Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just when you think you’ve seen Everything!!!

I was shopping the other day at Michael’s in the jewelry making department when I saw him!!!

Gene at Michaels 054

After trying to look at him, without just Staring I finally walked over to him and said, “I like your jewelry”  He told me his name is Gene and his great- grandfather was a chief and his g.grandmother was an Indian princess!  Lots of his jewelry was his grandfathers and lots of it he has made.  Even his shirt and boots!!!

Gene at Michaels 057

Gene at Michaels 056

Gene at Michaels 059

He seemed very pleased to be photographed and I told him that it’s great to be proud of your heritage.  He said his family at home asked him if he was going to wear this get up to Springfield!  He told them, you betcha.  It just so happened that that day I was also wearing all my turquoise jewelry and he admired mine too!

I’ve never won much as far as contests go, but I did win one!  From Maria Barton of Star Rug Co.  This cool mixed media Valentine hooked piece.  She has used scrapbook paper on a canvas and embellished it even more with the curled wire hanger with the felted balls on it!  Love It!!!  Thank you Maria!!

Shabby Sheep Wool logo and Don's house stuff 010

Friday I had the opportunity to go “pickin”!  Mickey’s friend, Don was in town from Tulsa to start the process of getting ready for an estate sale at his late parents house.  Mickey said he was there almost every day after school starting when he was 16 and they have maintained a great long distance friendship over the years.  That’s why Don immediately thought of me to come over and look through the stuff before any official selling starts.  There was a garage and 4 FOUR out buildings!  I went nuts!!!  He kept saying pace yourself, pace yourself.  We haven’t even been in the house yet!  To tell you the truth I liked the stuff in the sheds much better than the house stuff!   I’ll show you pictures tomorrow.  Great fun, but of course it put me in bed the next day.  Totally worth it!

Have a great week and



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Didn’t think I had anything to blog about!

I was talking on the phone this afternoon with Tammy and she insisted I blog about something!  I told her I haven’t done anything blog worthy!  I didn’t notice it has been a Month since I have done it!

Turns out I have been doing Lots of things~in between another week long sleep in. (They are still tweaking my heart meds and Dr. said that can make you fatigued)  

I have been hooking on my so called “cancer rug”.  I couldn’t decide whether to use black or white for the background so I chose both!  You can’t actually tell, but this is a tree…the tree of life!  I came across this quote somewhere and knew I had to include it in my rug.  On top of all the swirls I am going to sew one of those antique watch faces. (for the time, duh!)pics for blog superbowl Sunday 009pics for blog superbowl Sunday 011

So now my next dilemma is what color to use behind the text?  Maybe the reverse of the black and white!?!?!  What do you think? 

Friday night I was playing around with my paint pens and painted these shoes!

blizzard and painted shoes 016

blizzard and painted shoes 017

I found them for sale at  I had these old shoes in the closet and practiced on them.  I had been looking at Ed Hardy purses and lovin’ them too.  They look like tattoos painted on the accessories.  Just my luck last week at the thrift store they had a sale for everything you could put in a bag for One Dollar!  You know what’s coming next.  Remember, I am a hoarder.

pics for blog superbowl Sunday 017

All of them are leather, and a few are name brands!  Can’t wait to play with these.  Who needs a purse? 

Spent all day Friday on the phone with our mortgage company.  I think it was Ter’e talking about having to argue with some dumbass kid over Very important issues.  By the time Mickey got off work I was half drunk and swollen eyed from crying after getting disconnected so many times.

bill paying blues 011bill paying blues 013bill paying blues 014bill paying blues 015

I got it all worked out but the life insurance.  I told Mickey if I die this weekend to get an attorney and make them pay off this house!!!!!

After dinner I’ll be listing some new wool on Etsy.  Please stop by!

Chili Pepper Red

chili pepper red 3

Fall Sunset

fall sunset 5

Cirque de Soleil

Cirque de Soleil 3

Mickey has called me to dinner.  His fab homemade pizza.  He starts with a Chef Boy A’rdee kit.  Fabuloso!!

pizza by Mickey 001

Ciao bella

and peace,