Friday, April 20, 2012

More studio pictures

I'd better start putting lots of pictures on one post or I'll never get to show you all that I've been doing!

First though, I want to share some pictures of last evenings rose bounty!  The teas are my neighbors (who actually live in Texas and weren't there when I had my clippers out!)

So on the the studio.  I think after painting the walls and loveseat I started making pillows.  LOTS of pillows.

This used to be my sister's jacket!!! Hope she didn't want it back!!! 

See that purple one?  Painted and stenciled.  I also painted some smaller lime greens ones too, but I don't think they're showing up here on the bed.

This one I purchased at Pier One.  It was the inspiration for the whole room!!!

Next I ordered this cool sari yarn on Ebay.  I knitted this little mat.  (Didn't know where it was going to go yet.)

 That's an old army trunk I painted bright lime green.  I keep some hooking stuff in it.  It has a drawer on top, then an open bottom.  So much storage!  (garage sale find)  It had been in our basement for a couple of years, just waiting for the right place to put it.

Here's the whole sari and the curtains I made out of it.  I also made the bedspread out of new fabric and an old sheet as the backing!  The triangle shaped things at the top are head scarves I bought at The Library Center.  (didn't know where these were going either, just knew I Had to have them)

 Are you still with me?  Next I stitched up some pieced curtains for the two windows.  Now we're talkin' color and pattern!

Love this lamp!  It's another garage sale find.  I used spray adhesive and glued this wool on and added the fringe at the bottom.  I dyed this wool in a deep fryer.   
You roll it up and put it in the pot with one color until it absorbs all of the first color.  Then take it out, re-roll and put another color of dye in the pot and do the same thing over and over again until you have as many colors as you like!  I'm sorry, I can't remember if this is Wanda Kerr's recipe or Jane Green's.  It is soooo time consuming, but the end results are well worth the hard work.

Now on to the bed.  We had this twin bed frame already.  But I wanted to "build it in" to have a little cozy place to read and watch TV.  The headboard part is plywood that I wallpapered in this great textured paper.  Then we cut the top part (across the front) from plywood too.  Added the little three inch wide shelves and some rope lights. 

I like the metal sculpture at the foot of the bed.  It reminds me of wool.  You can see I hung two curtain rods and hung lots of my dyed quarter yards.  The rest of my stash is on the big metal shelving unit I got from Tammy (next to the loveseat)

Oh yeah.....I painted a floorcloth too!  You take a piece of vinyl flooring and turn it over upside down.  That leaves a nice soft place to paint on.  I put three coats of clear on top.

See Jimmie Dean's little stool so he can get up on the bed with me!!!

 You can barely see the texture of the wallpaper, but it's cool!  My Shabby Sheep logo rug and my garage sale Mary paint by numbers. 

I'll show you other views tomorrow.  See, I told you I crammed Lots of stuff in a tiny room!  One of my friends I hadn't seen in a long time called me a hoarder.  I call it efficiency.

Talk to you tomorrow!




Orange Sink said...

Sheri! You have the most wonderful ideas! LOVE that floor cloth! It's a gypsy caravan dream room! Your colorful hooked cat rug looks awesome in there!
You are inspiring and not afraid of color.... I admire that!
Show us more! I love what what you're doing!!
Cathy G

Tammy Burks said...

I told Dulcy she was going to have to stop by and see all your new decorating! I just REALLY love what you did in that room! Maybe I could hire you to re-do my room if I could ever get all of these chairs and extra furniture out of here!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Love all that you accomplished!
Wish I had half your engery and creativity!!
So glad you are feeling better!
Hugs, jeanne

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a fun space. You've been busy!
Hugs :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Sheri: I LOVE everything you've been doing. Thanks for explaining how to do the floor mat, I've wondered about those. It's really cool. I bet you'd have some amazing, creative and colorful dreams if you sleep in there! XXXX Martie