Friday, October 15, 2010

My hooked pumpkin....ta da!

cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 005 cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 006

I did this piece for a challenge and I can't remember Where the challenge was!!! The theme was hooking something round.  Anyone else involved in the challenge?  I love it anyway.  So glad I did it.  I had the pattern for years and this just got me motivated to do it. I used a real pumpkin stem that I saved and dried from last year. (See it IS handy to be a hoarder)  It is JoEllen's pattern.

Also I've made some progress on the cat rug.  His name is Max, I found out. 

The color planning has begun.  I am going to have to dye the red to the right, the turquoise and the pink on his video and cat pics 002

1st day hookingyoga video and cat pics 003

I was noticing little fuzzy hairs on the top of the linen.  It is bleached and I have never used this brand before.  NOT liking this!yoga video and cat pics 005 yoga video and cat pics 006

You probably can't even see it.  But it was really bugging me.  So here's contemplating using my Usual linen!

yoga video and cat pics 004

You all know me and you KNOW I changed to the other linen!!! I re-drew and re-colored video and cat pics 007

OK, now hooking on the new video and cat pics 009

Not liking the red color I chose.  You guessed it...I pulled it out and made another color choice.  Again...lucky I'm a wool hoarder too!

cat day 2 and hooked pumpkin 001

OK, now I love the pinkish/purple color.  But I HAVE to rip out the outline of his nose.  I used black yarn on it and it's looking scraggly already.  Just imagine what it would look like by the time I hook everything else and drag my hands and arms over it.  On the other outlines I just hand cut the wool.  I can only get it so small though.  I'm wondering what a 2 or 3 cut with a cutting machine looks like.  I simply can't cut it any smaller with scissors!

I may be able to hook some of the oranges in the upper left corner today.  I'm getting WEIRD on the color planning!  If my ProChem dyes would just arrive in the mail I could continue!  Tammy told me I can go over and borrow some of hers this evening if mine doesn't arrive today.

Tomorrow morning I'll be at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K walk.  I'll be in the registration booth.  Come by and see me and give me your cash!  It's at Jordan Valley Park...right by the Cardinals ball field.making strides against breast cancer pamphlet

Have a great weekend!  And please stop by and make a donation tomorrow.




Kim said...

Love your funky pumpkin! It must have taken forever to re-draw that pattern. You must have REALLY hated that backing. lol
Hope you raise lots of money at your walk.

Ter'e said...

Breathe.........quit being so his wonderful the hairy wool....I do......I think it adds character. Sheri, you have even less patience than I do. Make this an exercise in loving what you hook. Calm down and slow down. This will be one helluva piece. Hook it with love and peace of mind.
I know you can breathe life into this pattern ---- allow yourself the peace of mind to do so. Don't make me come up there and slow your breatheing. I have no doubt this will be one of your masterpieces.
I love each loop. Think how far you have come and savor each little bity loop. We all know this will be your best rug!!!! Wait til your colors are right.
Don't make me come to Missouri!!!!!!
(pump that calming breath thru those lungs!!!!!!)

Julia said...

Sandi, I'm so glad that you found my fairly new blog Of Petals and Wool. You and I have things in common, we are both women, breast cancer survivors, blogger and rug hookers. I've been catching up with your blog and love your sense of humor. I hope that you are all recuperated from the nasty tick bite and that you are Lymes disease free. Your 3-D pumpkin is adorable. The real handle gives it a great touch and I love how you color the linen for your cat rug, very clever. JB

ShabbySheep said...

Regarding Julia's comment on my coloring the linen for this piece. I don't think I could hook it if I hadn't colored it in. This is the second big piece I have colored with markers. I have a picture of him on the magnet on my frame too. 8.5" by 11". I'll keep referring to that too.
And Ter'e I AM calm. ohm....ohm.....ohm... I am going to take my time on this one. The wool is in the dryer right now that I've dyed for it.

TamboinMO said...

Totally LOVING your cat!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Love your colorful pumpkin--made me smile! How clever with the stem. I remember seeing the pic of the cat you have begun hooking. Man, you are taking on a challenge and I just know it will be awesome! (I can remember when you didn't even dye yet!) You have come so far on your hooking journey, as you have with your journey as a cancer survivor! I hope the run is successful Saturday! You Go Girl! Love, Jeanne L.

dulcy said...

Hey Sweetie! Thanks for checking in... the lady I'm taking drawing from has a method that really means "anyone can draw". There are 12 year olds in the class much better than me. Love your pumpkin!! and the cat will be absolutely fabulous!

Laura said...

I love your hooked pumpkin, the colors are great. I can't wait to see what you do with the watercolor cat. I will have to keep watching!

Orange Sink said...

Wow, you really have a handle on the Max rug! And love your hooked pumkin! Work your magic and don't forget to take pics along the way. Hope your walk was successful and fun!
Cathy G

Corinne Burke said...

Sheri, the Blonde hair looks great not everyone can pull off a Blonde hair color. You look to be on your way to a long health life. All the Best.

P.S. cute Pumpkin too.

Miz T. said...

When I saw your pumpkin partially completed I knew your cheerful colors would be fabulous, and you got it sewn together and it's wonderful! (The "round" challenge was on Wool Snippets)
Your rug is going to take less time to hook than has taken to set up and dye the wool. You are doing it right! As Ter'e said...breathe and relax (but does she listen to her own advice?) I hope your Breast Cancer walk went well and raised a lot of needed monies. I supported a friend in a local walk with $. I was in NY at the Sheep & Wool Festival, which was awesome!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

What an incredible post for comments!! First of all your pumpkin is fantastic and I love that you dried a real stem for it.

As to Max, I will keep checking progress. He is incredible and the marker rendering gives a hint of what is to come. I love that! Enjoy every loop.