Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting close to post number 100!

I'm thinking of something really SPECIAL for a give-away. This is post #93 or 94. Can't remember from two seconds ago!!!

And I thought I would share with you a picture of springs last bouquet from my garden.

Ever notice how Mother Nature is the perfect color planner? In spring in my garden it's all pink, white and purple/lavendars. Then moving in to summer it will start to turn to more warm colors such as yellow and red. Don't cha just love it?

And have a great week...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The garage sale didn't kill me...

But it did put me in bed for two days. I knew it would. That's the great thing you have to look forward to when you have fibomyalgia.

The sale was a Smashing Success!!!

Started here...


And after!!!

Now I've got to buy these

For this

But now I will be able to drive to Eureka Springs, AR to the hook-in in June. I have never attended this one. I hear it's great though. It's an annual event. Not sure how many years they have been having it, but quite a few of the girls I hook with have been before and said they had a ball. Hookers and wool and patterns and food. What's not to love?
Vickie Hardcastle is the mastermind of this hook-in, I believe. You can visit her blog at:
I'm sure she'll be talking about it closer to the date in June.

I met quite a few interesting people at my garage sale. I had my Chicken rug outside with me. I thought it might strike up a few conversations if I was working on it and I was right. I met a great girl who is an art teacher. She invited me to join her and her other art teacher friends for their monthly art group. They meet at a different persons' house each month for a different project. She said whoever's house it is usually has the supplies for the project and people bring their own stuff too. Between her and Tammy and Dulcy wanting to do monthly journaling stuff at my house, I had to pull quite a bit of stuff from the sale!!! I couldn't sell All of it if we might need it!!! Oh Lord...where will I put it? It was looking so open and airy in my studio. Now it's stacked up again. Oh well. I get to have some excellent company at my house for sure now!!! Can't wait.
I also met a lady who offered me a teaching job at Carroll College that is coming to town later this year. She thought it would be great to have hooking classes, painting, and then classes for children. They are so fun to teach art to. They are so proud of Anything they make all by themselves. We'll see if this really turns into anything! I hope so!!!

Also found a great reference for some concrete and stucco work we need to have done to our house. When you own an eighty year old home there's always something in disrepair. Always...

And one more interesting girl. She had on the cutest hand painted overalls. She had painted them herself and is going to offer them on consignment at a shop in St. Louis. I wish her well. They were great. And her artwork was fabulous. All original. When I told her I had some painting pattern books for sale she laughed and said she had waaay too many patterns floating around in her head already. That sounds vaguely familiar to me! LOL I wake up in the middle of the night and draw patterns in a little journal I put by my bed to record my dreams. They turned out to be way too involved to just jot down in the middle of the night, but I can sure sketch a pattern while sleeping!

I'd better go to bed. We're having my parents over tomorrow for a holiday cookout. My sister usually has the holiday things but she is in Nashville for the weekend at her new boyfriends sons house. Wow. Meeting the son. I don't envy her. Somehow the girlfriend never measures up to mom!?!?! And Mickey is going fishing at 6:00 in the morning. He promises to be home by 3:00. I better not be having this cookout by myself! Oh, I don't might be kind of nice-just me and my mom and dad. Is that selfish? Naw...

I just thought of something very funny to me, or I'm really tired. Before I started blogging I would have NEVER taken pictures of my garage sale. Do you other bloggers catch yourselves taking pics just because of your blogs?

Have a safe Memorial Day

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The "Sale before the Sale"

His wife thinks it's funny. His obsessive-compulsive behavior!?!?! This is Kenny.

Tammy, aka Skip to my Ewe's is his wife. They came over yesterday to pre-shop. First pickin's at the garage sale. Kenny has a booth at a flea market and Tammy told him he'd love some of my junk!! You see I have the same OCD that he does. We call it garage saling. Others call us junkers... Whatever you call us, it's addictive. Searching through someone elses junk to find just the right treasure. Kenny will tell you it's always the stuff at the bottom of the box in the back of the garage that's the best. You have to work for it. That's where alot of people miss "the good stuff". They're not willing to get their hands a little dirty.

