Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’m still here! Just a little slower than before!!!

First I want to share with you the gifts I have received from the two swaps I entered.  The first one was Deena’s Jingle for the  cure.  It came from my new friend Lea from Arkansas. Here was just inside the box.   Mind you, this is supposed to be an ornament swap.  Not to her!

box from Lea

She mailed me two handmade ornies~both beautiful.  

ironing board 012from Lea

ironing board 011

Everyone's favorite, chocolate!

choc. from Lea

Some warm fuzzy socks.  Two pair, so my little tootsies don’t get cold.

      another gift from Lea socks from Lea

And my favorite.  A shabby sheep she made from the last piece of an antique wool blanket she had been keeping in an antique trunk in the basement.  Lea said she had been saving it for something, just didn’t know what!  Until she saw that I was Shabby Sheep!  then she says she knew!  Isn’t that the sweetest sentiment?  I have her on my mantle with all of my old Santa's.  Thank you again, Lea.  Like I said, they were all good tears!ironing board 011

shabby sheep from Lea

Then Laura from Got Three Bags Wool, got my name in the Wool Snippets swap.  She also totally went overboard with her giving!!!

First, this darling hooked pin.  (I’ve always loved black sheep for some reason)

hooked pin from lauren

This great hooking/ditty bag.

hooking bag from Lauren  

Another pin, this one wooden!  And adorable.

wood pin from lauren

And the greatest for last! This BEAUTIFUL hooked angel mat!  I cried when I opened her.  It’s just so special.  Ever since this cancer diagnosis, my mom and I have been collecting all things angelic.  And this fits on the box on my coffee table like it was made to go there!  Thank you so much, Laura.

hooked angel from lauren

We had a hooking~Christmas party at Dulcy’s house last night.  I’ll show you the picks from that tomorrow!   We had a great time, eating, drinking and hooking!

Peace, Sheri



Lea said...

Hey Sheri!
I've been thinking of you this week, and hope you are getting some rest today.
I love the wool swap! It's so funny coz I've so appreciated thee art of rug hookin, and then meeting you... and seeing all of this? OhMY****'s. I think I'm hooked.*

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your blessings abound! All very nice gifts and the angel rug is really nice! I know Laura and she's a very nice gal! Abundance is all around you, Sheri!!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Oh, Sheri, It's so good to hear from you! For some reason my internet server will not open your blog if I try to pull it up in my favorites--weird! So it is wonderful to see all your beautiful gifts you so richly deserve! What talent there is among us. I am glad to hear you felt like going to Dulcy's. I will contact you later. Love, Jeanne

Ter'e said...

What wonderful gifts and every one of them is simply beautiful. The ornaments took my breath...........I love angels.... The Shabby Sheep could not be more perfect!!!!!

Laura is a precious gal!!!!!! Your little rug is just darling. I have to wonder if this is a pattern she offers??? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Oh Sheri, such wonderful treasures from great people. I know this picked you up. Can't wait to see the pictures from Dulcy's. I'm so glad you went.

Hugs from Florida.

dulcy said...

Wow! What wonderful surprises for you. So enjoyed our little hooking party......can't wait to do it again! Have a wonderful Christmas, and will get together after the holiday.


Julie said...

Sherri, I have been thinking about you and sending lots of positive vibs your way.

It was ten years ago next month, I was going through a similar battle with the C monster, so I know that it is possible to defeat it!!!

Prayers and Blessings to you and your family this Christmas.

JoJo said...

Sheri, I'm taking a quick break from all of the Christmas preparations and from dealing with 4 sick cats. I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year. I keep you in my prayers and you're on the prayer list at my church. Extra prayers can't hurt!

I think of you so many times each day and wonder how you're feeling and how you're coping with treatment. But it seems like there's never enough time to do all of the emails that I need to do so although I'm thinking, it doesn't always translate to typing. Or I guess it's called "keyboarding" these days.

All of your gifts and ornaments are wonderful. I hope you know how loved and cared for you are, even by people who have never met you. But I'm still holding out hope that you can make it to Lenexa and the big hookin this year.

God bless you and keep you, Sheri. And may God's blessings keep you in His care.


Merry Christmas Sheri, hope you have a good holiday, love, Carolyn x

Miz T. said...

You are obviously loved and thought about often with the wonderful gifts and well wishes you received. I think about you all the time and hope you are getting through this rough spot in your life without having to give up too much. You will get to the other side of it! Merry Christmas, and may God bless you with strength and better health next year!