Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson

Last night Tammy and I ventured to Branson, MO. to see the Legends in Concert show. It was the anniversary of Michael's death that drew me to the show. They would feature the local dance troupe last night for this special show. Click on Tammy's name above to see lots more pictures!

Michael Jackson look alike and us! 001 About the "other story" Tammy spoke of, I thought it was Ridiculous to ask $20.00 for a photo of us with the Imposter, so........... I took a picture of the picture they were selling! I know, I'm such a REBEL!!! Tammy said she was going to have to tell Kenny that I had her on an Unwilling crime spree while we were out! We got home around 11:30 and I headed straight to bed.

Straight to bed because I had to get up this morning and go to the Springfield Regional Arts Council and volunteer at the Free Arts Day for kids. It was my first time "teaching" there. I think I had as much fun as the little ones!

If you look real close you can see some HAIR under my ball cap! free art day 102

This is my friend Susan getting her bugs ready before we started. She's an art teacher here in town. A talented collage and assemblage artist too. We share and trade garage sale trinkets. We have discovered we can't go to the sales together though, 'cause we both want the same thing!

free art day 097

This is one of her pieces that just sold!

art walk June 6, 2010 010

And some pics of the little darlin's

free art day 099 free art day 100 free art day 101 free art day 091

free art day 092free art day 094

When I got home from this I worked on my rug a little and then did the usual ~ NAPPING!!!

Aaahhhh felt so good.



Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've been asleep for a month!

No kidding!!!  I had the last radiation treatment last Friday and they said it would probably be another 10-14 days until I didn't feel the need to sleep day and night.  I had NO idea when they said it would cause fatigue, did they mean you would literally sleep 16-20 hours a day!  But it's all behind me now and I'm ready to start livin' life! The cancer is gone, it did leave me with a little heart trouble but the cardiologist says he can make it alot better with meds.  I am taking a Beta blocker and ACE inhibitor and will see him again on July 1st.  I imagine he will tweak that medicine until he gets my heart rate where he is comfortable with it.  (It's still averaging 110)  Too high.

Today I was actually awake more hours than asleep and I got out the sewing machine and made some pillows for the new sofa.  I haven't told you I decided to order it in white and also got the red slipcover that I plan to use in winter.  Today I made a cool pillow out of burlap and made a little "runner" in velvet down the middle of it.

sewing 004

Also made some with red print fabric to go with the red slipcover!  I only took a picture of this little one, but I made another with a scalloped edge that's cute too.sewing 007

And while I had the machine out I made some placemats with the leftover linen I had.  Oh, that's another story I haven't told you.  Maybe later this week!sewing 002 sewing 003

I don't know if the stars are lined up just right or what, but I did all this today without one cuss word!!!  Usually when I sew it sounds like a few sailors are in my house!?!

Glad you guys didn't send out a posse looking for me!  I won't keep you wondering how, or where I am any more~promise. 

Dangerously close to finishing my antique stars rug too.  I'll take a pic tonight and post later.  I would like to get in finished by next week when my aunt and her daughter are coming for a visit from Florida.

Lots more to say, but no more energy this evening.

Talk to you soon,