Friday, May 1, 2009

What a party!!!

OK, I'm trying again to post. Tonight I'm going to share some photos of my mom's 80th birthday party that we had last Saturday evening. It was a surprise party for her. She thought it was just going to be my dad, sister and her kids and great-grandkids. We invited her sisters and their husbands and cousins, and very old friends. (The friends aren't old...well I guess they're 80 too!) My sister flew in my mom's baby sister from Bonita Springs, Florida as part of the big surprise. She's only 61, like I said the baby. She spent five days here with us and we enjoyed her soooo much. I miss her already. Anyway, here are some pics.

I hope I can look half this good when I
turn 80 years old!!!

My dad and sister. She's only three years younger than my mom's baby sister! They're great friends-my sister and aunt Sonja.

(The Chinese lady is our waitress. We ate at Mr. Yen's Chinese Restaurant.)

My Aunt Sonja presenting the birthday cake!

Linda my sis, my mom, and me

Her great-grandkids. My sister has two sons and a daughter. (I don't have any kids.)

This is the pillow I hooked for mom for her birthday. I did just the single rose last year for her birthday. Karen Kahle's Primitive Spirit patterns.

These are the party favor boxes. I took two old cassette tapes of my parents and my Aunt Naomi and Uncle Ralph singing and playing their guitars and transferred them to CDs. Everyone got two musical CDs and I also made a photo CD of old family photos (about 150 photos) and everyone got a lucky bamboo plant in a little vase. Oh and fortune cookies in cute little bags too!
I put them in these take-out boxes and tied the
m with yarn. Everyone Loved them!!! It was a labor of love...I hope I don't ever have to make cassettes into CDs again. I wasted 90 CDs!!! I made 18 of these boxes. That's why there were so many CDs.

And finally I made myself a new necklace to wear to the party. My Aunt Sonja loved it so I made her one for Christmas in April. She will have the only one in Florida. Well the only one anywhere!!! I had just boug
ht the rhinestone pendant at a garage sale early that Saturday morning!! I also used a couple of lamp crystals on each of our necklaces and some bird charms, keys, and stuff...

And you know I said she was from Florida, well she's not quite this tanned! This is NOT my Aunt Sonja! Another one of my great bargain finds. I think I'll make more of this type of jewelry. I love it!

Hope I didn't bore you hookers and crafters with this post. But my family is very important to me. I love them all dearly.

And again, Happy 80th Birthday Mom.
I love you,

and peace,


Plumruncreek ♥ said...

WOW!! Sherri, your mom is beautiful. Love the pillow you made.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You've got great genes going for you, girl!!! Your mom and dad both look great!! And so does your necklace!! Thanks for sharing ~ I blog about lots of family stuff, too!

moosecraft said...

Your Mom's 80 looks way better than my 39!!!! LOL! She's a beautiful woman!!

TamboinMO said...

So fun to see pictures of all the stuff you'd been making for the party...looks like it was a big success.
As others said....looks like you've got good genes in your favor...your mom looks incredible!

dulcy said...

Oh my gosh! Your mom is just gorgeous! I'm so glad that everything went so well. I simple LOVE the pillow you made! Can't wait to get together again.

JoJo said...

Sheri, your mother is a beautiful lady and surely doesn't look her age. But boy, hearing you describe all of the stuff you did for this party makes my head spin. Now I know why you've been so busy!
I'm glad it's all over and done now and hope you can find some time to relax. And I'm also hoping you didn't work yourself right into two days in bed, trying to recuperate from this.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

What an awesome party. It looks like everything turned out absolutely perfectly.

Your mom looks incredible for 80! Your pillow is lovely. Your goodie bags/boxes were really great and your necklace is unbelievable.

Hope you only go that crazy for
80th birthdays...

I think you can enter the "best daughter" contest - I'd sure vote for you.