Wednesday, February 3, 2010


And Dulcy is my HERO! Last summer she asked Tammy and me if we would like to do a rug show at The Moxie Cinema. A unique movie theatre in our upscale downtown area. We were both thrilled and said yes immediately. She said the show would be in Feb. 2010. Oh how life changes when you’re not looking. I didn’t have any CLUE that I would be knee deep in chemo. Nor did Tammy have a CLUE that the night before the big show she would come down with food poisoning! Enter Dulcy and her husband Jim. Jim is a professional photographer and they have many years experience “hanging” shows. But I’m sure they didn’t have any CLUE that they would be doing it all by themselves this morning. We feel so bad about it too. I talked to Tammy a minute ago on the phone. I did remind her of what Dulcy told me yesterday. That we would gladly do it for her if the circumstances were different. And it made me feel much better. Of course we would. And think nothing of it! She promised to take lots of pictures and Mickey and I plan to go see a movie over the weekend.

I was going to show you the rugs I am displaying……BUT my pictures app won’t work!

So in closing I wanted to tell you that have been asking how I’ve been feeling that honestly I’ve been run over by the chemo truck. Been in bed for 10 days. It’s the weakness and shortness of breath that’s keeping me in bed. If I get up and walk around my heart just pounds and my arms and legs feel like they weigh 100 lbs!!! Only ONE MORE to go though. My last chemo will be Feb. 16th!!!! Then surgery hopefully by the end of March. Then the dreaded radiation. I had my calendar out yesterday and I think I’ll be finished with all treatment and all patched up by the end of June for sure!! It will be here before I know it.

Keep sending your prayers and positive vibes my way. They’re working. I know this because I’m still smiling through all of this! Thank you.

Hopefully I can show pictures of the rug show soon!

It’s good to talk to you again!




Jacque. said...

Sheri, I've not been a very good friend, of late. I think of you often, though, if that counts. Hang in there, it'll be June before you know it! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Ter'e said...

God Bless Your Little Heart. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and say a little prayer. Sheri, you are one brave woman and you have a ton of people praying for you and standing in your corner.

With your spirit and your drive - you will beat this thing!!!!! You have all of us backing you!!!!!

Rest and be positive. Feel yourself push this cancer to the curb!!!! Let your family baby you a I know they are!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh sweetie.. the chemo does make you so tired. I am so happy you just have one left.
My hair started growing back about a month after my last chemo. I started feeling good too.
I know that radiation will make you tired again..just rest when you need to and remind yourself your body needs to heal.

I'll be praying for you daily.. and if you want to chat..just email me

God bless you

katie said...

Oh Sheri honey, I am so sorry the Chemo has been so hard on you.
It is so good to have a friend that can come in and pick up the loose end for you, Bless Dulcy's heart. So sorry to hear about Tammy also.
Just rest and know that you have many praying for you.

Bev at Bimbark said...

My thoughts are with you Sheri. I check your blog every day or so to see if you have left any news of how you are doing. Hang in there.

April DeConick said...

Sheri, I'm thinking about you.

JoJo said...

Sheri, I pray for you each day and still have you on the prayer list at church. You and my girlfriend here in Topeka (the one with the rare sinus cancer) have both been run over by the same chemo truck. I can't and won't say I know how you feel, because I don't. But from your post, it's obvious that your spunk is still there.

I saw the post about "the Moxie" on Tammy's blog and I'm excited to see the pictures. Hang in there and remember that, before too much longer, chemo and cancer will all be a distant and past memory.

Thinking of you with love.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Thinking of you and sending out lots of prayers. Always glad to see a new post to get news of how you are doing. Hang in there. Blue skies, warm weather and June will be here before you know it. And that trio can make anyone feel better.

summersundays-jw said...

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this but isn't it great to have friends like Dulcy? Thanks, too, for thinking about us & for the congrats. A year certainly can change your life -- hope that a year from now, this is all behind you. Stay strong! Jan

Jeanne (RED) said...

Sheri, I have thought of you so often. I'm so glad you posted to let all of us know how you are doing. You keep fighting, and resting, and we'll keep praying! You are one amazing woman. I love you!
Jeanne L.
P.S. You call me if you need anything, hear?

Jasminmoon said...

Your almost ther Sweetheart...really, the radiation is not that bad...just like a job you have to show up for did burn me in the end, but had some great ointment with lidocaine that helped me thru shortness of breath and feeling heavy is probably because your hemoglobin and hemocrit are low...don't they check your labs routinely????? Are they giving you a shot called Procrit to prevent that????? I could always tell when mine dropped because of the shortness of breath...when I went up my back stairs, and I got out of breath I just called and went and got the lab drawn...nearly every time I was low...if it is too low they need to give you a those people and give them hell...they need to be watching you closer than that!

Love and light,

Joanne said...

Sheri - i do hope that chemo truck runs off a cliff and burns - You have a great spirit and a lot of people are pulling for you! Isn't it great to have friends! I agree with your friend Dulcy's statement - you would have done it for her! Life throws you snowballs when you don't want them but with friends you can get thru! Can't wait to see the "rug show"

Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe said...

Sweetheart, you're in my thoughts and prayers every day. I'm so sorry that the chemo is weakening you so much...try to stay positive and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. You're a star. My love and hugs to you. xxx


Sending you prayers, love and hugs Sheri. Resting in bed is the best thing. Plenty of time for everything when you are well again


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri. So glad to read you post and see that you still have a positive spirit. I think of you often and wish well.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes ~ I saw that you three amigos had your rugs hung at the movie theater ~ Congratulations! And I am so sorry that you're feeling so low ~ your fellow blogger, Mindy, gave you some good advice, me thinks! Take good care and know that you have a whole team of cheerleaders out here cheering you on!! You're in my prayers!