Monday, March 23, 2009

It's spring in Missouri

But, it's supposed to SNOW Friday. That's the Ozarks for you. Yesterday we took Jimmie Dean to a local park. It's a huge park that has an area of Master Gardeners demonstration gardens, a Huge Japanese garden, another park area with a large lake full of wildlife. My neighbor said she heard that the park has recently been vandalized. Pleeeze....Get a life. This is nature!!! Leave it alone. Period. And prosecute to the fullest if they catch the little SOB's!

I was totally fascinated by the geese and ducks today. They're really beautiful.

Check out my store in my home!!! My hubby made the peg board for me and hung it. Now I know how much STUFF I really have. Too Much!!!

Tammy and Dulcy are coming over Wednesday to play in my room. I think we'll probably work on our journals. I got four old wallpaper books for us to cut from. That oughta be fun! It's also Tammy's birthday Wednesday. I hope we can help her to have a great day.

Peace to you,


katie said...

I can't believe that is Jimmy Dean, my goodness he has grown so much.
Looks like you are getting into the mixed media art journals pretty good. Wish I had mine, I sent it off to a gal in England to do a page and it never came back and she was never heard from again. So then they started just trading pages and not sending the whole book, Sometime I will look up the pictures I have of it.
Last year I got rid of about 12 wall paper books, wish I had known


TamboinMO said...

That park is just the greatest....especially when it warms up and there are more things in bloom. Glad JD got along with other dogs.....can't wait to come and play at your house.
Big hugs,