Monday, August 17, 2009

I have some wool ON SALE!

Last week I got lucky and had two days in a row of feeling good.  No aches or pains to stop me from dyeing LOTS of wool, anyway.  I do hate to say that the two days After I dyed all of it I was pretty much down again.  One day in the bed and one day made it to the couch.  I have just, in July started taking a new drug that was just approved by the FDA in June for this damned fibromyalgia.  I feel good/great one day…….Do waaaay to much, because I CAN!….but then dreadfully I have to stay in bed again for two days.  I know you get tired of hearing me say that.  I’m really TRYING to learn to just pace myself.  But no one can possibly understand it if you haven’t actually had to do it.  It’s like if I don’t do something right this minute when I’m not hurting… what if I wait an hour, but then I’m in too much pain again to do whatever it was I wanted to do.  Sooooo on feel good days I dye wool …..LOTS OF WOOL.  This past Thursday I think seven yards.

wool on fence 

I call that Lots of wool for my little four burner electric stove and my washer and dryer being in the basement.  It really ends up being quite a big day!  Usually after I get a few pots off the heat I cool them off with the dish sprayer just as fast as possible so I can go hang them outside to see what they really look like!!!  I line them up across the neighbors fence and start taking pictures. 

117 s.blue118 leafgreen fence

120 bri. waterDSCN5252


I’ve had as many as three different neighbors come out to check the days colors.   It’s fun for all of us!  They are anxious to see what will start lining the neighbors fence.  THAT neighbor isn’t even home when the wool show is going on!!! 

Anyway you can click here to see the SALE WOOL on my Etsy shop!  Thanks for taking the time to look.  And on Monday I’ll be listing some fall colors in bundles of all different sizes of wool!  Some big, some small.  Just pretty colors that look great together bundled up and ready to hook with!

Back to the story of my life this weekend.

Then by Friday night I was really tired, but still keyed up and reading blogs at 2:30 a.m.  Took my sleeping pill at 3:00 and the phone wrang.  It was my dad.  He had taken my mom to the Emergency Room for vomiting and diarhea.

I stuck my head in the bedroom door and told Mickey I was leaving and quickly drove over there.  She looked awful.  Her coloring was just gray.  But after about an hour with an I.V.she was turning pink again.  The ran an EKG, stomach CAT scan and all kinds of bloodwork.  Everything was fine.  Just like the nurse said.  You take your car to the garage to be worked on and everything is running just fine!  So we took her home at about 7:00 am.  Then I followed them home to get them in and set up for the “sick room”.  Then I had to start cleaning their carpeting in the bedroom and master bath.  Don’t make me tell you what I was cleaning.  I really don’t even want to know.  All I know is I used a whole can of OxyClean and a shop vac!  Got her put to bed and got dad some dinner and went home to sleep myself.  I had been awake since Friday am around 7:00.  It’s now Sat. 11:00 am.  I went home and literally fell onto the bed and passed out but was only able to sleep for Two Hours!  I was worried about my mommie, I’m sure.

So this morning I had just finished my coffee and shower and my dad called.  He’s sick too!  He wanted me to come over “for support”.  That was really kind of sad for your daddy to want you to be there… Just Because..just in case they needed me.  I was so thankful I felt good today so I could go.  I would’ve gone anyway of course!  I took my Shabby Sheep mat to work on.  You know he really did want me there for a sense of security, I guess.  When I got there he was dressed with his shoes still on and within three minutes of me getting my mom settled he smiled and said he was going to go to bed too!  It’s a very strange feeling sitting in the house you grew up in ,but now I was the one sitting there with my sewing on my lap nursing my sick “kids”  They taught me well…. a cool washcloth for your head?,  some crushed ice to suck on?  They were in such a shape they had to have someone help.  My mom, by the way was a lot better today, but still not able to keep much liquid down.  I got her to eat a popcycle and sip a little water while I was there.  It was like they were safe when I got there and they could both go to bed and not have to worry about the other.  It is bitter sweet growing old with the one you love.  The good days are really good and the bad ones seem to be really bad.  I can get to their house in five minutes max, so I didn’t feel bad about leaving this evening.  They were both going to try to sleep some more.  And my dad told me to tell my sister not to call (and me too) tonight cause it would only wake them up!!!

I just feel blessed to have such wonderful parents and to be able to pay a little back.  How many hours did our parents sit with us brushing our hair with their fingers while we were sick?  Isn’t life something?  God, be with me when my parents go.

Please call your loved ones today and tell them you love them!!!!  Do it for me!

Peace and thank you,



JoJo said...

Sheri, your wools are beautiful. I bought about 3 yards of wool in beautiful colors this weekend at my hook-in. I have absolutely no desire to dye myself.

I know and understand when you say that you have one good day, overdo it and then end up back in bed for two days. In my case, I'm combining fibro with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had my local hook-in at Judy Cripps' on Saturday and then my husband took me out to dinner. By the time I finally got to bed Saturday night, I was beat that I slept over 12 hours and was still so sleepy, I had trouble staying awake to read the paper. I HATE feeling like this!!

So often, I tell my husband that I'm tired of living like this. I'm so sleepy all the time and I just don't get much done any longer. If I lay down for a short nap, I wake up 3-4 hours later!!

I'm glad you were able to be there for your parents. My parents are both gone now and I'd give anything to have just a little more time with them.

I still have a phone message on my cell phone from my Dad. I save it every 3 weeks and have a CD of the message also, which I play all the time, just to hear his voice.

I can only hope that my kids miss me (when I'm gone) the same way I miss my Dad. He lived a life well-loved.

milliesmom said...

OOOOOH I love looking at all the pretty wool on the fence. If I lived close to you I'd think about ways to distract you so I could grab a bunch!! LOL

katie said...

Great job on the wool dying. You are really getting good at it.
Hope your parents are doing better and you are able to get some rest.

Joanne said...

Just beautiful dyeing Sheri

Glad you have had some good days - hope soon they outweigh the bad.

Glad you were there to give some comfort to your folks - I can understand just what you were feeling sitting there as they slept! Weird feeling for sure.

Miccosukee said...

You are preachig to the choir. Now my mother is afraid I am having mini strokes as I have been waking up on the flor next to my bed and unable to get myself back into bed. I just don't have the strength in the ankles to get me back into bed.

That is why my sister lives with me. Back to more doctors.

dulcy said...

Sheri.......glad your momma is ok and nothing serious. Love the pics. of the wool! Can't wait to see everyone back at hooking!