You know when you have a husband with an obsession it's hard for them to say ANYTHING about our buying wool. That's my hubby
in the back of the pic. Holding Jimmie Dean. He's a bass fisherman. Talk about obsessed!!! I told him if he started looking at my wool stash, I'd start counting rubber worms and lures.

Here's a better shot of Kenny's treasures from last night. His truck won't hold another thing!

Renee' and her lovely daughter Haley came over last night too to pre-shop. They made a haul on crafting supplies. Haley's art teacher is letting them expand their creativity and do some altered art projects. She got some good stuff too! Renee' is one of my friends that I hook with at Simply Fibers. (She also works with Tammy) Sorry I did
n't get a picture of them.

I also thought I would share with you the "Secret Garden" that Mickey built for me on Mothers day. We filled it up with plants that we divided from our other gardens in the yard. This one is way, way out back.

See that dark black spot in the upper right of this picture? That's my new garden. Like I said way, way back. Our l
ot is real narrow and deep. Something like 400 feet deep!

I'd better get back to pricing things. I keep pulling out more junk. When will it end?

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. And BE SAFE!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Makin' progress on the chicken

You can't tell but the black background is about four different antique blacks. And a very dark green every so often.

Jimmie Dean likes it!!!

Everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy to put it in front of the kitchen sink. Ter'e even said it would be better there though, than in front of the stove. I'm sorry to say it would be quite safe in front of MY stove. I'm not into cooking much anymore. Not with a husband who doesn't even like onions. Who can cook without onions? That's totally another blog post. Who has a picky eater husband?

I'm really loving this number nine cut. It's so fast and easy. I may never do anything smaller again! Also, I think I'll pull out some of the chicken body and re hook it. Not happy with the color variations. I'll keep you posted with the changes.

Have a great week



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garage Sale Find of the Year!!!

I'm usually pretty lucky at finding bargains at garage sales, but Friday was the best day yet! I was at the last sale of the morning before heading home. It was already 9:30 so I figured everything good was already taken. There was this wicker set - love seat, chair and table, at the entrance of this man's garage. There was no price on it but I asked, "how much for this set?" He said $10.00!! I said for all of it??? Yes!!! I threw my money at him and said I'll back my Durango up in the garage. He even loaded it for me! I figure that nobody knew it was for sale, with no price tag on it. It looked like it was just their place to sit outside the garage. Why else had no one bought it before 9:30?

Then on to INSIDE my house. I'm having a garage sale next week. We don't have a garage. Just a carport. So I'm stacking everything I
'm going to sell in the house. I don't know if we can live like this for a whole week. But at this point we have no choice! And WHY was I shopping at sales on Friday when I'm trying to get rid of my own junk?

This is our dining room---

Our living room, by the front door...

The basement...

And I'm finally giving up all of my crafting stuff I don't use. I have LOTS of stuff in unopened packages. Polymer clay stuff, soap making stuff, paper mache, wooden boxes to paint. Something like 30 decorating and crafting books. Six 18 gallon plastic tubs full of fabric!!!! I'm only keeping rug hooking stuff. I'm sure alot of people will be thrilled to buy it and I will be thrilled to get it out of my house. It's to the point that my brain is cluttered. I don't want ANY stuff in my house anymore!!!

All of you Springfield girls, the sale starts next Thursday at 7:00 a.m. I'll tell you my address Tuesday night at Simply Fibers.

Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm so glad we have a basement. I'm such a chicken when it is stormy. I woke up at about 6:00 Friday morning and the local weather man was saying we were definitely in for it as far as storms go. He said there would be Definite Storm Damage. We always have severe spring storms in the Ozarks, but Never have they said that!!! Needless to say, I loaded up all my important stuff and got the basement ready for the sirens to go off. Around 8:10 they sounded. I don't think Springfield's storm was ever officially called a tornado but the straight line winds were clocked at around 80 mph. They called it a deuresho. sp? Like an inland hurricane. Here's what our patio furniture looked like afterwards.

And this is the school grounds just across the street from our house. This was a huge tree!

Luckily there were no injuries in our city, but three people lost their lives in SW Missouri.

