Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The light bulb went off!

It's cold outside and I'm cooped up in the house doing my usual soul searching. Oprah has started a new series called Best Life. It involves following your spiritual path. First you have to find out what your particular "spiritual" thing is. She suggests giving yourself one minute every morning when you first awake. Do nothing but breathe. One minute!! Then in February give yourself two minutes, etc. until December you have twelve minutes a day devoted to no one except yourself. What a simple concept. That twelve minutes has become your place you are achieving your spiritual path.
I think I kind of do this anyway. I have told you I sit against the heating pad every morning. Usually for at least an hour before I can get moving. I do alot of thinking during that time. I don't usually even have the tv on, just drinking my coffee and thinking, maybe sketching or playing ball with Jimmie Dean.

Well Monday morning it came to me. I am a rug hooker. I am NOT necessarily a Primitive rug hooker though. The kind of primitive with some stars or a simple motive. In my mind I want to "paint" with the wool. I guess you would call it pictorial. Like Jane Halliwell Green's book. This is what my mind is telling me I'm supposed to be doing. Images like this.

I don't know if I can, if anyone else will like it, or what my expectations even are. But I'm going to give it a shot. I want to be able to hook what I see. I have noticed Sooo much since I began painting and hooking that I look at things differently than I used to. I really see the veins in a leaf or the cracks and crevices on a rock. How can I capture that with my hooking? I'm going to find out!! I will still be hooking with a wide cut (my rugs may have to be five feet long) but all I have is time right now. Trying to beat this fibromyalgia. I don't even hook but maybe a couple of hours a day, but sooner or later I'll have something done to show you!

Speaking of hooking time. Have you seen the youtube video of Deanne Fitzpatrick? Man, that woman hooks like five square inches in a minute!! She never changes the direction of her frame. She just hooks back and forth, up and down. Remarkable! I can go a little ways "sideways" but I usually turn my frame to go with the way I'm hooking. I'm going to practice that too. I'll have to get faster if I'm going to create pictorials!
Jimmie Dean had his first puppy kindergarten class Monday night. There were two other owners there with their pups. One a Burmese, the other a pug looking puppy. Then the owners had a yellow lab service dog and a little dachshund. It was mostly socializing. Poor Jimmy Dean got caught under the huge Burmese and just shook. I finally went over and picked him up and let him out in the middle of the floor. I was waiting for the owner to get her pup to move, but she thought it was very amusing. Poor JD. The lady also started teaching sit and come when they're called. Of course JD will drop his butt to the floor immediately at home when I say sit. Last night he looked at me, like I was an alien!! And when she had us call our dogs. I had EVERY dog at my feet, but Jimmie was sitting in the middle of the floor just looking around. It was so embarrassing. Not really, actually it was hilarious!! Look at his poor little body language trying to get away from the huge puppy. Aaawwwww...

Stay warm,




Jacque said...

Sheri...I applaud your decision to hook the way you see things. Too many try to be what other people want...or what they THINK they should be. You have chosen to remain true to yourself with your craft...and that is absolutely awesome!

Puppy fun is that! JD may come out of his shell a bit...hope so. And, that's perfectly natural for the 'not doing there what he does at home'...still embarrassing, I know. Just relax and have fun with it!

I watched the last part of Oprah today...really interesting what was said about the meditating/time to yourself. I may have to try that!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Sheri ~ I watched Oprah, too ~ but only the last half ~ I think I missed some good parts! Not long ago, I told a fellow blogger "be the change you want to see" ~ so often we look to others, but our changes have to come from within! My hope is that I'll get this all figured out before I leave this planet!!
On another blog last week, a student had written to the teacher that she encouraged them to be and artist not a follower! I love that and I feel that's what you are seeking ~ I know I am ~ I have never wanted to be like other people in lots of aspects of my life ~ and I'm working at stepping out of my box and use different fibers and colors and just be more creative! Sounds like we might be on the same path! The pictures you posted are gorgeous ~ they make me think!! Have you signed on to The Welcome Mat forum yet? There are lots of creative folks there! Onward and upward!!

primitivebettys said...

You should do what YOU want.... like Deanne says, don't tell someone else how to use your hands. :) That is something I'm working on taking to heart too.

Jeanne said...

Sheri, It sounds like you had a big AHA! moment. Go with it, girl! The puppy class sounds fun--we always want our babies to do well--we just have to laugh because they are so cute! Stay warm! Jeanne

Joanne said...

Sheri - i'm a believer in hooking what you like - that's why i enjoy rug hooking so much - no rules in my opinion - it's what you want to do with color and not necessarily what others have done! Go for it!

Jimmie Dean is a cutie - I can image at his level how big the other puppies looked

PamperingBeki said...

Good for you!

Those photos are just stunning. I love the brilliant colors.

Jacque said...

Hey Sheri...something at my blog for you. Congratulations!

TamboinMO said...

Sheri,Can't wait to see you tonight at hooking! I finally finished that darn circle's pretty, but it just didn't "speak" to me while hooking at it. May we all get closer to finding out who we are as hookers this year!