Sunday, May 24, 2009

The garage sale didn't kill me...

But it did put me in bed for two days. I knew it would. That's the great thing you have to look forward to when you have fibomyalgia.

The sale was a Smashing Success!!!

Started here...


And after!!!

Now I've got to buy these

For this

But now I will be able to drive to Eureka Springs, AR to the hook-in in June. I have never attended this one. I hear it's great though. It's an annual event. Not sure how many years they have been having it, but quite a few of the girls I hook with have been before and said they had a ball. Hookers and wool and patterns and food. What's not to love?
Vickie Hardcastle is the mastermind of this hook-in, I believe. You can visit her blog at:
I'm sure she'll be talking about it closer to the date in June.

I met quite a few interesting people at my garage sale. I had my Chicken rug outside with me. I thought it might strike up a few conversations if I was working on it and I was right. I met a great girl who is an art teacher. She invited me to join her and her other art teacher friends for their monthly art group. They meet at a different persons' house each month for a different project. She said whoever's house it is usually has the supplies for the project and people bring their own stuff too. Between her and Tammy and Dulcy wanting to do monthly journaling stuff at my house, I had to pull quite a bit of stuff from the sale!!! I couldn't sell All of it if we might need it!!! Oh Lord...where will I put it? It was looking so open and airy in my studio. Now it's stacked up again. Oh well. I get to have some excellent company at my house for sure now!!! Can't wait.
I also met a lady who offered me a teaching job at Carroll College that is coming to town later this year. She thought it would be great to have hooking classes, painting, and then classes for children. They are so fun to teach art to. They are so proud of Anything they make all by themselves. We'll see if this really turns into anything! I hope so!!!

Also found a great reference for some concrete and stucco work we need to have done to our house. When you own an eighty year old home there's always something in disrepair. Always...

And one more interesting girl. She had on the cutest hand painted overalls. She had painted them herself and is going to offer them on consignment at a shop in St. Louis. I wish her well. They were great. And her artwork was fabulous. All original. When I told her I had some painting pattern books for sale she laughed and said she had waaay too many patterns floating around in her head already. That sounds vaguely familiar to me! LOL I wake up in the middle of the night and draw patterns in a little journal I put by my bed to record my dreams. They turned out to be way too involved to just jot down in the middle of the night, but I can sure sketch a pattern while sleeping!

I'd better go to bed. We're having my parents over tomorrow for a holiday cookout. My sister usually has the holiday things but she is in Nashville for the weekend at her new boyfriends sons house. Wow. Meeting the son. I don't envy her. Somehow the girlfriend never measures up to mom!?!?! And Mickey is going fishing at 6:00 in the morning. He promises to be home by 3:00. I better not be having this cookout by myself! Oh, I don't might be kind of nice-just me and my mom and dad. Is that selfish? Naw...

I just thought of something very funny to me, or I'm really tired. Before I started blogging I would have NEVER taken pictures of my garage sale. Do you other bloggers catch yourselves taking pics just because of your blogs?

Have a safe Memorial Day


Jacque. said...

WOW...that's a lot of stuff in your garage sale!! Photos just for your blog? Heck, yeah! Ask Tammy about that, too...when she was first blogging. Have a great weekend with your family!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your sale! I should have come by but since I missed some days off the computer, I
didn't know you were having it!
Hope you are all rested up.
Love ya, Jeanne (RED)