist and asked her permission to hook it in to a rug.  She was thrilled and flattered!

The name of the painting is Peter's cat.  And the artist is Robin Avery from Texas.

I will have to dye ALL of the wool for this one.  I think I might have enough bright orange on hand, but that's it.

I made an order with ProChem tonight.  Their dyes are soooo vivid and bright.  Perfect for this project!!

I simply can't wait to get started!!!  I think all I needed to get back in the groove of life was a great pattern to hook!

This is the black and white blown up on paper.

Peter's cat pattern 10-11-10 002

And here it is drawn up on the linen.

Peter's cat pattern 10-11-10 001

It looks like a paint by numbers to me.  Does it you?  I only wish it would be that easy.  I have a feeling this will be my most challenging rug to date!

I'll keep you up to date with pictures.

Have a great week!