Thursday, January 1, 2009

My dirty little secret

My new years wish for you is health, wealth and happiness. I haven't been doing too well on any of the above. I've got to try to get a new attitude about living with chronic pain. It's very hard for me to not go into a depression and not care about anything. I keep reminding myself of all of those who are so much worse off than me. It makes me feel very selfish feeling sorry for myself, but it happens.

Anyway, on a lighter note. On the Wool Snippets group someone started the topic "my craft room is a mess". Boy is she getting responses! I plan on redoing my craft room and making it more or less a hooking room. I have a whole craft store in there. Really! You name it, I can get it for you. Even stuff I don't do. Like Fimo clay. I have all the colors, cute molds, tiny cookie cutters. They've never even been opened!

Never made a thing!!!

And scrapbooking. Tons of cute paper, even more rubber stamps and embossing stuff. Never scrapbooked a page in my life!!

Then there are the photo boxes...Twenty-two of them! All labeled and stacked so pretty on the shelves. The glue guns, soldering iron, ribbon, glass glitter,you get the message. It's all there. Tucked away just IN CASE I need it!!! Alot of it I very seldom need or use, but when I do I'm sure glad I don't have to go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels. There's a shelf for tools. You can cut, swrew, cut wire, scrape, use the pointy thingys, and fleck some paint with the toothbrush!!

Need some glue or jewelry making tools?

Speaking of jewelry making... wire, thread, needles, bead pans, beading trays...

Don't forget the beads. They're in this great wooden cabinet my old boss gave me. It was originally made to keep denture teeth in. In the dental lab. Each drawer has a different colored glass beads in it.

On top of that cabinet are my acrylic paints. Isn't this a cool holder? There is paint on both sides and it spins around. HAD to have this!

Here's some of the ugly. It's actually a trestle dining room table. I have it shoved up against the wall. On it are a TV, two printers and my sewing machine. That's all great except it's also a catch all for any and everything. Ever notice that all the flat surfaces get covered up in a hurry? At least they do at my house. My coffee table is the same way. Always too much stuff on it. Then above the table are shelves that are about ten feet long. On those shelves are office supplies and printer paper, sewing patterns, etc. Paint brushes, old photo albums, etc. How will I ever "downsize" this room?

Even the back of the door is full. Believe it or not, I know what's in each little pocket!

Now for the two oddities in the room.

My bookcases that are brimming full of wool. Each folded precisely and color coded. Solids on the left and prints on the right. I want my whole room to be hooking stuff ONLY. And of course the things I use at least once a week. That's the limit I put on myself. The rest will go into the BIG plastic tubs and to the basement. (Which is already buldging from my garage sale and estate sale "finds").

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. I've been Trying to knit. That's a whole other long topic! Right before Patti left for Florida, she taught me the "continental" method of knitting. That's going great. It's the following a pattern that's making my head hurt!! I'm trying to make a purse and felt it. I'll let you know if and when it's finished!

Let the beauty we love, be what we do.




katie said...

Wow Sheri, I think you are the original Hobby Lobby.
I know when I started rug hooking I had to get rid of all my altered art, art journaling, ATC supplies. I only have room for one craft at a time, and I don't anticipate giving up rug hooking.I just discovered I love taking off free style with no pattern drawn and hook what is in my mind. Very freeing.


JoJo said...

My good heavens, Sheri, you could open your doors and sell from your home!! You have a lot of stuff!!

I've been paring down for years but when at it in ernest when my parent's died and we had to divide and conquer to clean out their house. It was a HUGE undertaking, especially given that we had 3 days to do it. Since then, I've pictured what my kids would think if I died or something happened. Would they be angry at me for letting stuff pile up here?

Several years ago, we had two huge garage sales and cleaned out each cupboard, drawer, closet, etc. And now, if something comes in the door, something else has to go OUT. Keeps the clutter down.

If you can ever find the time to work on all of these crafts, please let me know because I need some organizational help, time-wise. I don't always manage my time well....sleeping is my #1 hobby.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Sheri ~ I think I've met my match ~ actually you have more stuff than me!!! It does my heart good to see all that! And doesn't it make you crazy to think of all the $ we spent and never opened the packages??!! I went to a quilt show last year and bought all the stuff to do a technique I can't remember the name of right now ~ where you layer fabric, stitch it, cut it and it gets all puffed up when it's washed!! I wonder what was I thinking ~ it's scary! So thanks, for the pictures ~ we're all cut from the same cloth, aren't we?? Happy New Year!

Miz T. said...

You made me feel so much better because I now know there is another "gatherer" in our world! I often say that I should open my own craft store and I wouldn't have to buy stock as I already have it. Bells to magnets, styrofoam shapes to containers for "future" punchneedle projects, grommets to glues...I have it all. At least you are well organized and I would love to have nice shelves for my wool. Thank you so much for making me smile with the knowledge that I am not alone!

Sheri said...

Wow, reading this again to read your comments I think I'm absolutely nuts!!! But yes, Alice I have done three of those quilts(rag quilts) as baby shower gifts for family. They are really simple and fun!!! And we have another great-niece coming in Feb. I will be making another. (See why it's not so good to get rid of stuff? What if I had gotten rid of the pink fabric-just 'cause I had made One!) And Lauri, my magnets and bells are on the back of the door I showed. And the styrofoam is already in a big container in the basement. And one more confession. I don't have the heart to throw away the scraps when I cut up the thrift store wool clothing. I save the wool for stuffing pillows. It really is kind of a sickness. I think they call it Hoarding!! LOL But I'm not really looking for a cure, 'cause sure as I get rid of something I'll need it!!! All you others, you may call us sicko's and pity our husbands but wish us luck with our obsessivness. And don't come knocking on my door if you're out of something at midnight and the hobby store is closed!!

Miccosukee said...

Don't forget that those beads, laces and any other kind of embellishments such as buttons can add interest to your hooked rug? Some of that polyform could be used to make a sheep stick out from the rest on a pillow or a wall hanging?

You probably have enough grograin ribbon to interweave a backing for hooked pillow or use a piece of some material to line a hooked purse?

Least you have enough stuff to contemplate trying some altered art pieces. With all you have there- the skies the limit!!

Here I wish I had as many places to buy that stuff. I actually had to go to as I wanted some butterfly buttons and some beads I could use to represent holly berries! That is how pathetic our selection is.

Since I moved from that place where I had a separate room just for all my wool, I have half of it in my garage and the rest in the storage unit. Boy I miss those days!

Good luck,

danasmith said...

Sheri...Until last month I was a Paper Arts/Altered Art teacher at my local scrapbook store so I totally understand! My studio is full of vintage finds that has nothing at all to do with rug hooking! I'm also an avid needlepointer...sometimes it's just exhausting keeping it all straight! I'm getting ready to go to rug hooking camp in Jacksonville week after next so I'm trying hard to focus on that!
Dana in VA

Karmen said...

OMG! You are the most organized hoarder ever...I wanna be like you.

Brenis said...

Sheri, LOL I loved all the pics of your room!!! I thought we ALL did this!? The only difference is you are terrifically organized - you should be totally proud of that!! LOL Those cabinets are so wonderful to keep everything sorted!
But if you know you're never going to use things like the fimo clay, or the jewelry, why don't you sell some of it off to us other hoarders? LOL You know... enable us! :D

Rug Cleaning said...

Hello Sheri.. You have the most Clean and Properly organized Stuff that I've seen so far. Good thing you have a creative idea!

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