Monday, July 12, 2010

More of my home tour

I barely remembered I promised you more of the tour today!  I just got home from the monthly hook in at the library.  We had a great time, but called it an early evening (8:00) 'cause we were all hungry.

So on with the tour!  This is the kitchen with it's fresh new coat of taupe paint.  Remember it was red?  I hadn't planned on painting the kitchen until one day I was sitting on the couch and looked into the red kitchen walls.  They seemed jarring.  Not at all fitting into the Zen like feeling I was aiming for. redecorated house 7-5-10 022

redecorated house 7-5-10 015

This cabinet is made out of old doors.  I found it at a garage sale and knew immediately it would become my new "pantry". ($50.00) The little curtains are garage sale tablecloths hung on tension rods.

redecorated house 7-5-10 020

This armoire has been all over the house.  A few houses, actually.  It has been in the bedroom for sweaters, the living room for TV and stereo and now in the kitchen for a small TV and all of my wool dyeing supplies and baking pans.  It's the oldest piece of furniture I own.  I had a man make it for me probably 20 years ago.  It was a pretty stained pine.  Of course I painted it white.  And that was probably 10 years ago. 

And the bookcase is full of pretties like old rhinestone pins, old jewelry pieces, just trinkets I guess, stuff for mosaic making and altered art stuff.  I love to go through the jars every now and then and look at all the cool things.  When one of my friends comes over she always wants to see if there's anything new to see!

redecorated house 7-5-10 018

new sofa and redecorating 017

This is the plate rack I made when we remodeled the kitchen.  It used to be the cabinet where the exhaust fan was for the stovetop that was inset in the countertop.  It was blackredecorated house 7-5-10 016

until this past Saturday!  I thought it was too stark looking too.  The bottom of the island is still black painted bead board though.  

new sofa and redecorating 019

When we were at Renee's hooking the other night I commented that I liked this key holder she has hanging in her hooking room.  She said, "wait right there!"  And out she came with another one for me!!!  I just love sofa and redecorating 014

Next we'll go to the bathroom.  Well, not GO to the bathroom.   You know what I mean.  We'll Look At the bathroom.  The only things I changed in here were the shower curtain (this one was .50 at a and a new sofa and redecorating 006

A tray full of girly things on the back of the toilet. new sofa and redecorating 009

On to the bedroom and one of the biggest bargains I got.  The new quilt was only $2.00!!!  You guessed it, garage sale.  I love the soothing colors.   And of course, more drop cloth draperies.  The chandelier was also gold when I got it.  I sprayed painted it too.  And the little "drips" of wax on the candles were made using my hot glue gun and running beads down them before I painted it.  The little chest I finished with unmatched drawer pulls.  Love it too!

redecorated house 7-5-10 026

Another garden rake.  The other one is in the kitchen with wine glasses hanging from the tines (above the plate rack)redecorated house 7-5-10 029

redecorated house 7-5-10 034

This shot shows a better view of the walls.  I painted them to look like boards!  

redecorated house 7-5-10 036

Once again I've redone my hooking studio too.  (Bedroom #2)

Finally hung some rugs I've made and now I can sit in the wingback with my daylight floor lamp and hook all night.  The wingback chair was $2.00 at a sale and I recovered it myself.  I think I have $60.00 in fabric.  The curtains on the closet are actually a huge Ralph Lauren sheet.  Really heavy $1.00.  cancer tree 006

You can see in the very top of the picture above, part of the yellow, green and blue chandelier.  It was brass too when I got it.  I painted the dots with my fingerprints!cancer tree 007

I painted the little lampshade on the desk too! 

On to Mickey's "boy room"  This is really his dressing room and get away place. (Bedroom #3) Mick's room and new lamps 001

This is the rug I hooked of him fishing in the river.  I made it for him for Christmas a few years ago.Mick's room and new lamps 003

He's a fishing fanatic.  So he can never complain of me having too much wool with all the tackle he has!!

You notice I still have LOTS of color in my room.  I LOVE color.  But I think that laying in this house all winter, being sick and staring at the same old walls and same old stuff I really just wanted a fresh new beginning.  The neutral colors are very calming and Lord knows I need that. Too bad I'll Never be able to show the basement.  Where do you think all the STUFF went? 

I'm feeling great.  The house is calm.  Everything feels right.

I'm even gearing up to reopen my Etsy shop!  Shabby Sheep Wool.  Bought 25 yards of wool to dye today.  Will let you know the minute I get it open!

Thanks for going on our little bungalow tour.  Hope you enjoyed yourself.  If you're close by stop in and say hello!




Rug Cleaning said...

It's nice to see your work in your own home. The feeling is different when you made something for your home and people appreciate it. Thank you for the home tour!

Orange Sink said...

Oh Sheri,
I can't even get one room redone in my house and here you've redone your Entire home! It has a beautiful Zen feeling that shows in every room. Your hooked rugs are the pieces that pull it all together. I truly wished I lived closer, I'd come knocking at your door to go through all those little lovelies you have stashed away in those jars! Great organizing idea! Your home shows your fun and loving personality! Thank-you so much for sharing and even letting us into the bathroom!! LOL
Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

It does look peaceful and calming! And you need calm since obviously, you've been busy! Glad to hear you're feeling great and the old Sheri is back!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
Everything looks lovely! I absolutely love how you painted your bedroom walls. Before you mentioned it was paint, I was thinking how lucky that you had wood walls! Your rugs look great hanging ~ gives the place such a warm feeling.
I am so happy you are feeling good and calm has returned to your life.
Hugs :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Wonderful Tour Sheri! I've heard your house is very fabulous ~ and now that I've seen it ~ I agree!
I love your get to it and do it attitude that you have about life and your creations! Blessings~ katie

Miccosukee said...

What an inspiration you are! I really need to go back and re-read how you made those dropcloth curtains. Since I am planning on moving, hopefully, into my OWN place this fall, I am confident I will be coming back to pick up on how-to-do ideas from you.

Boy, your garage sales in Missouri out do ours here. Prices here are sky high recently.

Thanks for the tour and the tricks of the trade you gave me.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

What a great tour - and your home is definitely your sanctuary - filled with things that bring you joy. Your clever decorating and recycling ideas are inspiring. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


Jeanne (RED) said...

Thanks for the other half of your tour! You've given us lots of ideas for our own homes! Now just send some of that energy through this screen!! Love ya, girl. Take care.
Love, Jeanne

Elizabeth said...

It all looks wonderful and peaceful. Great work, Sheri. x

Ter'e said...

What is the HERB ANGEL rug? Did you design this? Can we see a picture of it, closer up?

dulcy said...

Wonderful Sheri! You've really pulled it all together.... I'm hoping I can drop by and see everything in person soon!


Tammy said...

Hi Sheri, It is so nice to meet you through your blog. I love your new look in your home. It is tranquil. I am so glad you are feeling like your old self again. Sounds like you have had a burst of energy after being cooped up for a month. It looks great! I loved the painted wall that looked like boards. very clever.