Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's the card my sister sent us... The writing is small..... it says"
Where's your Halloween party at?
Don't end a sentence with a preposition.

This one made me laugh outloud!!! That's exactly how we talk to each other. Nice huh? Sisters....
I've started a new rug. A small one to cover this ugly vinyl ottoman I drug home from a garage sale. My hubby loves it so I have to cover it with something! I took a picture of our house just like I did Patti's in the last post. Then started hooking. I figure I'll finish it this weekend. If I get real gutsy, I'll hook some grass and flowers for the sides of the ottoman. That will be alot of work. We'll see.

And I'm secretly making a rug for DH for Christmas. I have some of it done. Tammy is going to bring me some "bumpy" wool for the gravel bars. That's what the circles on the pattern will be.

It's a pretty good size, 36" by 24". I'd better get busy!!

Joann's had a 50% off wool sale and Tammy had a sale on her wool Wednesday night also. Of course I bought some. The top four are from Tammy. Nice textures. Bottom five from Joanns.

Also the next day I went to the thrift store and scored these five skirts for $2.00 a piece! The black and white has some silver glittery threads in it!!! I'll overdye all of this wool.

And finally wanted to let you know I voted Wednesday. I went to the courthouse here in Springfield and voted absentee. I can't stand in lines for very long and definatly have to use my cane to do so. I get wobbly when I stand for very long. Anyway... I still had to wait about 30 minutes in line!!! I was really surprised and glad to see so many people voting. Here's a pic of our beautiful old courthouse.

Heard on the news this morning that Mr. Obama will be in Springfield tomorrow!! I don't know yet if we'll go see him, but I have already voted for him and that's what counts.

Going to Patti's now to help her load her U-Haul for the sunshine state. She is taking off tomorrow. She says the average temperature in January is about 75 degrees. She said to our hooking group Wednesday, "see ya after the ice storms!" Lucky girl. But I really do LOVE the snow and cold weather. Weird I know. But I welcome cooler temperatures with this perimenopause thing. I'm HOT all of the time!! Too much information? LOL

Have a safe night tonight.



danasmith said...

Oh my gosh Sheri I don't know where to start! I love the hooking piece of your is just amazing! Why in God's name wasn't I blessed with the ability to draw? I can't draw a breath, as my Grandmother used to say! It looks exactly like your picture! And the rug you drew for your husband, you must be a hooking machine to get it done before Christmas...I'm such a slacker! And you scored big time with the wool...I need to look at Joanne's, I always forget to. You scored some awesome skirts! And the it. I would have sent it to my best friend had I found it and might look tomorrow and just put it up for next year if I am lucky enough to score one!
Dana in VA
oh and GO OBAMA!!!

katie said...

Sheri, love your idea of taking a picture of your house and hooking it, that is great.
You really got some good looking wool there also.
Hook away.


Jacque said...

Sheri...I, too, Laughed Out Loud when I read that card. I am always correcting my sisters (and other people...oops!) when they use improper grammar...drives them crazy!!!

Great rug of your house! You are a hooking machine, for sure!

JoJo said...

Sheri, my gosh, where do I start? I love the rug you're doing of your house. So darn cute. And the card was even cuter --- yep, I talk to my sisters the same way.

The rug for your hubby is going to be darling. I can hardly wait to see you do updates on it. But my goodness girl, you hook like a crazy woman!

I also love all your wool. I was in Tammy's eBay store and geez, I wish I had some money, especially since she was doing free shipping today!

As for voting, I "should" have gone for advance voting. I too can't stand for that long and our voting place is a small room in a nursing home about a mile from our house. Last time we voted, we had to stand and wait and then, they had no chairs available to sit in while you voted. So I'm calling the Election Office first thing on Monday to request some ADA accomodations. By law, they MUST provide for you.