Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Friday night again

And I still haven't posted the pictures from Last Fridays Art Walk in downtown Springfield, MO.
There were a lot of different artists showing their work this month. It was great. Go on the visual tour with me....
Right after parking the car and having to walk down a dimly lit alley to get to the art, we saw this painted on the alley wall. I knew it was going to be a great night! It was as if he had painted if just for me!!

A guy after my own heart. A 1968 Camaro. This was my first car. Yes, I was lucky. My dad restored antique automobiles and this was my 16th birthday present. Mine was black. Wish I still had it.

Freedom of speech...

More freedom of speech...

Freedom of body?

Freedom of fire...

These are paper roll ups. They are probably made in China, but I think they remind me of the wool roll ups Tammy is making in her tree mat. We could make wool placemats!

Freedom of music...

Freedom of CRAZY!?!?! He just glared at me after I took his picture. Scary.

Some art in the galleries...

This was my Favorite. It was probably eight feet long and five feet tall. Sorry, not a very good picture though.

Religious icons....My Mary rug is going to be right in style!

I have an old doll head like this. Turned it over and look, it's a turtle!!!

Collage work in a gallery...

My favorite...Brights

My own interpretation of art. These bent rods covering an old window were on one of the spooky alleys we had to walk. I think they're very interesting.

Freedom of bowling pin art!

We have BIG BEER in Springfield!!!

We snuck into a classroom at the Technical College. What an assortment of things to draw. Must be a fun class!

Students artwork...

This an an Old theatre the downtown association recently restored. I remember going to movies there in the early 60's. (oops, showing my age)Right in side the entryway of the theatre. We are using it now for some cultural events. Plays, art shows, etc. We sure need some more culture in this city. Although to some, this art walk looks pretty cultural. There really isn't much to do here. This is only on the first Friday of every month. I don't know if the galleries really do much business during the month except on these nights. I guess they would have to or they wouldn't be in business. We do also have a Little Theatre Company and some smaller venues at restaurants, poetry reading, theatre, stand up comedy.

In the first gallery we went into, The Creamery Arts Center I heard the most beautiful piano music. My favorite!!! OOhhh, it's a grand piano.

With no one playing it. It was a player piano. Have you ever seen a player-grand?

As you can see from the title, I thought I posted this last night. It was like 2:00 in the morning and I guess I forgot to hit the publish post button.
You may get two in one weekend. I've got alot to show you!


katie said...

Sheri , looked like an interesting evening. It is always interesting do see what other artists do.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Wow! That looked like lots of fun ~ good pictures ~ there's a lot going on where you are!!