Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It seems I have made a terrible mistake with my words. I'm sorry to say, I haven't completed all of my chemo treatments. When I said my last appt., I meant last...like last week! I HAVE finished three out of six though. So I am half way through!!! And number four will be this coming Monday.
So sorry I got you excited for me~but at least I'm Half way through!!!
Thanks to you all for caring so much about me. You can never know how it feels to have people you've never met praying and thinking about you. I can feel your love every day, my friends.
My mom and I were just talking about how this whole cancer experience has turned into a spiritual event for the both of us. Everything has some significant meaning to it now, however small. Never take anything for granted.....live each day like it's your last......make today count....treat people like you would like to be treated......they're all true. Now, if everyone would just practice what I preach!!!
Have a great day and sorry about my confusing writing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Bottle Tree

bottle tree 12-5-09 008

I’ve wanted one for years.  And my brother-in-law has been saving wine bottles for me for years.

On the day of my last chemo I took a picture of the dead cedar tree that Mickey had finally drug home from the lake.  The perfect tree. (Kind of like Charley Brown’s tree)

bottle tree and donation day 002

  Notice the worm holes in the bark where it has laid up on the shore.  He searched for the perfect tree for months before finally bringing this one home!  So the day of chemo it was laying in the yard and I thought I would take some pics of it.  I was sooo proud!

bottle tree and donation day 006

Mickey came home for lunch and wished me good luck at the treatment. 

When I pulled in the driveway I immediately saw it.  The bottle tree was “planted” and “growing” some beautiful cobalt blue bottles!  Mickey had done this on his lunch hour for me!!!  Of course I couldn’t even see it for the tears.  How sweet is that?  He knew how much I wanted it.

bottle tree 12-5-09 007bottle tree 12-5-09 009

It may seem silly to you guys, but this is, and will always be the greatest gift I have ever or will ever get!!!

Ever since, he has been searching Pier One and numerous other stores in search of the perfect cobalt blue bottle.  Found a few at Hobby Lobby too.  Knowing how much he HATES to shop makes it even better!

bottle tree 12-5-09 014

Over the summer I was at a garage sale and the people had a whole box of the old Milk of Magnesia bottles.  They told me I could have all the bottles for a nickle a piece!!!  I think I got a dozen or so.  And there is a Kosher water that comes in the most beautiful bottles!

That was the beginning of December.  This was Christmas day…

Christmas morning 2009 217

A Coopers hawk has found my tree and stayed for hours sunning himself on his beautiful new perch.  

I Love it.  Not so sure about the neighbors.  Paula said, “it’s so you, Sheri”  I’ll take that as a good thing!!!

Have a great week.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’m still here! Just a little slower than before!!!

First I want to share with you the gifts I have received from the two swaps I entered.  The first one was Deena’s Jingle for the  cure.  It came from my new friend Lea from Arkansas. Here was just inside the box.   Mind you, this is supposed to be an ornament swap.  Not to her!

box from Lea

She mailed me two handmade ornies~both beautiful.  

ironing board 012from Lea

ironing board 011

Everyone's favorite, chocolate!

choc. from Lea

Some warm fuzzy socks.  Two pair, so my little tootsies don’t get cold.

      another gift from Lea socks from Lea

And my favorite.  A shabby sheep she made from the last piece of an antique wool blanket she had been keeping in an antique trunk in the basement.  Lea said she had been saving it for something, just didn’t know what!  Until she saw that I was Shabby Sheep!  then she says she knew!  Isn’t that the sweetest sentiment?  I have her on my mantle with all of my old Santa's.  Thank you again, Lea.  Like I said, they were all good tears!ironing board 011

shabby sheep from Lea

Then Laura from Got Three Bags Wool, got my name in the Wool Snippets swap.  She also totally went overboard with her giving!!!

First, this darling hooked pin.  (I’ve always loved black sheep for some reason)

hooked pin from lauren

This great hooking/ditty bag.

hooking bag from Lauren  

Another pin, this one wooden!  And adorable.

wood pin from lauren

And the greatest for last! This BEAUTIFUL hooked angel mat!  I cried when I opened her.  It’s just so special.  Ever since this cancer diagnosis, my mom and I have been collecting all things angelic.  And this fits on the box on my coffee table like it was made to go there!  Thank you so much, Laura.

hooked angel from lauren

We had a hooking~Christmas party at Dulcy’s house last night.  I’ll show you the picks from that tomorrow!   We had a great time, eating, drinking and hooking!

Peace, Sheri


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drop Cloth Draperies

I think they look just like linen! These are cotton painters dropcloths. Measuring five feet by nine feet. I purchased each "panel" at Lowe's. About $10.00 each. Then I machine washed and dried them on hot and ironed the "valance". I did this by folding over 13 inches on all of the panels. (with the pretty hemmed side facing front). For the hem, I merely snipped a piece and tore it across!

Clip them onto your drapery rings and VOILA, LINEN DRAPERIES!!! OK some of you with linen draperies are saying I need to get my eyes checked, but I can still h
ave my wallet checked too! I did the living room ~ 2 windows and dining room ~ 1 window, for $30.00!!! I think I'll still add one more to the dining room for fullness.

Been doing a few crafty things. I got out my Fimo clay. (Which my friends knowingly told me to take out of my garage sale stuff to sell) and whipped up some breast cancer jewelry. Ford has a new campaign with "WARRIOR" as the theme for the pink fight. I like it. Sounds tough. Then I made a necklace, the same clay minus the white highlighted letters that says F%@K CANCER! Blazing crude and vulgar~
but I like it! You'll just have to use your imagination to see it!

And later this morning I'm going to load up all the scarves and hats and take them to the St. Johns Chub O'Reilly Cancer Center, here in Springfield, MO. The nurses have already told me they'll have to set up a new place to display and distribute them! I'll call them first and let them know I'm coming! That makes me so proud! Proud of YOU!!! Thank you. We have a very nice start!!! (Maybe I should go to work for PBS or somewhere like that!)

I'm also thinking of extending my challenge to Wanda Kerr's THE WELCOME MAT. I think you may need an invitation to join the group, but let me know and I'll gladly "get you in". It's a huge group of rug hookers and fiber artists from all over the world! You probably recognize Wanda's name from Rug Hooking Magazine and the great dyeing recipes she contributes each issue.
And in closing, here's a picture of the progress I'm making on my Ant
ique Star rug.

I'm moving right along~between the nausea and extreme arm fatigue. So Glad I have something to escape to, though. I can't imagine just Sitting here staring at that black box you call a TV. It seems like such a waste of LIFE!

Have a great week!