Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Congratulations Mr. President, congratulations USA

Do you think yesterday will be one of those days where we remember exactly where we were for the presidential inauguration? I was at home... recording it for my grand kids for when they get old enough to appreciate what really happened yesterday. Little did I know that my draperies (which were Behind the camera) were being reflected in the TV.

Then we went out to dinner to celebrate with my parents. They're the ones who taught me right from wrong, morals and being kind to others after all. They're 78 years old and honestly Never thought they'd see the day we did yesterday.
It was a GREAT DAY UNTIL... we got home, I got into something comfy and laid down on the couch to watch some TV. Jimmie Dean jumped up on my lap and face and proceeded to bite my ear and take with it the quarter carat diamond stud earring I was wearing!!!!

They were a gift from Mickey many Valentines days ago. I jumped up in panic and put my finger in his mouth (and half way down his throat) just like you do when a kid swallows something. And there was nothing in there. He had swallowed it. Now he is the most expensive puppy I have ever had!!!! I was so sad and felt bad for Mickey, whom I'm sure had saved to buy those earrings for me.

This morning when Mickey came in to wake me and tell me he was leaving for work he said, " I found your earring!!!!! I said where???? In Jimmie Dean's mouth!! He had just dropped in on the quilt last night but found it again this morning!!! What a relief!!! I'm going to go to the jewelers today and get a new screw on back. (I had misplaced the one he bit off) Oh Happy Day... Two Times In One Day!!! A new president to lead us is more important than an earring, I know. But they mean so much to me. They were the very first piece of jewelry he gave to me. We weren't even married yet!! Better marry this one, huh?
Enough excitement for one day. Tonight is hooking night with our group. I'll try to get some pictures.


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Sherri,

Well, we too were glued to the tube to see the inauguration ceremonies. I did not stay up to watch all the inaugural ball appearances, as some did.

Isn't it amazing in such an awful time to feel so deliriously optimistic? I sure think so.

Loved the diamond story - and happy about the happy ending. I have a few lost diamond stories myself and I'm sure there's a book idea in there somewhere - which De Beers should sponsor....

I've been spending so much time on the two new social sites that my blog visiting has been cut into. Gotta find the best way to allocate my time.

Talk soon.


katie said...

Are you going to get Jimmy Dean his own earrings?

just kidding


JoJo said...

Sheri, my daughter lost one of her earrings when her cat was nuzzling on her ear. She searched all over and couldn't find it on the floor, on herself or in the chair, so she spent the next week smashing poop in her effort to find it. It never "came through" so she's thinking she just missed it on the floor and got vacuumed up.

I'm so darn careful when I wear the diamond earrings I got from my mother. They're 2 carat TW and are studs. The ones from my husband are lever back so I never worry about those. But those studs always worry me. Glad you found that earring without having to smash any poop!

danasmith said...

I'll always remember where I Off the Ocean Rug Hooking Conference in Jacksonville having lunch in the Atrium of the Embassy Suites hotel.
After the servers had set the tables for lunch I sneaked in and draped a yard of wool over my chair to reserve it(right next to the big screen) so I had first row seats to watch the swearing in. There was another hooker next to me from San Francisco who was such a bleeding heart liberal she made me look conservative! It was a great moment and one I'll never forget!
Dana in VA

Joanne said...

Oh Sheri - that is too funny about Jimmie Dean and the earring - well not funny when you thought it was lost! Glad it was found safe and sound and glad you didn't have to "smash poop" as Jo-Jo said!

Sheri said...

Yeah it's a funny story, NOW. Hubby informed me that they are 1/2 carat each. And to think, I was going to smash poop for 1/4 carat!!!

Joshua said...

Hi Sherri! Thanks for the sweet message on my blog. I would be humbled and honored to have you use the poem. I am interested in the idea of visual journals and can't wait to see what you and Tammy have to share. Peace to you! Joshua in Knoxville, TN p.s. I am going to bookmark your blog!