Thursday, November 6, 2008

The right person at the right time!

That's what Samuel L. Jackson said on the Ellen show this morning.

I do think that this country is going to have great things happen because of our president-elect Barack Obama. I have never been so involved or interested in the voting process as I was this year. And I really do believe, "Yes we can" and "the change we need". Like he said in his speech after the election even if you didn't vote for him I think he will work hard for ALL Americans, Democrat, Republican, black, white, gay, straight..... OK enough about that!!

I have finished the hooking on my house rug I am making to cover the ugly ottoman. I think it turned out cute! My husband thinks it's night time and I should've added some stars. But I didn't really hook it to look like night!

Also I wanted to share a picture of the beaufiful wool I got from Deanne Fitzpatrick. Her website is Aren't these the yummiest colors? I plan on using the orange, pink and reds for a sky in a rug I haven't even dreamed up yet!!

And I've been in the garden gathering seed pods and blooms. I boiled them down and am trying to make some natural dyes. I still have to do some reading on which mordants to use to guarantee that they are color fast. I wouldn't want to do this much work only to have it fade out. Any help from you guys would sure be appreciated!!! I have read to use Alum and cream of tartar to soak the wool in before dying.

These beautiful blue berries came from a shrub in our yard that we didn't even plant! I think the birds planted it. I have no idea what the plant is. It's about ten feet tall!

These are the last of the orange marigolds from the garden.

And finally, these are the seed pods from the shrub baptisia. It is also known as "false indigo" so I expected it to be a blue dye. However it's a brownish purplish color.

I really need your advise as to how to use them before they go bad!! I don't have room in my freezer or I would put them in it. At least I will try to refrigerate them until I find out for sure how to use them!

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing great.




TamboinMO said...

Hey Sheri,
You busy beaver!!!Love the way your house turned out! Looks just like it!!
Also, good for you for just jumping in to try the natural dyeing....that's one area that I'm not at all familiar with. Hope you get some comments from folks who've given it a try.

danasmith said...

Sheri....I love the whole idea of dyeing with natural "stuff"! I love how wool turns out with onion skins and can't wait to see your wool after you've dyed with the marigolds and the pods. And your house rug....amazing! I'll have to post a little rug I did 10 years ago that my daughter drew of her idea of our house. The chickens in the front yard are huge...and we don't have any! smile
Post the wool when you get it dyed!
Dana in VA

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about natural dyeing but I think I can identify the blue berries. They look to me like wild grapes. We have lots of them here and would love to see the results. I do know different mordants will give you different results.


dulcy said... your little house rug! Also, met your lovely niece the other night at the school fall festival. What fun! I used to do a lot of natural dyeing on eggs, and loved the color that onion skins gave. Tried about everything in the yard and kitchen cabinets for awhile! Hope to see you Wednesday.