Monday, May 18, 2009

Makin' progress on the chicken

You can't tell but the black background is about four different antique blacks. And a very dark green every so often.

Jimmie Dean likes it!!!

Everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy to put it in front of the kitchen sink. Ter'e even said it would be better there though, than in front of the stove. I'm sorry to say it would be quite safe in front of MY stove. I'm not into cooking much anymore. Not with a husband who doesn't even like onions. Who can cook without onions? That's totally another blog post. Who has a picky eater husband?

I'm really loving this number nine cut. It's so fast and easy. I may never do anything smaller again! Also, I think I'll pull out some of the chicken body and re hook it. Not happy with the color variations. I'll keep you posted with the changes.

Have a great week




katie said...

Sheri, that a great looking chicken.
Put it in front of ;your sink, we only live once. Enjoy it now.


deb did it said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a hooked rug WIP...been on the frame for 6 years! I love to dye wool and use it for my sewing projects. yours are beautiful. Nice to meet you here!