Thursday, April 16, 2009

Only two more days

Until the Springfield, MO. hook-in.

It's supposed to rain part of the day on Saturday. Just in the morning, I think. They said we could put our chairs out on the deck and hook. That would be so great. It's so peaceful and beautiful at Lake Springfield. In the evening the deer come up so close you could almost touch them. I suppose they're almost tame since they live there and are used to seeing people every day. Almost every night there are people pulled over to the side of the road watching and taking pictures.

I can't wait to meet Patti of Saltbox Primitive Woolens and her friend Katie, with whom I've formed an internet friendship with. It will be great to meet her in person! Patti will be a vendor with all of her beautiful wool and patterns. Her shop is in Warsaw, MO. About three hours from here (I think!)

Tammy was so nice as to let me set up a little corner of my things for sale too.

These journals...

I also hand-dyed these beautiful aprons. I was dyeing wool the other day and got a few spots of dye on my shirt. If I had an apron that was already dyed, it wouldn't have shown. The dyed aprons were born!!!

And of course the t-shirts and bags I already showed you. I still haven't got them on Etsy, but I did get my shop set up yesterday. Boy...that's TIME CONSUMING!Then to list the items for sale will take another hunk of time it looks like.

I'm also still trying to put the pillow together I hooked for my mom for her birthday. I'm having alot of difficulty with this one! Some times they go together easily, sometimes it's like I've never done this before!!!

I'm making the back in two pieces, like an envelope. Leaving an opening in the middle for the pillow form. I've never done it like this before but it seemed like a good idea at the moment.

I promise to take lots of pictures at the hook-in. I've already got my tri-pod set out along with my things for sale. Hopefully I won't have to do anything tomorrow but polish my fingernails! Mickey keeps cautioning me not to overdo it or I won't feel like doing anything by the weekend.

This is the next pattern I'm going to hook. I'll take it with me Saturday. Dulcy made one for her coffee table and it's Gorgeous!!! You may see it on her blog here: It was a free pattern in Rug Hooking Magazine a few months ago and Dulcy, being the wild child she is, hooked it in delicious colors!!!!

And speaking of wild child...Tammy is really revving up her dye colors for spring! You may see them on her blog: . She has also posted directions to the hook-in on her blog.

My best to all of you,



Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Have a great day at the hook-in and good luck with the things you made to sell!! That little sheep journal is darling ~ it'll be gone in a flash!!!

primitivebettys said...

Have a GREAT time at the hook in! Sure wish I could be there too. Maybe I'll see you in Eureka Springs in June though.



ps... those are DARLING journals!

Joanne said...

Best of luck with your sales Sheri - you certainly have been working hard - Have a great time at the hook-in! Sounds like a lot of fun - joanne

Jacque. said...

Oh're really doing great with your different projects. Good for you on opening an Etsy shop. Best of wishes to you. Have a great time at the hook-in!!! The aprons...are they wool?

Margo said...

Sheri, Wish I lived closer the hook in sounds great! And good luck with your sales! Rain could be a good thing as hookers will want to be inside and not outside doing chores!

Thistle House Primitives said...

Sheri, I look forward to meeting you one day!! I love your yorkie. He/She is similar to my little guy Tucker (3). Maybe I will see you at the Eureka Springs hook in if you go! I stop in Springfield to pick up wool at Simply Fibers when I am going back and forth from St. Louis to Eureka and have yet to meet Tammy! I just found your blog!