Saturday, April 21, 2012

OK No more teasing, here's the whole room!

It took me those few days to reintroduce myself to Blogger.  It has changed formats and I had a little learning to do.

This view is coming into the hooking room/studio whatever you call it, from the kitchen.   

My HOT PINK desk.  Love it!

Great storage.  A friend gave me these!!!

 Everyone keeps asking if the painted sofa is comfortable.  Well, I don't sit on it with shorts on, but I really think it will soften up with use.  I'll let you know.

 Found the zebra chair at Hobby Lobby and HAD to have it.  A worker helped me load it into my little 2-seater car~if there's a will, there's a way.

 We've made the circle back to the kitchen door. (There's another door that goes into our bedroom to the left of the closet.)  Our house is circular!

 Behind the door.  I used to store my rubber stamps on this thin shelf, but I think I'm making better use with the paint. 
And oh, there's another lamp shade I painted!

This chair was my grandma's and a coat of paint made it look brand new.  The penny rug is old.  I found it at a little antique store in town.  It Barely fit the chair bottom, but I stretched it as far as I could before stapling.

Just had to bling up inside the closet.  There are two bookcases in here.  See, I told you I managed to get Lots of stuff in this little room.

I had this great brick wallpaper left over from another project.  I even has a texture where the mortar would be.  (not a great pic with the seam, oh well)

I couldn't resist lighting the place up too!  Even inside the closet!!!

I painted this a few years ago.  It was a freebie from a garage sale!  I must have had this gypsy soul for a long time.  I have really been into making lamps/lights.  The next one is also a garage sale light with some yarn hot glued on, a little sparkly trim and viola!

 I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Next is the living room redo.



Orange Sink said...

Sooooo Cool!!! Love your wool storage solution hanging from the little clips! It looks fabulous! The ice cream chair with the penny rug is adorable! Sheri you are so organized it isn't funny! I'm so glad you are posting again..... thank-you for sharing your redo and now I can't wait to see what you are doing with your living room! I bet it's not going to be white! LOL!
Cathy G

Kathy (woolfind) said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, someone who is NOT afraid of color :). It must bring a smile to your face every time you walk in there!

Ter'e said...

You are an organizing fool. You're gonna make the rest of us look like slackers.
OK, serious question.
How creative are you in this room??? Does it really make your creative juices soar or does it mess with your head a little? I am always wanting to paint my room "the perfect color" so that I will force some creativity and I never know what the best color would be. For me - with my ADD - I'd think all the color would distract me. Maybe I am completely off.
How do you feel when you are in here???? I can just see your huge smile.


ShabbySheep said...

Ter'e the room is Very inspirational!
I can see the suitcases full of worms and all of my paints are in plain sight. I have ADD too and it seems to even calm me for some reason!?! The minute I finished the room I got out my hooking project from last fall and got to work on it. My floor stand will slide right up under the bed frame so I can hook away, watch TV or take a nap if I need to!

Julia said...

WOW! You are living it up in full color. I could not find a square inch that was boring. I can see how this room would stir some inspiration. You are a brave girl and so full of ideas. I love the wild painted sofa. I think that all that color in one room might make you feel younger and rejuvenated .

I've been looking and looking on your post and each time I am called away, I close the server and then get side tracked.
I hope that you are healing well. I'm so sorry about the surgery complication. I've been through chemo and radiation and was never told that there was no blood flowing where I was cooked. Makes sense to me.
Hugs, JB

becktovintage said...

Hi dear friend,
I found your nice blog just now and I joined of course. I like your style so much. I read some of your posts but I will look all of your posts of course. You like colors like me. Your home decor is absolutely wonderful. I am very pleased to meet you.
I wish you best days and I will keep on following your blog..