Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day spent creating with friends

Yesterday was the best day ever! Tammy and Dulcy came over for a day of creativity and celebration. Yesterday just happened to be Tammy's birthday also! We got out All of my "stuff" and proceeded to get to work. Well first we ate...chicken salad on croissants, cheese and crackers, vegis and berries. Of course we had mimosas. It WAS 11:30 after all when we started. 5:00 somewhere!?!?!

Here are the busy girls, Dulcy on the left, Tammy on the right.

After a few mimosas and Tammy is finger painting! I know you'll KILL me for saying that, Tammy, but I couldn't resist.

Dulcy's creative hands...

Love the black wallpaper background. I got four old wallpaper books last week for us to cut up or use the whole thing for our journaling.

And here's the morning after! Really for all that we got accomplished artistically yesterday the mess wasn't that bad. It really helps to be organized.

A place for everything and Everything in its' place. The new peg board Mickey put up for me so I could have my "store". How many of you played store when you were a kid? I was always the shop keeper!

This is an old cabinet from a dentist office I use a bead cabinet.

5:30 p.m. I'm exhausted, but fulfilled.

Thanks for the memories girls.



(and yes Tammy, you now owe me one for the mimosa comment.)

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's spring in Missouri

But, it's supposed to SNOW Friday. That's the Ozarks for you. Yesterday we took Jimmie Dean to a local park. It's a huge park that has an area of Master Gardeners demonstration gardens, a Huge Japanese garden, another park area with a large lake full of wildlife. My neighbor said she heard that the park has recently been vandalized. Pleeeze....Get a life. This is nature!!! Leave it alone. Period. And prosecute to the fullest if they catch the little SOB's!

I was totally fascinated by the geese and ducks today. They're really beautiful.

Check out my store in my home!!! My hubby made the peg board for me and hung it. Now I know how much STUFF I really have. Too Much!!!

Tammy and Dulcy are coming over Wednesday to play in my room. I think we'll probably work on our journals. I got four old wallpaper books for us to cut from. That oughta be fun! It's also Tammy's birthday Wednesday. I hope we can help her to have a great day.

Peace to you,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mary triptych is finished!!!


At long last it's finally finished and I personally love it!!! How's that for patting yourself on the back? I have incorporated wool rug hooking, fabric transfer, Milagros, bottle caps with a red velvet lining, beads and a new kind of covered cording. You zig-zag over the cotton cording from one end to the other. Then change thread colors in your sewing machine. Repeat until it's totally covered. I used four complete spools of thread and many more!
From this...

To this...

To this...

It really didn't take me that long to make. It just seemed like it because of gathering all the supplies and waiting for the Milagros to arrive by mail. I ordered them on ebay.

Also today I went to the flea market where Dulcy and her friends have a new booth. Great booth!!! (For you local girls, it's Charlies Flea Market on Trafficway.)

Here are some journals she whipped up this weekend. Aren't they cute?

To finish the afternoon I was headed to the party store to look for supplies for my mom's 80th birthday party my sister and I are hosting on April 25th. I was cutting through a parking lot and looked to my left and saw an Asian market!!! We are having her party at a big Chinese restaurant, Mr. Yen's. The stuff in here was amazing!!! Fortune cookies were only five cents each and the wonderful smelling soaps were only fifty cents each. I got the fan at another flea market today. And the little drink parasols at the party store. Boy are they unreasonably priced, compared to the Asian market. Now I know where I'll buy my soap. One is Jasmine, the other Ginseng. How much is a bar of soap at Body Works, $5.00? And the little red bags are paper. A bag of twenty of them for one dollar!!! I'm going to put the fortune cookies in them for the party favor box. I'm thinking we'll get take out boxes and put a sprig of lucky bamboo in them. (If I can get ahold of my old friend who works at the wholesale florist.)

That's all for now. Wow, three posts in as many days. I hope it's not another month until I write again.

Peace to you,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've got alot of pictures to share with you!

I have been so bad about blogging that I still need to show you our hooking group from Wednesday the fourth of March!!! I'm bad.

This is Betty, our Little Miss Over-achiever!!! She does the most beautiful handwork you've ever seen. What a busy lady.

She's going to HAND QUILT this one!!! I told you she was an over achiever. LOL.

And this is Sandy's interpretation of Rain, Rain Go away. LOVE how she appliqued the dresses and the HAIR!!! She even did embroidery stitches on the dresses before she appliqued them. Didn't I tell you we had a talented bunch of girls in our group? Jealous??? Na-Na...

