Sunday, February 6, 2011

Didn’t think I had anything to blog about!

I was talking on the phone this afternoon with Tammy and she insisted I blog about something!  I told her I haven’t done anything blog worthy!  I didn’t notice it has been a Month since I have done it!

Turns out I have been doing Lots of things~in between another week long sleep in. (They are still tweaking my heart meds and Dr. said that can make you fatigued)  

I have been hooking on my so called “cancer rug”.  I couldn’t decide whether to use black or white for the background so I chose both!  You can’t actually tell, but this is a tree…the tree of life!  I came across this quote somewhere and knew I had to include it in my rug.  On top of all the swirls I am going to sew one of those antique watch faces. (for the time, duh!)pics for blog superbowl Sunday 009pics for blog superbowl Sunday 011

So now my next dilemma is what color to use behind the text?  Maybe the reverse of the black and white!?!?!  What do you think? 

Friday night I was playing around with my paint pens and painted these shoes!

blizzard and painted shoes 016

blizzard and painted shoes 017

I found them for sale at  I had these old shoes in the closet and practiced on them.  I had been looking at Ed Hardy purses and lovin’ them too.  They look like tattoos painted on the accessories.  Just my luck last week at the thrift store they had a sale for everything you could put in a bag for One Dollar!  You know what’s coming next.  Remember, I am a hoarder.

pics for blog superbowl Sunday 017

All of them are leather, and a few are name brands!  Can’t wait to play with these.  Who needs a purse? 

Spent all day Friday on the phone with our mortgage company.  I think it was Ter’e talking about having to argue with some dumbass kid over Very important issues.  By the time Mickey got off work I was half drunk and swollen eyed from crying after getting disconnected so many times.

bill paying blues 011bill paying blues 013bill paying blues 014bill paying blues 015

I got it all worked out but the life insurance.  I told Mickey if I die this weekend to get an attorney and make them pay off this house!!!!!

After dinner I’ll be listing some new wool on Etsy.  Please stop by!

Chili Pepper Red

chili pepper red 3

Fall Sunset

fall sunset 5

Cirque de Soleil

Cirque de Soleil 3

Mickey has called me to dinner.  His fab homemade pizza.  He starts with a Chef Boy A’rdee kit.  Fabuloso!!

pizza by Mickey 001

Ciao bella

and peace,



katie said...

My goodness girl, I have been wondering about you. So happy to see you blogging again.
The pizza looks wonderful. Your profile picture is beautiful, hope the get the meds straightened out. My best to you.

Kim said...

The cancer rug is going to be awesome. Great idea and I love the quote.
Mickeys pizza looks yummy.

Sheila said...

Love your rug and the pizza looks great. We still eat Chef Boy Ar Dee here at my house...does he share his secrets?

summersundays-jw said...

He makes homemade pizza -- what a guy!!!! Loved the red wool. Stay warm! Jan

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Your hair looks sooo good!! It suits you perfectly!!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Sheri!
Welcome back to posting! You always have something interesting and fun going on! I LOVE those shoes! Your wool looks fabulous! I love the design and quote on your rug! And you thought you didn't have anything to blog about!!

Hope you're feeling better soon! You look fabulous!
Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

And you think you had nothing to blog about??!! Holy crow ~ painted shoes, dyed wool, new rug ~ no wonder we haven't heard from you! I tell you, I dread whenever I have to get on the phone with any business anymore ~ it usually is a nightmare!! Never thought of adding alcohol to the mix ~ see, you taught us something helpful today!! Welcome back!

TamboinMO said...

Okay, so we SOOO need to get together because I haven't even seen your tree of life rug in the flesh...too cool!
Lovin' those shoes as well! Maybe this weekend unless we get lots more snow and I don't have to go to work AGAIN!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

I wouldn't call it a cancer rug - I'd call it an inspiration point - what a great adage for everyone to heed. I love how full of life it is.

The shoes are awesome. Heidi Klum has nothing on you girl.

And at this time of year, when income tax is lurking around the next corner, you are assured lots of mind-numbing conversation with people who just don't give a @#$%^^&.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
SO GOOD to hear from you!
I love your new do!!! And the shoes....and the rug...and the wool...and the pizza. You definitely have been keeping busy!
Hugs :)

Miccosukee said...

I always breathe a sigh of relief when I find you have posted. Your fans are out here in blogland waiting to see what your genius brain has come up with. Once again, you haven't failed us.

How did you know that I have been looking at Ed Harvey watches? Just discovered them and actually kinda like 'em. Will be interested in seeing what you come up with on the purses.

Your new rug is an inspiration! Wish I could decipher the entire saying.

Please try to check in a bit more often.


Miccosukee said...

I meant Ed Hardy not Harvey. Must get more coffee in me.

Forgot to say how gorgeous your wool has turned out!

Ter'e said...

Hellfire Girl!!!!!
You GO!!!!! You look TERRIFIC, for one. You have lost 15 or so + years! You look simply awesome!!!!!
As for those shoes!!!! OMG! I love them!!!! I vote for painting Cathy's red boots! Ha!!!!
Now, since no one has been brazen enough to speak up........and well, ah, you know how big my mouth is..........if you paint up that little purse (is it blue?) I'll buy it off etsy!!!! Shoot - that would be da bombdiggidy!!!!! I love the concept.
I have been wanting Ed Harvey sneakers for so long....but at $80 a pop.....mmmmmm.....for shoes you can't "walk" in.......and at my would be stupid. I love EH. I would love to have another tatoo.........and would do EH stuff in a heartbeat, if I knew CDL would not divorce me.
The pizza looks killer. You look killer. The rug is past killer. So very proud of you! Love you!!!!!

dulcy said...

Love it all Sheri! I almost ordered some painted danskos last fall. Yours are every bit as cool! Also, the new rug is wonderful, as is all your beautiful wool...

Ter'e said...

AND ABOUT THAT PIZZA...............

roc said...

those shoes are awesome! they look professionally made! can't wait to see what your purse turns out to be!
love your hooking...the colors you use are so beautiful together!

Crescent Lane Hooker said...

Hi Sheri, I'm glad you found me so that I can find your blog. LOVE your rug and the different backgrounds work so well! Your wools are beautiful, too. I'm a follower!