Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best thing about your best friend…

She “gets” you, really Gets you.  When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer the first thing that came to mind was, “I can’t even plant a tree and watch it grow”.  I love gardening and nature.  So this spring after completing my treatment we went to the nursery and I picked out my “cancer tree”.  A red maple.  They came out a few weeks later and planted it in our back yard.  So my cancer tree has become very special to me.  So I was surprised, but then again not…when Tammy bought me a necklace with a tree of life on it for Christmas. (Actually it’s a tree of knowledge, but we’re calling it the tree of life)

 Christmas 2010 Nikon 062

Christmas 2010 Nikon 059 She understands the importance of my little Charlie Brown tree.  I think she, Mickey and my mom are the only ones who Truly understand just how important the symbolism.  I think they even get my obsession with the Virgin Mary too!  No, I’m not Catholic, but I’m so drawn to icons of Her.  I bought myself a necklace with Mary on it.

Mary necklace 001

This is the pendant I made for her.  I only got one pic of her wearing it and she’d kill me if I posted it.  (her eyes are closed)

DeMate Christmas 12-19-10 038

I made my parents a smaller version of my Sunflower rug.

Christmas 2010 058 I finished the beading at noon on Christmas day and I was serving lunch for family at 2:00! 

Christmas 2010 057

I thought I could finish it the night before, but I wanted to have a little energy for Christmas day.

And I MUST show you our little Santa Jimmie Dean!  That’s his heating pad he’s standing on too.  No, he’s not spoiled. 


Christmas 2010 060

Tomorrow is hooking at the Brentwood Library @5:00 pm.  Stop by if you can!




Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
Love your rug, love your necklaces, love your little Jimmie Dean, but most of all love that you are doing well!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Sheri, Planting a tree is such a great idea and Tammy is so thoughtful for giving you a tree pendant. As a cancer surviver too, I know how precious life is when we are given a second chance.

I love your little rug and and Jimmy Dean looks so pampered. Tammy will also appreciate your thoughtfulness. You are so talented. Wishing you a long and beautiful life. JB

TamboinMO said...

Crack me up! I didn't even look at the back of the tree necklace....SURPRISE!
Thanks for not posting the pic of me with my eyes closed....yes, I would have had to kill you :) love, Love, LOVING My necklace that you made me....have worn it a lot! Wednesday is "dog walking" night, but will try to get by the library after that....I have some new linen that I got from Renee, so I'm wanting to draw out a design for a runner!

newburyarts said...

*****think of the virgin mary as the ultimate mother figure, one to whom you can always talk to and share your deepest feelings, fears,
hopes and dreams. take some quiet
time and listen...she'll be there
for you. yes, i am a roman catholic, a physician and a rug hooker!!! stay well...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

So glad to hear from you ~ it's been a while! Love your smaller version of your beautiful rug for your parents ~ such a great gift! And your necklaces that you make and that you received ~ all perfect! Continued good health, friend!

Kim said...

There is so much symbolism in the planting of a tree, watching it grow and get stronger - just like you. Love it.
Thanks for your visit. I donate a hooked rug for cancer in memory of my dear friend who passed away at 35, leaving behind 2 darling girls. The last 2 years it has raised the top 2 amounts in the auction.
Jimmy Dean looks so cute. Millie wore her Christmas dress this year. lol

katie said...

I get it. I have special girlfriends in my life that got it. I am so happy you have those friends also.
The jewelry is beautiful.
Jimmy Dean looks stunning in his red outfit. Aren't they just so much company.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

It is amazing to find those soul mates that you don't need to explain things to, isn't it? They never need to phone someone else to ask what to get you for Christmas! And obviously Tammy is another tree in your life. You are both lucky.

As to little Santa Jimmy Dean, what a hoot. I have to confess, it kind of suits him. Yikes.

Miccosukee said...

It is always great to find you have posted. You are one of those individuals whom I know would be great to live nearer.

Your crafting abilities always amaze me. That necklace you made Tammy is stunning and your parents must love the rug you made.

Jimmy Dean in a Santa suit? Why does that not surprise me. If I tried that with my Dottie, she would figure a way to get out of it until she succeeded.

Best to you and yours in this new year.


Jeanne (RED) said...

What a wonderful life it is when everything seems fresher, crisper, and more meaningful, and you have a true friend to share it with. The gifts you made were amazing and the tree necklace from Tammy was just the right gift! I hope you have a great 2011, I always look forward to your blog! Love and good health to you, Jeanne

Deb said...

Sheri - Interesting tree story. I planted a tree gold-maple (I think) in 1995 and kept it trimmed to 5-feet tall. I had head injury and brain surgery, memory was bad. Don't know why, but just had to keep the tree short like me, a symbol of hope? Anyway about 2 years ago, I stopped trimming it and it's 2-3 houses high! My memory is better too. thanks for sharing./deb