Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best thing about your best friend…

She “gets” you, really Gets you.  When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer the first thing that came to mind was, “I can’t even plant a tree and watch it grow”.  I love gardening and nature.  So this spring after completing my treatment we went to the nursery and I picked out my “cancer tree”.  A red maple.  They came out a few weeks later and planted it in our back yard.  So my cancer tree has become very special to me.  So I was surprised, but then again not…when Tammy bought me a necklace with a tree of life on it for Christmas. (Actually it’s a tree of knowledge, but we’re calling it the tree of life)

 Christmas 2010 Nikon 062

Christmas 2010 Nikon 059 She understands the importance of my little Charlie Brown tree.  I think she, Mickey and my mom are the only ones who Truly understand just how important the symbolism.  I think they even get my obsession with the Virgin Mary too!  No, I’m not Catholic, but I’m so drawn to icons of Her.  I bought myself a necklace with Mary on it.

Mary necklace 001

This is the pendant I made for her.  I only got one pic of her wearing it and she’d kill me if I posted it.  (her eyes are closed)

DeMate Christmas 12-19-10 038

I made my parents a smaller version of my Sunflower rug.

Christmas 2010 058 I finished the beading at noon on Christmas day and I was serving lunch for family at 2:00! 

Christmas 2010 057

I thought I could finish it the night before, but I wanted to have a little energy for Christmas day.

And I MUST show you our little Santa Jimmie Dean!  That’s his heating pad he’s standing on too.  No, he’s not spoiled. 


Christmas 2010 060

Tomorrow is hooking at the Brentwood Library @5:00 pm.  Stop by if you can!