Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're in Maine!!!

We arrived Friday after flying from Springfield to Dallas, then to Boston where we rented a car. We then drove to Lauri's place. (Lauri from Wool Snippets) She took me to Cushings. LOVED it there. Got lots of pictures. We got to spend a little time together before driving up north to Searsport yesterday.
We went to Searsport Rughooking this morning and I got to meet Chris. What a huge place! I had no idea it was so large!
I got a new Ipod the day before we left for vacation and have taken 1050 pictures!!! However, I had to bring my old laptop. ( I dropped my "good one" and bent the dvd drive thingy. ) Took it to the shop/Best Buy Thursday night. They said it might be gone for a month!!! Anyway, can't upload any photos to this computer, as it's full. AND the pictures that I was able to email to myself were upside down!!! I hope I don't have to go in and change all 1000+ pictures!!! It says this Ipod will hold 2500 photos. It's the new Touch that just came out last week. LOVE IT. Just sorry I can't share our vacation pictures with you yet!
More when we get home.