Sunday, November 16, 2008

New family member "Jimmy Dean"!

Good Morning! Happy Birthday to me!!! I got a new puppy from my hubby! We have been looking and trying to get a shelter dog for a couple of weeks to no avail. There are at least three prominent rescue places in Springfield and I couldn't get ONE person to phone or email me back with my inquiries!!! One man I spoke to said, oh it'll take her 2 or 3 weeks to get back to you, she has over 300 dogs to take care. Well maybe if she would return people's phone calls she wouldn't have 300 dogs!!!!!

Anyway... we ended up going with a small breeder that works out of her home. It was very clean and smelled good! NOT a puppy mill. Now ta da da da........He's an 8 week old Yorkie!!!! AKC registered.

He's the one with one ear up and one down. The lady said she'd tape the other one if it doesn't come up on it's own.

We have decided on the name Jimmy Dean! He was Billy for awhile, then Stanley oh and then Dink. But then the name Jimmy..... Jimmy Dean! popped into my head and that's for sure his name. Of course DH said Jimmy Dean pork sausage? Noooooo. Jimmy Dean DeMate!

I also bought a playpen from the breeder, Carol. That's where they were staying so of course I wanted him to feel at home. We put him in it last night at bed time with his little bed in one corner and puppy training potty pads lining the rest of the floor of the playpen. Also left the TV on for some noise for him, oh and a little wind up clock for the "heartbeat" sound of his momma. Anyway I got up at 3:00 to go to the bathroom and he was wide awake sitting in the very corner of the playpen. Just sitting. So I figured maybe the TV and clock were keeping him awake! Turned off the TV and I went back to bed. I didn't hear him crying. Well when Mickey got up this morning (Mickey is my hubby) he said Jimmy Dean had pooped one little plop right in the middle of his bed and was still sitting in the corner---on the potty pad. I am using these 'cause the breeder had been using them and she said once they start using them that they are really great. She doesn't even let her Yorkies go outside in the winter here, it's soooo cold and they're so small. I don't know if I can get used to a dog doing his business inside or not. We'll see... I have it in my craft room under a large dining table. So maybe it'll be OK. Nobody goes in there but me.

There's that white orb ghost again on my right ear. Must be dust on my camera lense. Or the ghost followed me home from Eureka Springs, Ar!

Ohhhh. He just woke up and I took him in to the pad and he pottied on it!!! Yeah!!!! Maybe this will be a GREAT idea!!!!

Usually our coffee table is empty except for the blue box and the remotes of course! See the little black hoodie? It says Biker Dude! It has studs on the hood!!!

OK, now maybe a little hooking stuff. I have finished the Santa kit I got from Deanne Fitzpatrick. I made him into a doll.

Also I have finished the hooking of two snowmen that will be my winter purse. I need to think of a design for all seasons and make a purse that you can button (or velcro or something) different panels on. Oh mind just won't stop!!! But I think that's a great idea!

Also the natural dying turned out OK.

The orange marigolds produced a beautiful bright yellow.

Left to right dyed with, monkey grass berries, morning glory berries, yellow mums and orange marigolds. Alot of work for a little wool! I did a quarter yard of each color. Now to make sure it's colorfast.

Have a great week.




Tammy said...

what a cutie pie!

Jacque said...

Hey Sheri...congrats on the new baby...what a cutie he is!!! My Mom had a 2 1/2 pound Chihuahua that was litter box trained...lined with newspapers, not litter. Worked great! Lovely Santa and 2 snowmen purse hooking!

JoJo said...

Congratulations on your puppy, Sheri! I left a message for you on the Fibro board but have to say this puppy is darling. My husband would love to have a Yorkie but now I'm strictly a cat person and have no desire to go back to housebreaking a dog. Enjoy little Jimmy Dean and those puppy kisses.

katie said...

OMG Jimmy Dean is so cute, My yorkie is 8 years old and pad trained.
What great hooking is going on at your house, and the dye job looks great also.
Have a great time with Jimmy, they are such company.

Katie Paxton