Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing in Action

Well, missing…. no action!  As you could have guessed, I caught the flu from my parents.  And sure enough like they say it lasted about ten days. 

I did have to force myself to get dressed and go out to the post office one day and I saw a garage sale sign.  Remember, I’ve promised myself not to go to any more sales?  It’s my car’s fault!  It just turned right down that street!  Anyway, as usual~I’m glad I did!  I found the best cabinets for my hooking room.  One is 60 inches long.  The other 36 inches.  They are both 40” high.  And they have doors on them!  But this created a much bigger problem once inside the house.  Remember we live in a tiny little 1300 square foot bungalow.  That doesn’t leave any room for new any thing!!!  Just listen to what these cabinets causes us to have to move.  (We actually gave away some furniture)

First, there was a huge trestle dining table and bench in the craft room.  Pushed up against the wall.  It had the TV, two printers and my sewing machine on it.  Problem was,  it was always so piled up with Stuff that you couldn’t even see the table.  Let alone work on it! 

So I decided that table should go to the dining room!  BUT, we already have a dining table and four chairs in there.  AND a love seat, wing  back chair and a TV cabinet.  See what I mean now about not bringing any more stuff in this little house?    Moved the loveseat to the living room.  (Gave the one that was in that room to our son)  Moved the wingback chair to my hooking room.  Let’s see… living room coffee table to the basement.  Cedar chest in it’s place. See what a mess I caused???  All because I stopped at a stupid garage sale and bought two simple cabinets!!!

But oh, the rewards!  Here is the room now.  Ready for a few friends to sit and hook with me!  All of the wool I’m keeping is in the new cabinets.  Oh, and that little loveseat was in the basement!  I plan on making a slipcover for it soon.   I’ll also have to make new curtains! 

DSCN5400 DSCN5410

DSCN5404 DSCN5414

That little Shabby Sheep mat is STILL on the frame.  I have totally lost interest in it!  I need a new, big project now.  I’ve been sketching some patterns.  Now to commit.  Now that I have my hooking room just the way I want it hopefully I’ll settle down and start hooking again.  No more sales~hooking!

And dyeing wool!  My little shop is Etsy doing quite well.  Thanks to everyone for buying my wool and taking a look at my shop!  I plan on dyeing some wool this weekend.  Some rich fall colors.  I can hardly wait for fall!

I have something BIG happening tomorrow night!!!  I’ll let you know about it Saturday!!!  I’ll even show you!!!

Until then, have a great Friday!




Ter'e said...

You little darling!!!! I'm so glad you are well and "ALIVE" again!!!! Have missed your posts!
The cabinets look positively've done alot of work!!!!
Ah................I wanna come to Missouri and play............
Glad you're better. (and I loved seeing little JD! What a cutie he is)

Lori said...

Hi Sheri!
Love your new cabinets in your hooking room!
they look like they're brand new from the store!...great find!!

Glad to know you're feeling better...

Blessed be!
Lori from Notforgotten farm

JoJo said...

Love your new cabinets. What a perfect storage solution to your problems in your hooking room! But hey, Sheri. You've never mentioned your kids and I didn't know you had any.

It's good to hear that you've recovered from the flu and are back to normal again....whatever that is. But after all of that rearranging and giving away, are you sure you can actually stay away from garage sales? I just don't carry money with me and I don't go out....problem solved!!!

Nice to see the pictures of your room...and of Jimmy Dean. He's so darn adorable!

TamboinMO said...

Fun to see the pictures....of course I'll have to see it in person for it to all really sink in!