Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally met Jan

The owner of Leola's in Ozark, MO.  I've followed her blog and been in her shop a hundred times,  but never met her in person.  This past Monday Tammy and I went out for a little shopping therapy.  We started at the tile store for Tammy's "fancy room" fireplace surround.  After a quote of around $650 and us almost fainting, we headed for somewhere we Knew we could get a bargain!  Leola's!!!Leola's shopping w Tammy 024

You can see some of the cool stuff behind us. I got two stamped dish towels for $4.oo each.  Sorry no pictures.  But I did come home and make a set of stamped napkins.  Really cool.  I'll show you those when I photograph them. 

Did someone say whimsical?

Leola's shopping w Tammy 013

Or excuse me, but do you know the time?

Leola's shopping w Tammy 018

Lovely glass holders to put a candle in.

Leola's shopping w Tammy 015

 Are these canisters not to die for?

Leola's shopping w Tammy 016

I've now got to pull the handles off of some piece of furniture in my house and replace them with antique lace!  Don't cha just love it?

Leola's shopping w Tammy 020

The next day Miss Dulcy came by to give me a refresher course on knitting.  I remembered the knitting part quickly, but have never purled.  I did not pick that up so easily!  We had to take a small break and go on a yarn hunt.  There's a new yarn shop in town that we had to check out.  (Not too exciting, BTW)  Then went to Simply Fibers and I got enough wool yarn to make a shawl.  Just a long rectangle.  But now that I've actually purchased the yarn, I'm committed to Make it!

sheri and dulcy 004

sheri and dulcy 002

Notice anything different about me?  New hair color!  Platinum blonde!  I went to Tammy's "girl".  I told her I wanted to be blonde, but not look like Tammy's. 
And NOT yellow blonde!  I was surprised, but I like it.  This color wouldn't work for me if my hair was any longer.  I told Tammy I would look like a Real HOOKER if it was long!!!new hair  color 008

Tomorrow Dulcy, her husband Jim, and I are going to The Springfield Regional Arts Council at The Creamery Arts Center to hang our rugs for the First Friday Art Walk.  They will remain on display for the whole month of September.  I named us the Center City Hookers.  It's me, Dulcy and Tammy showing our work.  This is the gallery I showed you earlier where I helped out with the Free art day on Saturdays~Did that again last week too!  Too much fun!!!  I'll be sure to take my camera to share with you.

Have a great week

and Peace,




Jeanne (RED) said...

I LOVE your hair! Your little shopping jaunt looked so fun. I'll have to visit Leola's (I don't know where it is??) Was that where all the pictures were taken? Loved all the "stuff!" You look so good and that makes my heart glad!
Love, Jeanne

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I LOVE your hair, too!! I sound just like Red ~ who is a great person to sound like, by the way!!! It is cute as can be ~ maybe you keep it short! And your day with your girlfriends sounds like fun ~ I love yarn shops, too, even though I don't knit!!

Kim said...

I am loving the hair. Very chic! Sounds like a great day full of retail therapy. Don't forget to show us the shawl someday too.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
Ditto what everyone else said. Your hair looks terrific and so do you!
Pug hugs :)

dulcy said...

Hey Sweetie! Having seen your hair in person... it does look very chic and "new". Plus, very little maintenance! We did have a fun day, and you will get your shawl done, and it will be fabulous... looking forward to getting our rugs hung today, and Friday night!


Taos Sunflower said...

I LOVE your hair! PS I'd be in deep trouble in that shop...better you should send pictures than me being there in person...

Miccosukee said...

Love the hair color! I need to take the picture in and show my colorist that is what I want only not that short. I can't carry real short hair off like you and Tammy.
Looking forward to the pictures from this coming weekend. You three are such a hoot. Can you move closer to Florida? And bring Leola's with you?
Might as well ask for the moon!

moosecraft said...

Leola's looks like a great shop! I just finished a shawl like you described... all half double crochet with a huge hook. If interested, there are some great free patterns on the Lion Brand Yarn website...

TamboinMO said...

A big thanks to you and Dulcy for hanging my rugs today! One of these days I'll be retired and will be able to help with things like that more :)
So glad you like your hair....I've called Terri to get in this week to get mine tweaked.

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks to you & Tammy for coming in to Leola's & introducing yourselves. I love your hair. I see now why you wanted something "different". Hopefully, I can come on Fri. night to your opening. Hope you guys can come on the evening of the 9th (5:00 to 8:00) for our open house. By the way, I stamped some aprons. I'm hopeing I can get them all done for open house.

Kelly Aaron Mosaics said...

What a great shop! I just love seeing what kind of imaginative and wonderful ways shop owners style their treasures!!

Thistle House Primitives said...

Your hair looks great!!
I hope to stop by Leolas on my way to Eureka Springs!