Thursday, November 20, 2008

River rug is coming along

I've got to get busy to get this finished by Christmas. I've lost a whole week of hooking 'cause of Jimmie Dean. But he's certainly worth it!!

I have taken out the hooking on the right side that was supposed to be a bluff with shadows. I don't know what I'm doing there yet, but I know it just wasn't right.

I have done a real no-no and just hooked and hooked and not put it down and stepped back to see what it's looking like. The more I look, the more I see the water needs some work too! I think the wording will be OK when finished. Remember it says, "not all who wander are lost". I'm going to try to work all day on it today. But my photographer friend is coming at lunch time to photograph my Sunflower rug for the book by Jane Green titled, "Pictorial Rugs".
It will be published in the fall of 09, but I have to get my pics in my the first of January. I figured with all the confusion of the holidays it's best to get it done now. I still can't believe that one of my rugs is actually going to be published--in a book!!! It really humbles me. Yet at the same time I'm jumping up and down!

I can't close without showing another picture of Jimmie Dean. He's been "home" for six days now. I keep reading that we're (Mickey and I) are supposed to be the alpha dogs but.....he's a cute little puppy. It's so hard not to just let him have his way. He was biting my socks-ruined two new pair. But after quite a few no's and nose swatting he finally "got it" I hated to even barely swat him on the nose but he had the whole top of my sock in a death grip pulling and growling, with my foot in my sock!

I remember my mom saying with my last puppy, you can spank a child but you can't spank your dog!?!?! Yes I can do both. But I'm not very convincing with either one. I can't seem to "get my bluff in" with kids or dogs. I'm too much of a softie. But I do actually think I'm much better with dogs!
Let the beauty we love be what we do...


katie said...

WOW a rug being published how exciting is that. Little Jimmy Dean is so precious, make me want another one. Not. But he is just darling.


JoJo said...

Sheri, what a compliment to your hooking to have a rug published in a book! Congratulations! And I think your fishing rug is turning out nicely. Whatever changes you make will only enhance what you've already done.

OMG, that puppy is so cute! It's a darn good thing my husband never checks the blogs I visit! He would LOVE to have a Yorkie but 5 cats are enough.

kelley said...

Great job on the rug!

and Jimmy Dean...why he's a heart melter...totally on the top of the irresistable list...

TamboinMO said...

I think the bluffs are going to turn out great. Love seeing the pics of Jimmie Dean!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Congratulations on your rug being published ~ that's a wonderful honor! And your river rug is great ~ your hubby should really like your gift from the heart!
Just wanted to tell you, too, that I finally posted a link to your blog on mine ~ things have finally slowed down and now you're there!!

I have a friend that also has a pet named 'Jimmy Dean' ~ isn't that odd? Two little creatures with that name?!!

Sheri said...

Thanks to you all for the great compliments. Having my rug in a book is really a BIG thing to me!! That was the first "real" thing I hooked.
As for Jimmie Dean, he's doing a great job with the potty training. No accidents today at all!
Also we're working on the sit command. He doesn't really get that yet. But he's thinking about it!