Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local Valentines challenge

Hope this finds you all well and happy. There's been a bug going around here and people have been sick for three weeks!! Head cold type thing. Mine started with laryngitis on Christmas day but only lasted a week and a half. I count myself lucky!

Tammy has challenged the local hookers with a Valentine project. We had two patterns to choose from. Both are Primitive Betty's patterns and very hard to choose which one to do. I chose the two hearts. I am making it into a pillow to match the Karen Kahle rug I made for the bedroom floor. I'm going to rip out the outlining around the hearts and replace it with the "grenedine" colored wool to make it pop more.

I did remember to take my camera to hooking on Wed. this time. Rita is working on a rug she started over a year ago and has vowed to finish it now. Isn't it beautiful?

And here's Tammy helping a new hooker get started. I'm sorry I don't know her name. They were very involved in getting all of the neccessities. And speaking of Tammy...

She's having a HUGE PATTERN SALE with Free Shipping!!! on her blog. Please check out this sale. Very cool patterns and you can't beat free shipping!!

A few notes on Jimmie Dean. He's doing well with the clicker training. That is until Mickey gets home from work. Then it's one step forward, two steps back. He is just as bad as a four year old, (Mickey my husband, not the dog) This morning I saw him trying to get JD to play with his fingers and flipping his hands all around. I've been trying All Week to get him to stop biting my hands!!! I got him a new sweater and it's really warm. It snowed here a minute ago, for about a minute. I wish we would get some accumulation so I could see how Jimmie reacts to it! He's growing up and changing colors now. The top of his head is about 75% silver with black tips. It's kind of the awkward teenage years I guess.

And one final thing. I'm still organizing!! This time I've moved on to the kitchen. This armoire was a total hodge podge. Couldn't pull out a pan without four or five coming out with it. Now it's so perfect. Maybe I won't cook so I don't have to mess it up. The stereo and a TV are in there. I could just sit at the island and watch Oprah and admire my work. I have seen a rug that says No cookin' just hookin'.

Maybe I'll hook that for in front of the sink. How many of you do have your hooked rugs in front of the kitchen sink? It seems like they would get dirty. But I will probably make one anyway. Get out the old wire beater like they used to do when their rugs got dirty.

Have a great weekend,


art spirit said...

love visiting you blog and seeing more hooked rugs! YOurs are wonderful!!! and fun to see Tammy too. Best wishes for the New Year!

kelley said...


your new piece by Betty is great...and Jimmie Dean, what's not to love...

TamboinMO said...

You sneaky little devil....I didn't even see you with your camera out....I must admit, when I start color planning everything else just kind of zones out for me.

JD looks so cute in his new sweater!!!

Your challenge rug is coming along just great!!! Love the hit and miss background!!!

primitivebettys said...

Sheri! I've GOT to see all those challenge rugs! I'm so tickled!!!! Love what you have done with it! :)

JoJo said...

Sheri, how I love your blog! And I enjoyed seeing your armoire in the kitchen. That's how I got started on my house. I was looking for a set of wooden curtain rings and I was certain they were in the sideboard drawer. By the time that weekend was over, we'd cleaned out the sideboard, all of the kitchen cupboards and the closets. Going through our clothes and deciding what to donate to Goodwill took another weekend. You're on your way!
Jimmie Dean is adorable. I'm not sure he looks too happy in that sweater but I'm sure he's happy for the extra warmth.
Please keep posting pictures.....I love it! It's a peek into other's lives and just makes my morning!

Margo said...

I just checked out your blog! Really nice! I have added you to my list of blogs on my site.

Jacque said...

Hey there! I love your heart pillow...and you did a great job on the Karen Kahle rug! You rock! Jimmie Dean could come visit me, but then you wouldn't be able to find him in all the snow we have. Love the photos.