Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything BUT hooking and a little tutorial!

The ole ADHD is kicking in again. I want to be working on my Noel rug but...
I've been painting soap for little gifts.

Then I thought I'd try to decoupage on the soap!! Here's how they turned out.

I have tested the painted ones and the paint stays on and you can really use the soap. I have not tried the decoupaged ones in the water yet. But I'm sure they will be OK too.

They are SIMPLE to make:

Supplies: Soap with a flat side (no lettering) I used Dial.

Mod Podge or any other brand decoupage glue.

Pictures on plain paper

Sponge brush 1"

Water based varnish

1. I bought 3 bars of Dial soap at Dollar Tree for one dollar.

2. Brush on 2 coats of Mod Podge. Let dry in between coats.

3. For the painted ones, I used regular acrylic paint and free handed the pics on. For the decoupaged ones, I used pictures from a vintage postcard cd I had purchased. I sized the pics to 2" by 3" and printed them on PLAIN paper (not photo paper)

4. For the deco ones: apply another coat of mod podge and position the paper photo on the soap and burnish it down, making sure there are no air bubbles and the edges are firmly down.

5. Immediately apply another coat of mod podge on top of paper picture. Let dry and applly one more coat.

6. Finally finish with a brush on water based varnish. I used Delta gloss varnish for these.

What great stocking stuffers or secret pal, office gifts, etc. And you can't make anything at three for a dollar!!!

While I was working on these Saturday morning my friend Becky called and wanted to go to lunch and "junking". She has a new project idea and needs supplies. She is going to make a totem for her front porch. Then one for the garden. Here are some pictures of totems I found on Look under forums, then garden junk, and garden accroutrements. Some cool stuff there.

Of course, I bought some glass too. My poor hubby rolled his eyes when he saw us unloading her truck in ther driveway. I have a feeling he thinks our yard may look like this someday...


Here are just a few more cute ideas using glass in the garden. These would be great winter projects. The flowers are plates and little bowls, glued together using GE silicone. And you could use stencils for the letters on the plates.

On a sad note, this Wednesday will be our last night to hook with Patti. She has gone and bought herself a winter place in Florida!We sure will miss her. She is so funny and cheerful all the time. And What a story teller!!! Have a great time Patti, but know you will be missed.

Maybe we could surprise her and show up for our Wednesday hooking some time!!! You know she's such a great gal, it would probably please her to have unexpected company. Don't worry, Patti we'll call first.

I think that wherever your journey takes you,

there are new gods waiting there,

with divine patience-

and laughter.

--Susan M. Watkins b. 1945 American writer--




dulcy said...

You are one busy gal! Did you have pictures of the soap on your blog. If there, they wouldn't some up. Also, love your new logo with the orange pumpkins!

Trudy said...


Girl I love the pics!!! You have been busy:)

When you get time, stop on over to my blog to pick up an award I have for you:)


PamperingBeki said...

Who knew you could do that with soap?! Too cool!