Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday's garage sale finds

I swore I wasn't going to any more sales this year, but I really can't help myself!! I only went to two and I got some great stuff.
The first is this beautiful black velvet coat for 50 cents!! I thought it was $5.00 and I was still going to buy it. I really was buying it for the fabric but I got home and tried it on and it fits!! I will definitely wear it . It's probably from the 60's. The sleeves are about 3/4 length. I love it!!!

Also at the same sale I got a Pendleton shirt and pink tablecloth and napkins. My hubby always tries on the shirts I bring home before I wash them but this one was too big. Too bad, really. It's a beautiful shirt.

Then at the next sale I got this cast aluminum owl, white Santa, basket and a little Santa picture... all for $10.00. I have two Santas like this one but they are red. I keep them in my china hutch all year. My granddaughter said, "grandma, why do you have Santas in there and it's not Christmas?" I said because I'm grown up and when you're a grown up you can put whatever you want to in your house. I could see it in her eyes....imagining what her house might look like.

I do love the fall garage sales because people pull out their fall and Christmas decorations. The stuff above was from an estate sale. The lady said this was only a smidgen of things from the house. I think she will have another sale this fall. Lucky for me it's right by my house and if I go anywhere on the weekend I'll pass by the signs.

Gotta go now and watch the debate...

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Trudy said...

Wow Sheri,

You really came out ahead on your garage sale run!! I love that velvet coat, I wouldn't cut it up either! Dontcha just love sales???

Gayle said...

Sheri - I love the black coat you found at your garage sale! I recently bought a black WOOL coat that looks very similar to it at the thrift store. I plan on embellishing it with giant rick rack, and wool strips, and buttons and beads, so it will be a one-of-a-kind item.

Brenis said...

Oh Sheri, your thrifty finds were great! I always love seeing what others go after at garage sales! LOL Weird? but most of all i LOVE the little story of your grand daughter and your answer!! I thought that was too funny the way you answered... cuz i'm a grown up! But the way you finished it... really lit her imagination on fire i bet!!
My granmma LOVED santa. And collected anything santa. She had a HUGE hutch (length of a whole wall, floor to ceiling) FULL of santa all year round :). LOL... needless to say, as a child that was pretty magical!! And as an adult, remembering to keep the love of the magical time alive all year long! So fun!! :D