Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finished the hooked purse and some gardening!

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 024

I finished the purse just in time for my mom’s birthday on the 27th! Crunch time. It only took a little while to hook~I mean FAST. But putting it together with the metal frame took a little longer since I had never done that. Here’s a pic with the hinges open. I like it and have ordered more hinges. I started out making this for me, than at the birthday dinner my sister said she wants one for her in August.

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 032

I tried something other than the pattern directions (imagine ME doing that!) and braided 3 pieces of wool for the loops for the handles to go through. I love the way it looks. The pattern is Karen’s of Primitive Spirit and she had used embroidery thread for the loops. It just didn’t look strong enough to me.

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 008Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 026

You can also see in the following picture the strap itself. I did 4 rows of a decorative S shape stitches on it. Makes it look sturdier too! All this for a purse that’s only about 10” long and 7-8” tall! Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 033

Mom's 82nd birthday and purse 015

A friend hooked this pattern a few years ago and I have always wanted to. Her colors are more “me”. Mickey looked at my hooking and said, “WHAT are you doing?” He’s never seen me use these muted colors that much either!

Renee's purse 003

And Renee’ is getting ready to put the lining in hers. I love seeing the same pattern hooked by different people!

Renee's purse 002

Renee's purse 001

Remember Mick’s friend who is working on his parents house for an estate sale? Well, he told me I could go over any time and dig plants too! Stupid on my part (because of my health), but what fun I had.

plants from Don's 002

plants from Don's 003plants from Don's 004plants from Don's 006plants from Don's 010

Until this…..Remember those cute black clogs I hand painted? Well little miss priss was wearing those to dig in! I fell on our uneven brick patio. I cuss that thing every year. This year I’m covering it with river pebbles!

plants from Dons and cut knee 002

And doesn’t everyone wear their best jeans to garden in???

plants from Dons and cut knee 004

That was the only clean pair I had left as our basement was flooded and had a small river running through it. Guess where our laundry room is?

Then to top off that perfectly lovely day (until I got home, anyway) I fixed myself a plate of leftovers from Logan’s Steakhouse from the party. Brought it to the living room, sat the tray on the coffee table and watched it in S L O W motion fall on the carpet~face down!! Ate it anyway!

Have a great rest of your weekend!



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Susan!

I went to a good friend’s birthday party last night and had a great time!  I only knew a few people when I got there, but by the end of the night I had made some new friends! 

Here’s Susan the birthday girl with her gift from me.  I used an old sewing pattern for wrapping paper and coffee filter flowers!

moms purse and susans bday party 023

I filled a box with tons of ephemera from the estate house that I told you I got to go to before the sale!  (Mickey’s good friends parents house)  That’s a whole other blog post!  Anyway…  She loved it!  That’s her good friend Abbe, who told me where she teaches yoga and invited me to come on an “easy” night!

moms purse and susans bday party 024

Susan is an art teacher for the Springfield Public School System.  All of the people at the party were artists/artsy fartsy.  Need I say more about the fun we were having?  Oh, and this party started at 6:00 p.m. too!

moms purse and susans bday party 034

She also got this cool three sided jar filled with medals for her assemblage work.   (Wait till you see her bathroom!)

moms purse and susans bday party 020

Just one shot of her bathroom.  She made these frames.  That’s why we all bought her STUFF.

moms purse and susans bday party 051

She got lots of “artsy” and handmade gifts~lucky and loved woman!  Better slam that last drop of wine so she can blow out her candles!

moms purse and susans bday party 018

I don’t know who invited these two.  I think they were plastered by 7:30 though.

moms purse and susans bday party 043

I talked to a hooker girl, Melanie, that I had met once before at Susan’s at an “art day” a few summers ago.  She said she will stop by and hopefully join our library group once a month!  She said her hooking is so loose compared to mine and she felt not as perfect as my style.  I told her I am trying HARD to loosen up my look and be more free flowing.  Just as I imagine her work is!  Aren’t we always critical of ourselves?  We shouldn’t do that.  And check out this room.  It’s the breakfast nook in Susan’s kitchen.  This girl has more stuff than I do!!!!  The puppy is Ricky, Susan and her two kids doggie.  He’s so quiet compared to JD.

moms purse and susans bday party 064

Here’s me and my old girlfriend, Stephanie.  We were friends in high school and ran into each other at The Creamery Arts Center where she is the Director of Creative and Education Something!?!~sorry Stephanie.  We hadn’t seen each other in 20 years and said hey I know you!

moms purse and susans bday party 068 

I had to call home at 9:45 to tell him I was going to be out a little longer.  The invitation on Facebook said from 6:00 until 9:00.  Well the guitar and harmonica came out around 9:30 and I could tell this party was just starting!!  This is Katy singing and playing the guitar.  She plays in a band here in town.  Sorry, can’t remember the name.  Hey, it was a party…I’m not expected to remember Everything!!!!

moms purse and susans bday party 081

11:00 pm~

moms purse and susans bday party 091

Hey!  We’re OLD!!!

I borrowed some artsy books to bring home and drool over.  Here’s what’s left of Jimmie Dean when he saw the bag.

moms purse and susans bday party 099

Hope everyone had a perfect Easter.

I am almost finished with Karen Kahle’s hit and miss bag, but I just remembered my mom’s birthday is Wednesday!!!  I have NEVER not made her something for her birthday. moms purse and susans bday party 006

I’ll make me one later in the week.  It only took a couple of days to hook and a little time to put together since I had never done this one before.  I’ll show you pictures when it’s completely finished!