Friday, November 28, 2008

And the winner is....

JOJO!! I wrote all the drawing names on little scraps of paper and had Jimmie Dean pick the winner! He chose JoJo. Not a very bright idea by me. I had to try to get the little piece of paper out of his mouth before he destroyed it.
Congratulations to you JoJo!!! I'll email you. Here's what you've won!!!

A wool snowman ornament. I bought one of these at a craft fair a few years ago and have been making them every year since. Hope you like it JoJo!

Here's a picture of J.D. with his new bed. I got it at Bass Pro and their stuff is mostly for hunting dogs. This bed is bigger than my king sized pillow!! He did drag it across the floor about 2 feet. I couldn't believe it. The little shit is strong!!! I read that Yorkshire terriers were bred to put in a man's pocket and carried to a rat infested home or business. They cut their tails when they're pups and leave a "handle". They used the handle to pull them out of the hole. He's a fast little booger. I can see him catching a mouse for sure. He's sure been fun for both of us. We're working on not biting now. That's not going so well. He's pretty much potty trained, but he's just not quite getting the "don't bite" thing. Patience grasshopper. I wonder how many of you are too young to remember that phrase?!?!?!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We sure had a nice time at my sisters. I got to see all my nieces and nephews and their children. That was a happy surprise. I thought they would be at their dads all day. We took Jimmie Dean but I didn't let the kids handle him since he has bronchitis. I did do some Internet searching to see if we could get sick from him. The answer is no. You can't pass illnesses back and forth from your animals.

Have a great weekend. Hope you're not too tired from shopping today!




Sheri said...

JoJo, Please email me. I can't find your address!!!

Tammy said...

Jimmie Dean is just the cutest! And strong!!!
I"m trying to remember what I did during the biting stage when I had dogs who were puppies. I think when they would start biting at me I'd just give them a toy to bite on and then praise them when they got the toy in their mouth.
It's worth a try.

JoJo said...

Woo Hoo! Thank you, Sheri! I honestly didn't remember entering any contest so I had to go back and check. I think I intended to only leave a comment but this ornament is adorable. Thank you, thank you!

Oh, how I love little Jimmy Dean. I keep hoping my husband never checks my blog roll because he'd love to have a Yorkie. But no way.....this is a cat household.

I'll email you immediately.
Thank you again.

dulcy said...

Little Jimmie Dean is a doll!