Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whole house re-do pictures

I didn't publish the pictures the next day like I said I would, but here they are.

I ended up doing Something in every room of the house, with Lots of major stuff for a total price of $1850.00! I could have spent that on a sofa alone, but I'm too much of a tight wad to do that!!!

I'll start in the living room.

This is just inside the front door. There is no "entry" in this little bungalow. You just enter right into the living room. A garage sale mirror I painted white, an old armoire door~I put burlap in where there used to be a wooden panel and I painted some silver "bling" inside the little niche.

Mick's room and new lamps 006

The new sofa. Remember I said I was going to order it in red? Well I ended up with my original white and then a few weeks later I ordered another slipcover~Red~ that I'll use in the winter. The bird pics are new and a bargain for $25 a pair. And of course, the drop cloth draperies~$12.00 a panel from Lowe' sofa and redecorating 002

This is a wingback chair I had that had birdhouse upholstery on it. I ordered this ready-made slipcover from Penney's~$70.00. I made the little pillow on it from burlap and velvet. The little Duncan Phyfe table was my parents and I spray painted it silver. (I thought my dad might shit when he saw it, but he just laughed!!!) And see the little saint statue on the mantle? That's part of my new found love of all things Catholic!?!? I asked the lady in the store if she happened to know what saint he was and she said he's Saint Thomas. Mickey's name is Thomas Michael!!! And you all know what a saint he has been for me during my cancer battle. Couldn't have been a better day! Mickey calls him Saint Big sofa and redecorating 005

Also I got the peaked top window at a flea market and painted the lamp and frames white.

This is the settee I picked up at a garage sale for $60.00 and had our local slipcover genius, Carol Ussery do her magic on. And the finally finished "antique star" reproduction rug. I started this last year and just finished it the night before the dinner party. I also put together the hanging lamp from an old lampshade frame. I electrified it and hung crystal prisms on it. Quirky, huh?

I love the little ruffle Carol put on the bottom of the settee. And I forgot to add that the fabric was $90. and she charged $185 to make it.

redecorated house 7-5-10 004

4th of July 2010 050

Carol putting on the slipcover. I had her make one side of the cushion this wild red print to use when I have the red cover on the sofa. I made a couple of throw pillows in this print to put on the couch too! Love it!! And actually, I like the original blue and white check fabric too! Jimmie Dean had to be in the middle of her working. Luckily she likes dogs.

This is a close up of the niche I painted with a silver paint pen! See my collection of heart rocks? Mickey made the wire butterfly that's "flying" on the back. He is a supervisor of orthodontics at the dental lab where I also worked. He makes retainers all day out of wire, and he's also a talented artist!And my great-niece Zoie made the little basket for me at Vacation Bible School while they were home visiting last week.redecorated house 7-5-10 006

And this is the chair pad for Jimmie Dean that Tammy showed on her blog~SkipToMyEwe. It looks Just Like Him!!! I took a picture of him and then drew it on paper and transferred it onto the linen to hook. I painted the little bench a few years ago.

new sofa and redecorating 029

I'll move on into the dining room tonight. Then I'll continue the tour tomorrow...Really!!! tomorrow!!!

The table I bought at the Salvation Army and was in pretty bad shape. I used wood filler on the top and painted it a glossy white with a nice oil paint.

My sis gave me two of the parsons chairs and I bought the other two at a consignment store for $125. for the pair. I was going to make linen slipcovers for them that draped to the floor, but after spending $25 for fabric for just one chair and Four Hours sewing and cussing, I ended up ordering these cute covers online for $15 a piece. No cussing and lots cheaper and easier!

And the chandelier was a garage sale find for $2.00. It was black and really scuffed up. Nothing a $4.00 can of spray paint won't fix.

redecorated house 7-5-10 011

I used rubber cement and put burlap on the back of these shelves.

redecorated house 7-5-10 038

These pictures are fabric. I purchased this fabric and covered six dining chairs with it! Then I found out the chairs looked too short with the table. The lady at the consignment shop wants me to put them there for sale. I hope they sell. Big boo boo. But at least I got these two little pictures! I stapled the fabric onto some old canvas I had in my craft room (to paint on some day)

new sofa and redecorating 010

Mickey surprised me with these great lamps on the last day of my radiation treatments!!! I was sleeping on the couch and he snuck them in and put them on the dining table. Isn't he great??? And this buffet was in our bedroom~but there's still no silverware in it. Still has panties and nightshirts in it!!! And the drop cloth draperies are in here too! They really do look like expensive linen drapes.

Mick's room and new lamps 005

The dining room looking into the kitchen. I'll show you that tomorrow.

redecorated house 7-5-10 024

Hope you're enjoying the tour!




Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, what a wonderful blog...
Thank you for sharing! You are invited to
come by my blog, too....

Anonymous said...

Your decorating is amazing, creative, fresh, fun and oh, so frugal! I am really impressed by your well thought out ideas. I need to open my eyes to the hidden treasures out there.
jill in Ontario

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
WOW! Thanks for the tour. I'm anxious to see more!
You sound so good. Congratulations!!!
Pug hugs :)

Jasminmoon said...

Awesome Sheri!!!!

katie said...

Oh Sherri, I love your house and furnishings. I love Jimmy Deans chair and little rug.
I love the curtains and slip covers.
Awesome girl.

Ter'e said...

Ah Sheri:
I feel like I have had the best walking tour thru your home. It's like the angels came, blew angel dust thru your home, and transformed everything into such a peaceful setting. I love it. How lovely - how VERY lovely.
You know how I am with ***COLOR***, but I have a new found respect for your whiteness. You have done a beautiful job!!!!!
P.S. Mickey is a KEEPER!!!!!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

looks amazing1 great job- did you make that rug ? thanks for your comment at the homestead. hope you will join us for Barn Chicks, do you want me to sign you up?


Kim said...

You did a great job with the re-do. Tons of really creative ideas. You definately have a knack for decorating. I especially love the fabrics you chose. Glad to hear the etsy shop will be opening soon. Can't wait to see what you have made in the dye pots.
Looks like you are back to full steam Girl!

Taos Sunflower said...

I wish I had your eye for decorating!

Pink and Polka Dot said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful tour of your home! i love all the slips! your home is beautiful!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Oh, Sheri,
Everything looks so neat and peaceful. What imagination and creativity you have!! I wish I had someone to help redo my house--I've been working on it for a year! I love your slipcovers and idea of changing them with seasons. I love all the fabrics too, especially the red print since I love red! Thank you for all the pics, eager for more. Love all your accesories also. Love, Jeanne