And Dulcy with her "Looking out the bedroom window" mat. She didn't want me to take her picture that night, but I think she looks adorable.
Dulcy again, with what I call her "wild woman" rug. I do think she has named it, but I can't remember the name.
This is Ann's first rug. I'm so sorry I don't have a picture of her. I met her at Dulcy's at yoga class. She's an art teacher and this is her first rug!!! It is going to be beautiful. I think I heard her say she has salt water fish at home. I'll be sure to take her picture next time.

And Renee's rendition of "flower girl". Love her colors. She's one busy lady too. She showed us two or three rugs she had finished since we last saw her and she was binding a large rug for a commission from a lady who has trouble with her hands and can hook, but can't do the fine stitching of the finishing. Renee' does a beautiful job finishing, so she couldn't have picked anyone better for the job. (The flag in the background is the one she's finishing)
I'm Soooo close to finishing my Mary rug. It's so close now, I won't show any pictures until it's all the way finished. Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

I will give you a sneak peek at one of the exercises in Wanda Kerr's Creativity Class on The Welcome Mat. Our exercise was to tear images/colors from magazines and turn them into a picture. I really felt like I was six years old again. But, like I told Mickey we didn't have glue sticks then. Only the kind in the jar with the plastic paddle thingy. Do you remember tasting it? You're lying if you say you didn't. Just kidding. I'm feeling bratty tonight.

I wrote on my picture that the President called and wanted to borrow my Dodge Durango and that they had gotten their dog. Also, he put $19.97 on my gas card...didn't even ask me if it was OK!?!?!
Tammy is in Florida visiting Patti. I talked to both of them yesterday afternoon. They were at the dog park, and heading for another beach to go "shelling". Wish I could've gone with her. Maybe next year. Patti has now pushed her coming home date to the end of May. I asked her if she was really coming home and she said yes. Tammy said she had sunburned the tops of her feet. She is diligent about using sunscreen, but didn't realize the water and sand was washing it off. Bummer....
I also talked to Dulcy today and told her I got her, Tammy and me some old wallpaper books for our journaling. We might even use them AS the journal. Wouldn't that be different? We're having lots of fun with that too. It's such a different mind frame from hooking. A much needed break sometimes. Switching gears does me good.
Mary is calling me!! Maybe I'll finish her tonight.

It's Friday night again

And I still haven't posted the pictures from Last Fridays Art Walk in downtown Springfield, MO.
There were a lot of different artists showing their work this month. It was great. Go on the visual tour with me....
Right after parking the car and having to walk down a dimly lit alley to get to the art, we saw this painted on the alley wall. I knew it was going to be a great night! It was as if he had painted if just for me!!

A guy after my own heart. A 1968 Camaro. This was my first car. Yes, I was lucky. My dad restored antique automobiles and this was my 16th birthday present. Mine was black. Wish I still had it.

Freedom of speech...

More freedom of speech...

Freedom of body?

Freedom of fire...

These are paper roll ups. They are probably made in China, but I think they remind me of the wool roll ups Tammy is making in her tree mat. We could make wool placemats!

Freedom of music...

Freedom of CRAZY!?!?! He just glared at me after I took his picture. Scary.

Some art in the galleries...

This was my Favorite. It was probably eight feet long and five feet tall. Sorry, not a very good picture though.

Religious icons....My Mary rug is going to be right in style!

I have an old doll head like this. Turned it over and look, it's a turtle!!!

Collage work in a gallery...

My favorite...Brights

My own interpretation of art. These bent rods covering an old window were on one of the spooky alleys we had to walk. I think they're very interesting.

Freedom of bowling pin art!

We have BIG BEER in Springfield!!!

We snuck into a classroom at the Technical College. What an assortment of things to draw. Must be a fun class!

Students artwork...

This an an Old theatre the downtown association recently restored. I remember going to movies there in the early 60's. (oops, showing my age)Right in side the entryway of the theatre. We are using it now for some cultural events. Plays, art shows, etc. We sure need some more culture in this city. Although to some, this art walk looks pretty cultural. There really isn't much to do here. This is only on the first Friday of every month. I don't know if the galleries really do much business during the month except on these nights. I guess they would have to or they wouldn't be in business. We do also have a Little Theatre Company and some smaller venues at restaurants, poetry reading, theatre, stand up comedy.

In the first gallery we went into, The Creamery Arts Center I heard the most beautiful piano music. My favorite!!! OOhhh, it's a grand piano.

With no one playing it. It was a player piano. Have you ever seen a player-grand?

As you can see from the title, I thought I posted this last night. It was like 2:00 in the morning and I guess I forgot to hit the publish post button.
You may get two in one weekend. I've got alot to show you!