Just earlier in the week (Tuesday) at the school across the street again, we heard a firetruck. I told Mickey it sounded lik
e they were in our living room. He said, "they practically are, they're going into the school parking lot!" Then they kept coming. One, two, three, four Huge fire trucks, an ambulance, rescue people. It scared us to death! We knew something was going on at the school that night. This was about 6:30 in the evening. Come to find out a portion of the ceiling had collapsed!!! There were about 100 people inside including children. They were having a PTA fundraiser BBQ dinner that night. We quickly heard from another neighbor that no one was hurt there either! We are having some good luck in our little city. They said kids had been running back and forth in the hallway that collapsed all evening. Just happens they weren't in the hall when it fell. They held school at a neighboring church for the rest of the week.

On a much lighter note I got in the dye pots this past week also. I have started a new rug for in front of my kitchen sink. It's a Primitive Spirit pattern titled "Chicken in the Garden".

I'm doing it in a no. 9 cut. My first with this large a cut. I'm lovin' it! I dyed antique black, lichens, robin's egg blue, mossy and sea mist blue. Oh, and Pepperberry and bubblegum pink. All Karen Kahle colors.

I love her dye colors. They are such clear colors. They just match my decorating colors in our home perfectly. For the antique blacks I used Emma Lou's recipes. Hook book black, antique black green and antique black.

And here are some spring pictures from my garden. In the sprin
g we have mostly pink, lavendar and whites blooming. I'm going to try to incorporate alot more white in the garden this year. It really glows at twilight. Especially way back in the yard. It just pops out.

Hope you have a wonderful sunny week.
Also, I'm working on stuff for my Etsy shop. Will try to list some tomorrow. Please stop by!


Friday, May 1, 2009

What a party!!!

OK, I'm trying again to post. Tonight I'm going to share some photos of my mom's 80th birthday party that we had last Saturday evening. It was a surprise party for her. She thought it was just going to be my dad, sister and her kids and great-grandkids. We invited her sisters and their husbands and cousins, and very old friends. (The friends aren't old...well I guess they're 80 too!) My sister flew in my mom's baby sister from Bonita Springs, Florida as part of the big surprise. She's only 61, like I said the baby. She spent five days here with us and we enjoyed her soooo much. I miss her already. Anyway, here are some pics.

I hope I can look half this good when I
turn 80 years old!!!

My dad and sister. She's only three years younger than my mom's baby sister! They're great friends-my sister and aunt Sonja.

(The Chinese lady is our waitress. We ate at Mr. Yen's Chinese Restaurant.)

My Aunt Sonja presenting the birthday cake!

Linda my sis, my mom, and me

Her great-grandkids. My sister has two sons and a daughter. (I don't have any kids.)

This is the pillow I hooked for mom for her birthday. I did just the single rose last year for her birthday. Karen Kahle's Primitive Spirit patterns.

These are the party favor boxes. I took two old cassette tapes of my parents and my Aunt Naomi and Uncle Ralph singing and playing their guitars and transferred them to CDs. Everyone got two musical CDs and I also made a photo CD of old family photos (about 150 photos) and everyone got a lucky bamboo plant in a little vase. Oh and fortune cookies in cute little bags too!
I put them in these take-out boxes and tied the
m with yarn. Everyone Loved them!!! It was a labor of love...I hope I don't ever have to make cassettes into CDs again. I wasted 90 CDs!!! I made 18 of these boxes. That's why there were so many CDs.

And finally I made myself a new necklace to wear to the party. My Aunt Sonja loved it so I made her one for Christmas in April. She will have the only one in Florida. Well the only one anywhere!!! I had just boug
ht the rhinestone pendant at a garage sale early that Saturday morning!! I also used a couple of lamp crystals on each of our necklaces and some bird charms, keys, and stuff...

And you know I said she was from Florida, well she's not quite this tanned! This is NOT my Aunt Sonja! Another one of my great bargain finds. I think I'll make more of this type of jewelry. I love it!

Hope I didn't bore you hookers and crafters with this post. But my family is very important to me. I love them all dearly.

And again, Happy 80th Birthday Mom.
I love you,

and peace,

I wrote a blog entry ...

But I can't change the font or move the pictures I posted!!!! Have any of you had this problem with blogger??? ANY HELP APPRECIATED!!!

I'll keep trying!!