Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where have I been, you ask?

I've been working on stuff to take to be a vendor at the First Annual Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook In that was put
on by Patty Wallace and her "flock" from Saltbox Primitive Woolens. What a GREAT time! I was also taking some horrible
medicine that is supposed to prevent the breast cancer from returning and it had me crippled with bone pain. (literally walking with a cane in my house) I got off that stuff about three weeks ago and the difference in my health is unbelievable!!! For the better, I should say.

Here's our living room before the show.

Hungry? This is our dining room! (can't believe I'm showing you this!?!)

This is some of the "hooker" jewelry I was selling at the show.
You can order these necklaces here from my blog before I put them in my Etsy shop. They are only $14.00 and come on 18" or 24" ball chains and this beautiful ribbon too! Email me at shabbysheep1@gmail.com to order!

This is part of my booth at the show. See the wild wool on the left? It's from Jane Green's new dye book. It's called fry-pot wool, as it's done in an electric deep fryer. You roll up the wool lengthwise and put it in the basket like a turbin. Then dye each color and let it "cook" until one color is absorbed. Then I let it cool, roll it up again and do color number two, etc. Some of these pieces have 5 colors of dye and took four hours each to dye!! I plan on putting these on my Etsy store too. I'm selling them "by the notch" so people can either buy the whole piece, half a piece or just pick out the part they like. Most at the show bought the whole piece, however. It's so beautiful. Not bragging, but it's Really cool!!!!

I know that Tammy from Skip To My Ewe posted some pictures of the rug show on her blog. I'll post some tomorrow too. (Still not back up to normal energy levels yet)

I just got a tip that a lady from Ridgedale, MO has been to an estate sale and has Tons of Dorr wool for sale at her house. It's only about 40-45 minutes from here so I'm thinking about taking a little road trip tomorrow to check it out. I just got a mid-life crisis car!

Until tomorrow,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well I went to a garden party

Last night at Marcia's house! What a glorious garden! We ate, drank, even got in a little hooking! I almost didn't make it. I thought yesterday was Tuesday all day long~'cause of the holiday. Tammy called me at 5:00 and said, "what are you doing?" "I'm at K-Mart picking up some hairspray, then going to Barnes and Noble to look at magazines. I asked her what she was up
to and she said, going to Marcia's garden hooking party! I said no, that's tomorrow night!
I was an hour late, but I'm so glad I made it.

Marcia's garden was just beautiful. Meticulous. Nothing like mine! Since I was late I asked her to take me on my own personal tour. Rita was late too, so we got a private showing!
She lives in this beautiful saltbox in a grand old part of town. Her house is perfectly period decorated. Prims everywhere. Her rugs look so good on the floor. Of course I forgot to take pics inside the house. Maybe she'll share some with us!

Marcia said that at one point she had 36 clematis in her collection! WOW!!! I have three and think they're stubborn and difficult!

Some views of the back of the house. See by the hammock? That's where we were hooking.

Rita finished the binding on her rug! She said she'll "throw it on the floor in the fall!!!" It's a big rug in my book.

And Belva was working on the binding of her Three Bears rug. I forgot to ask her if this was for herself or a gift!?!

Just as we were leaving all the lights came on~but the mosquitoes were also coming out!

I am working on a portrait class from Wanda Kerr of The Welcome Mat. Some of you will recognize her from her dyeing lessons in the Rug Hooking Magazine. This is Much harder than it looks! It's all done with 8 values. I'll show a finished picture in a few days~hopefully. (We hook a bit, send her a photo, she critiques it, then we re-do it, and so on!!!

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OK…I’m a plant-a-holic!

Friday I filled up the back of the Durango with flowers from a local nursery.  This is my kitchen!!!

Ash Grove Nursery 013

See that cast iron skillet?  I wonder who put that there?

Ash Grove Nursery 009

Saturday I went with Tammy, her husband and his friend to Ash Grove, MO to a nursery I’d never been to.  Uh-oh!

Saturday in May 102Saturday in May 104

Here are some pictures from our yard~before planting the new stuff.  Sunday Mickey and his friend were walking around the garden and said they counted 50 plants that needed to be planted!  I said did you count the 6 packs as 6?  They both said NO!

Saturday in May 071Saturday in May 073

Saturday in May 074gardening 001

gardening 014

garden and hooker bracelet 006garden and hooker bracelet 007garden and hooker bracelet 008garden and hooker bracelet 013garden and hooker bracelet 011

garden and hooker bracelet 015garden and hooker bracelet 017garden and hooker bracelet 026garden and hooker bracelet 027garden and hooker bracelet 028garden and hooker bracelet 031garden and hooker bracelet 036garden and hooker bracelet 048garden and hooker bracelet 052garden and hooker bracelet 072

I’ve planted Mon, Tues. and Wed.  No pictures of that new stuff yet!  It has started raining here and is not supposed to stop until next Wed. or Thursday!

Hope you enjoyed your garden tour.



Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finished the hooked purse and some gardening!

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 024

I finished the purse just in time for my mom’s birthday on the 27th! Crunch time. It only took a little while to hook~I mean FAST. But putting it together with the metal frame took a little longer since I had never done that. Here’s a pic with the hinges open. I like it and have ordered more hinges. I started out making this for me, than at the birthday dinner my sister said she wants one for her b.day in August.

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 032

I tried something other than the pattern directions (imagine ME doing that!) and braided 3 pieces of wool for the loops for the handles to go through. I love the way it looks. The pattern is Karen’s of Primitive Spirit and she had used embroidery thread for the loops. It just didn’t look strong enough to me.

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 008Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 026

You can also see in the following picture the strap itself. I did 4 rows of a decorative S shape stitches on it. Makes it look sturdier too! All this for a purse that’s only about 10” long and 7-8” tall! Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 033

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 015

A friend hooked this pattern a few years ago and I have always wanted to. Her colors are more “me”. Mickey looked at my hooking and said, “WHAT are you doing?” He’s never seen me use these muted colors that much either!

Renee's purse 003

And Renee’ is getting ready to put the lining in hers. I love seeing the same pattern hooked by different people!

Renee's purse 002

Renee's purse 001

Remember Mick’s friend who is working on his parents house for an estate sale? Well, he told me I could go over any time and dig plants too! Stupid on my part (because of my health), but what fun I had.

plants from Don's 002

plants from Don's 003plants from Don's 004plants from Don's 006plants from Don's 010

Until this…..Remember those cute black clogs I hand painted? Well little miss priss was wearing those to dig in! I fell on our uneven brick patio. I cuss that thing every year. This year I’m covering it with river pebbles!

plants from Dons and cut knee 002

And doesn’t everyone wear their best jeans to garden in???

plants from Dons and cut knee 004

That was the only clean pair I had left as our basement was flooded and had a small river running through it. Guess where our laundry room is?

Then to top off that perfectly lovely day (until I got home, anyway) I fixed myself a plate of leftovers from Logan’s Steakhouse from the b.day party. Brought it to the living room, sat the tray on the coffee table and watched it in S L O W motion fall on the carpet~face down!! Ate it anyway!

Have a great rest of your weekend!