Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chemo is FINISHED!!!

cancer center pic 001

It is such a relief and a huge milestone on my journey with cancer treatment and survival.  In one month I will meet with the surgeon to discuss the mastectomy.  I have so many questions for him.  Number one being, can he do the reconstruction surgery at the same time even if I need radiation treatment?  I’ve heard you might have to wait for six months to a year if you do the rad’s.  I’ve decided I want to have an implant in the one they will remove and also an implant on the “good” one~to make it match the new one and be perky too!!!  Hey, might as well make the most of a terrible situation, right?

When I was first diagnosed my sister wanted to buy some pink bracelets and give them to our friends to wear.  I told her No Way…None of that pink crap!!!  Do you have any idea how much of this stuff is out there?  And where does the money really go?  One website proudly proclaimed that they give 1% of their profits to breast cancer research.  WOW…1%.

Here are a few needless things I found while surfing this evening

pink ribbon headphones!

pinkribbon headphones

pink ribbon candles

    pinkribbon candle 

pink ribbon bracelets 

pink bracelet rubber

pink ribbon sandals

pinkribbon shoes

pink ribbon candy dish!

pinkribbon candy dish

pink ribbon onsies

for the baby!

pinkribbon onsie

And finally a pink ribbon watch!

pinkribbon watch

Like I said, what do you think they do with all the money from these products?  And this is just a Small sample of the things for sale.  Somebody’s getting rich. 

I did go to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks   today after chemo and bought 10 of these rubber bracelets to give away!!!  For some reason they didn’t seem so bad. (Or maybe they are  still really bad and I was just feeling victorious!) They read Beacon of Hope and bcfo.org.

And yesterday I sketched a little mat with Jimmie Dean sitting on his little green chair.  Hooked a little on it today at the hospital.  I’m hand cutting all the wool for it and it’s fun so far!  Will show you when I have a bit more finished.

It’s so nice to read all of your kind, friendly and loving comments.  thank you.




Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
I am SO HAPPY that your chemo is done. Woo hoo ~ and you still have your sense of humor. You go, girlfriend!!! Perky breasts ~ I'll never see those again ~ and I thought almost B cups couldn't sag...WRONG!!!
Pug hugs :)

dulcy said...

YEAH!!! I've been thinking of you every day and figured you should be done by now. I knew as soon as you commented on my blog you must be feeling better. Will call tomorrow! Love your bag!!!


Orange Sink said...

It's so good to see you posting again! I miss you when you're gone! Rejoicing with you that chemo is done. You are strong and beautiful no matter what you have done, remember that. I agree the pink is overdone, if only the majority of the money would be used to find the cure. Did you hear the aspirin thing on tonights national news? Inflamation is now a key factor in fighting the disease. Thank-you for your sweet comments on my rug and blog too. Anxious to see your Jimmy Dean rug! XXOO Cathy G

April DeConick said...

I'm so glad the chemo is finished. Hope you can get the reconstruction surgery at the same time. Post when you can! And hook in between!

Kim said...

Congratulations!!! You are closer to victory every day.
Now....while you are waiting for the reconstruction you can start shopping for fancy, pretty bras for your new perky's!! heheh
Kim - xoxo

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Such a praise hearing your chemo is done! You are doing wonderful, and I have faith you will beat this!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Oh, you have to be so happy to have that over ~ I hope you get alone great and not be sick this time!! And perky breasts? See, there's an upside to everything!! Sheri ~ you know that I love your attitude and cheer you on! You are something!! I know you have to be an inspiration to so many ~ bless your heart!

katie said...

Yea Sheri, I am so happy for you.
Love the attitude.
The girls at the Saltbox have bought me so much PINK stuff, but I do have to say I love it. I wear it as a symbol that says to other people "ask me any questions you have, I can and will pray for/with you and try to answer your questions". It is amazing how many people respond to PINK . But you are right, where does all the money go. love you , happy for you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :D You go girl...get those perky breasts back.


Jeanne (RED) said...

Dear Sheri,
I echo everyone's Congratulations!!!!! I have thought of you every day and I have never seen such fight and "attitude." You go girl! May you have all your questions answered and may everything go as planned with your Perky Breasts! Love, Jeanne L.

Ter'e said...

Oh Sheri! I am so proud of you!!!! You do have an awesome attitude!!!! And, I'm so thrilled to hear you are hooking again. The floral bag is just gorgeous.

YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!! Here's to a wonderful strong attitude and perky breasts!!!!!! Love ya!

P.S. I concur with Cathy G ---- I, too, miss you when you are "quiet".

Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe said...

Sheri, this is brilliant news! Congratulations on completing your chemo. One more step along the road to healing. Stay strong...you are an absolute star. ♥ My love to you, Elixabeth. xx

kelley said...

Sheri...wonderful news!!! Wishing you more and more strength every day and perky boobs as soon as you can...one of my coworkers just had reconstruction surgery before Christmas and is so proud of her new "girls"...

Working in the imaging department at the hospital we see many pateints with breast CA...she is always great for advice and encouragement...a sense of humor and positive attitude have helped her over the years and she is our inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone that reads your blog has just a small insight in what a wonderful.courageous person you really are. I have known several people that has fought the endless battle of cancer,but I have never seen a person with such determination,strength, and such assurance than Sheri. You might ask yourself how I know so much or feel this way,well she is my baby sister.
You have heard the expression that there are angels among us, I now know that is a true fact.
For those of you who know Sheri I know that you too have no doubt. As for the ones of you who don't, you will be truely blessed if you can get to know this multi talented person.
I have one small favor to ask each of you who reads this and that is to buy one of those pinks bracelets and then let her know that you too are thinking of her.Please keep her and so many others in your thoughts and prayers and believe in miracles as we do.-Linda


Hi Sheri

I can't begin to imagine how you and your family are feeling. I'm just hoping and praying all will be ok and sending hugs and love. Your spirit and courage is to be admired. Looking forward to seeing that rug when you've done a bit on it!