Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chemo Karma!

I hope I can help all of us find some humor in dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment! Now this might be funny.....IF it didn't happen to you!!!
Last Monday morning was the first day of chemotherapy for me and three other people at St. John's Cancer Center. We each had to sit in a recliner right in front of the nurses' station, so they could watch us. (Like maybe we were going to run away!?!?) I was the first one to
really get going with the meds. Everything was going fine until THEY sat down. I knew from looking at these two they were going to be trouble! You know the loud, pushy, we're the only ones here, type? I immediately asked my nurse to close the partition curtain between us. Didn't care if they thought I was rude! But of course they didn't even notice because THEY were the only ones there! LOL So It's going on 11:00. (I started at 9:00) My nurse is the greatest little thing~carefully explaining and letting me journal each word and medicine she is giving me. She literally spelled each one for me so I could get it right in my book/journal/thing. Then I heard it. "What do you want for lunch? How 'bout Quiznos!!! OOOHHHH YES~Grilled Pastrami with EXTRA ONIONS!"

Holy Crap. Monica had just told me that the drug I was now receiving was the one that, if it was going to....would be the one to make me sick at my stomach!
A short 15 minutes later here came the f)*^3#@&*
ONION SANDWICH!!! Oh My God. And I had been soooo proud of myself for being so tough.
I could feel myself actually turn green. I screamed for the nurse to get me a mask!!!! Help! There's no oxygen in here! Only onion air! They practically ran at me with the mask and I had to cover up my nose and mouth with my hand too! Then the lady two more chairs down said, "OOOHHH Your lunch smells good!" Of course, me......being the mild mannered lady I am blurted out NOT IF YOU'RE GETTING CHEMO, IT DOESN'T! Still they didn't get it!!! The eating lady, as I
will call her from now on, asked her friend what I said. So again, little angel Sheri snapped the curtain back and said PLEASE, after you eat that onion sandwich, take all the wrappers and trash completely outside this room. Maybe outside the building! Her friend whispered, "it's making her sick!"

(Now remember this lady is a little behind my schedule with the meds....tee hee hee) Oh.... they are s l o w l y starting her D R I P now. tee hee hee.

OK Karma.

My BFF in the universe!!!

Please make your appearance be known now!

(I am laying back now, just resting. With my hand still covering my nose, but feeling Much better) The whole department is whirling with nurses! Eating lady is sick~Get her some 7-up and crackers! The poor man whose wife thinks lunch smells good is sick~crackers ASAP. And Sprite, not 7-up. He doesn't really like 7-up!

How does it go again? What goes around comes around? I LOVE LIFE!!!



Kim said...

Oh Sheri, you are right - Karma can be a satisfying thing! Thanks for sharing your story with us - and for finding the humour. Glad to have an update - I have been thinking of you this week.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

And we LOVE you ~ you see the situation as it really is ~ find humor in it ~ and a little Karmic payback never hurts!!! Thanks, Sheri ~ I've been thinking of you every day!!

TamboinMO said...

Oh Sheri,
Your story cracked me up!!! Only you could write a story like that, taking something bad and making it hilarious!

wintergreen.3 said...

Karma "effects of all deeds shape past, present, and future'. So, it follows your good Karma will effect your future. Blessings and good Karma to you.

weaverpat said...

Sheri, I've been wondering how you're doing. Thanks for posting!
A great sense of humor is healing for both body and mind, and you certainly have it.
But what obnoxious people! You'd think they would use a little restraint, knowing that chemo can make you sick.
Take care and please know that I'm thinking of you!

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

LOL! So glad you have your sense of hummor! I know it helped me through all my ups and downs!!! I didn't get sick but 2 times. There was this one treatment,I called it the red devil... That one was the one that got me!!! Tiny bag packed a punch! I hated it!

Orange Sink said...

You've got me laughing! How good it feels! I will be calling the Karma Police from now on! Been thinking of you and hoping your spirits remain high! Love you! Cathy G

dulcy said...

Wow........that's just the craziest story! If it wasn't chemo, it would make a great SNL skit. Thinking of you everyday, and remember, if you want to get out and take a little jaunt....even if it's just a drive about...please call!!!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
So good to see your post today. I have been thinking about you and hoping all was as well as can be. You have a great sense of humor and that will be an asset to your treatment as you beat this thing!
Pug hugs & human hugs too :)

Jan said...

Ahhh, Sheri!! Loved your story! Karma Police!! Thank heavens for them!! I have been thinking and praying for you! Humor is just unbeatable!! You go girl!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Have been thinking about you. Amazing how some people can be. Wonderful to see you are making the best of it all.

katie said...

What a sense of humor, you are going to be a great help to others.
Keep your great attitude.
Thinking of you often and continuing to pray.

love katie

Libbie said...

You crack me up!!! I love your journal of experiances. Thanks for sharing.

Ter'e said...

That's my girl!!!! LMAO! I know you are going to be just fine --- honey, your humor is intact!!!!! I had a fit of giggles reading thru yesterdays post! Yea!!!! Sheri's being a stinker!!!! She's gonna make it just fine.

Atta Girl!!!!! So proud of you! I'll be giggling like a ninny, just thinking of you and your curtain and the Karma Police. Thanks for the great giggles!!!!

JoJo said...

Oh, Sheri, what a great story. But good grief, you'd think people would be a bit more concerned and respectful towards their fellow patients. No so, huh??
Yup, karma can be a great thing. I'm still waiting, though, for karma to catch up with my ex-husband!!
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Taos Sunflower said...

I love your story! You and I are so much alike, only I'm not sure I could have been as nice as you were with those ladies. I love what I call "real time Karma". Enough of just hoping it will happen someday, I want to be there to see it.

Wendie Scott Davis said...


It's times like this that make you realize that the universe really does unfold as it is meant to - thanks for sharing the hilarity of it all - and for finding it yourself.



Miccosukee said...

So glad I was able to get on the computer today and find a post from you. Love that you can find some humor in all this. but then that is just part of what makes you so special You have been in my prayers and it's so good to get an update.
I would be at your side if I wasn't so far away.


art spirit said...

Hi Sheri,
thanks for your fun message on my blog.
Sending my prayers and good thoughts to your sense of humor...and keep hooking!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Sheri:
Your story was filled with humor in spite of what you're going through! I'll pray every day that your illness goes away and that you're granted many, many more years to entertain us.
I'll be back to visit and keep up on your progress.

Thanks for finding my blog and joining my "following". Good luck in the drawing, too!

I may not be able to get a hat together for you before Christmas, but I'll sure try - and I'll send one even if it's late.