Saturday, November 22, 2008

Needless to say I'm not hooking much

I've got to get back to hooking so I can finish the "river rug" by Christmas. But Jimmie Dean has had my full attention for the past week. I can't believe it's been a week already. But I've been using the crate potty training system and he actually knows where he's supposed to go now. No accidents in the house today. I think that's pretty good after only one week! I have to take him back to the breeder tomorrow for another shot and I can't wait to tell her how great he's doing. I assured her when we brought him home I'd be the best mommie I could and she said she knew that or she wouldn't have let him go with us. He was her favorite of the litter. I'm sure he's the smartest one!!! OK I'm a bragging puppy mom.

I signed up for the Wool Snippets Christmas swap. (an MSN rug hooking group for those of you who don't know) Check it out, .That stuff has to be mailed by the 15th of December. I have also done two other internet Christmas ornie swaps this year. How fun!!! I got an authentic German nut cracker ornament from Australia. I gave it to my sis though as she collects nut crackers. I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it away though. You just can't think of photographing everything! But when I read blogs I love to look at the pictures more than reading the actual post.

Yesterday I went to my mom and dads and met my niece and her daughter Zoie for some crafting fun. I bought a kit for making the beaded candy canes we made as kids. The ones with the triangle beads and pipe cleaners. Remember?

Zoie helps her GiGi and grandpa decorate their tree every year so we gave them to her GiGi. We each kept one for ourselves as a memento of our day. I also took her the stuff to make the decoupaged soap for her teachers gifts. She and her mom had read my blog and she wanted to make these. I didn't know that so what a happy coincidence! She's a very talented and crafty seven year old. Last year she knitted scarves on a loom for her grandparents and great-grandparents. She thought it was so funny that I asked her to teach me how to use one. I bought two at a garage sale with no instructions. She said, hum... that's funny, you're the one who always teaches me to do crafts!!

My babies are both sleeping (Jimmie Dean and Mickey) I think I'll try to hook a little now. I'm going to make some more of the Santa dolls as gifts this year.

Here's a copyright free Santa you can use to decoupage your soap. I bought a wonderful CD of antique postcards that are all c.r. free. Just right click him and print it on plain paper. Remember three coats of mod podge first, then pic, then three more coats.

Let the beauty we love be what we do...



Jeanne said...


Jimmy Dean gets cuter every day! I bet he is going to be a real cuddle bug. I love your River Rug--your dh will be so surprised. The Candy Cane making with Zoie brought back school days' memories! I hope to see you and finally meet you soon!
Take care, Jeanne

Brenis said...

OMGosh is Jimmy Dean ever darling!!!!! I don't know if i would get ANYTHING done with that cutie around!! LOL