Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A great place to study

Study color, shading, composition, value.

That’s what I’ve been doing with this website. Please take a look at it and see if you don’t agree with me. It’s

Take this black dog, for instance. Notice there isn’t really that much black involved in his body. That’s what I’ve been studying! Look at all the blues, lavenders and purples.


And can’t you just see a rug designed with this image in mind? Look at the color!!!


I’ve always wanted to hook a self portrait. Studying these paintings would sure help with the color selection. And the general understanding of where to place the values on your face.

Again, look at all the colors in her face. Not flesh toned at all.


How about backgrounds? This could be hooked with a great spot dye!


And there are quite a few basic mandala shapes we could incorporate into rugs! And each one is a great lesson in color planning.


I hope everyone enjoys the site as much as I do. If you sign up, it will be delivered every day in an email.

Is it just me or do all of you see rugs in everything you look at? It gets kind of weird, actually. LOL

I finished the little heart hooking this afternoon. Haven’t taken a picture yet though. And I forgot to sew around it before I hooked it so I haven’t cut it out yet either!

Have a great evening…



Monday, January 11, 2010

Charging for The Welcome Mat!?!?!


What exactly would we be paying for?  Sharing ideas on the internet?  Sharing photos, recipes, helpful tips?  Wouldn’t that kind of be like charging to read blogs?  I understand it takes an administrator to have a group like this, but should you really be in it for the money?  Or, honestly…..hire people?  It just seems absurd to me!  Are you going to pay the fee?  I guess you know where I stand! (And BTW I have paid for a “class” on The Welcome Mat and was also quite disappointed.)

Let me know what you think about this! 



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alice and I are published!!!

It’s not yesterday’s news, but it is recent! Jane Halliwell Green’s new book, “Pictorial Hooked Rugs” was released in the fall and I just now got my copy! And here are our works!


Mine is titled “Sunflower” and it is the place in my mind I would love to live in Italy! Never been there, but hope to go someday.


The sunflower in the lower right hand corner is stuffed with fiberfill and beaded with little brown and gold beads.


And here is Alice’s rug, titled “England Memory Rug”. You can visit her blog


Also of interest today I was reading Jane’s blog and she has a link showing her new video on pixelating! Jane Halliwell Green teaches how to pixelate

Very Interesting! And a great idea for hooking all of the spring flowers that are just around the corner. (Yes, I know I’m pushing it. We have snow on the ground too!)


I’ve been hooking on a tote bag by Karen Kahle. I’ve got one side finished already! Really fast hooking. 027 029

And FYI, I had chemo #4 Monday and everything is going Great! Still feel good~knock on wood! Two more to go! Yeah!!!

Going to do some more hooking this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.