Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drumroll please….

dddrrrrrrrrrrr.  Max the cat is finished!


Max the cat finished today! 002

  Bound and ready to hang.  I printed a label just a minute ago, but will wait ‘til morning to iron it on so I know the ink is good and dry.  I dyed all the wool for this one.  It was so amazing trying to match the colors exactly from the watercolor original.

I looked at some old pictures of Max and I’ve done this one in three weeks!!!!  Some of the work was done in the middle of the night.  One or both of my heart meds are making me NOT SLEEP at all!!!!  I finished the eye on the right (our right) one night at 2:00 a.m.  I just could not get them perfect.  And I think if the eyes aren’t just right, it would just ruin the piece.  I think I got it!

Max's eyes

Now what am I going to do? I have been looking at some of Susan Quicksall’s patterns.  But now I kind of want to only hook my own patterns. I still want to try to capture my blue bottle tree in wool.

That’s a good question.  For those of you who do design your own patterns, do you still purchase other artists patterns or stick with your own?

Have a great week.  I have to go to a funeral Thursday.  My uncle Ralph passed away.  My mom’s sisters husband.  I had a lot of fun with my cousins when we were younger.  They lived about 60 miles away, but we went there almost every weekend to visit my grandma and grandpa. They lived in the country on a big ranch.  I thought they were sooooo lucky.  I lived in the big city…..they thought I was so lucky!  Will we ever be happy just where we are?  I am right now.