Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Smith concert

Last night we were entertained by a group with local beginnings that's "going places". Their name is Big Smith and for those of you who have never heard of them, here are some terms used to describe them from their website/press page. hippie-tinged roots band, hillbilly music, a vivid reminder of their hell raising antics of their bootlegging ancestors, haunting, ancient, raucous, comic, patriotic, and deeply religious. Oh yeah and a bona fide hillbilly band. If you ever hear of them in your town you MUST attend. They'll blow your socks off! You can read more about them and purchase their music at

They played at our beautiful Juanita Hammonds Center for the Performing Arts building in Springfield, MO. I'm sure it was quite a change performing on such a stage. I think they're really used to people drinking a little beer and doing a lot of dancing. We all sat properly in our seats. I thought the crowd was a little older until my husband told me they were all about our age!!! Well, he's ten years older than me.

I haven't got much hooking done since I started the visual journaling. I'm obsessed with it!!! Imagine that... me, obsessed. I know!!! So far the words have been, space, comfort, layers, new, ebullient, and secret. I knew I would enjoy journaling but just never thought I could possibly make any time for any other artistic venture. Well I'm glad I did. Wanda gives us a new word each week and we interpret it's meaning in our visual journals. I have used magazine pics, newspaper clippings, balloons, you name it! Like I said I already had the rubber stamps and scrapbooking paper and Glue... every kind imaginable. Here are a few of my pages. Don't laugh if you're an experienced journaler. Remember, I'm new. Anyway there's no way to do it wrong. It's MY journal!!

This is my "secret" page.

And this is the "new" page. New president and new puppy. How lucky could one girl be, I ask?

And finally, here is my fountain rug in progress. I have made Some progress. I'm worried I'll run out of green roving for the tree I'm working on now. If I do, it won't be such a tall tree I guess!?!?! I used teeny-tiny prodding for the black-eyed susans on the left. And Jimmie Dean didn't like the look of the hot pink flowers I guess, so he pulled some of it out for me!

Jimmie Dean is changing colors right before our eyes. Each day he has a little more silver on top of his head and on his chest. He's still fighting the bronchitis!!! I went to a new vet and she put him on a steroid/antibiotic combo. She raises Yorkies, so I feel much better with her as my vet. She said if we don't get the coughing controlled it could permanently affect his trachea. Boy, I'm still mad at that breeder for selling me a sick puppy. Shame, shame, shame.

That's all for now. Off to a Superbowl party at my sisters! She told us to bring Tupperware. That's a good sign there will be plenty to eat!!




Jacque said...

Hey Sheri...hope Jimmie Dean is responding to treatment! He's just too cute! Big Smith sounds like something one of my sisters would absolutely love. I'll tell her about them. Love the visual journel! Not for me, though...I get too anal with things like that. You rock!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Your journaling looks so much fun! your rug, and Jimmie Dean is way too cute for words.