Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn hooked purse

I stayed up until 1:30 last night getting this purse finished. I was so excited to see it put together!

I did the outside and the lining with denim. It's so nice to have a "craft store" in the basement. I knew I had some denim yardage down there somewhere!

And in the bottom I stitched some plastic canvas to the "outside" piece of denim, before I put the lining in. It really helps to give it some shape.

I did all this with the usual cussing and sweating. I love to sew. ~~NOT~~ Maybe if I used a pattern it would help. My sewing machine kept getting an error on it saying the thread was all tangled up inside the machine. Well I couldn't find any tangled thread!!! After I turned it on and off a few times it worked. Oh, and by the way the pattern is a Potted Pear pattern if I'm not mistaken.

Also I listed my mixed media witch on ebay today. Please go there to check her out!!

The calendar says it's fall. But it doesn't feel like it here in Missouri. It's 83 degrees today. I'm sooo ready for a cool down. I like to start baking when it cools down too. Anyone have any good fall recipes?

Have a great weekend.

I'd rather live here in our cozy little home-

stenciled with fingerprints and brimming with love

than alone in a fancy mansion. Author unknown




katie said...

love the purse, great job.
Yea, I to am ready for a cool down. We have migrating Pelicans here at the dam. Very interesting.

hope to see you tomorrow

Gayle said...

Sheri - LOVE the new purse! And using denim to finish it will make it wear forever. I have a purse all hooked, but have never gotten around to sewing it together - darn!

WoolenSails said...

I love your bag and your altered art hooking, beautiful pieces and very creative.


Jeanne Langston said...

I LOVE your Autumn purse, and your witchie! Keep on creating, hopefully cool weather is on it's way!!!

JoJo said...

Sheri, your purse is adorable! Love the denim!

Are you ready for the cooler weather? It's coming........the front went through here about 5 a.m. and now the breeze is coming from the north. After hitting 89 yesterday, I can hardly wait for the cooler temps. It should be a beautiful week.

Sheri said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my purse. I have it sitting on the love seat and it looks like a pillow!!

Anonymous said...

Love your purse too!! I would have never had the patience to sew that baby up. It is gorgeous.

just me. said...

Sheri ~ your hooked purse is so wonderful!!! I LOVE love the colors with the denim....just FAB!
Blessed be!
Lori from Notforgotten farm